Human Design Planets


Did you get your Human Design chart and wonder what in the world do all the little symbols mean?

The symbols on the Human Design chart represent planets.  The planets influence how we play out different aspects of our chart depending on what number (gate) is next to them in your chart.

Human Design Practitioners often don’t bring up the planets right away because you need to follow your Human Design Strategy for your Type before you can fully benefit from the information contained in the planets.  You can find out your type here.

Are you curious to know more about the planets anyway? I will share what I understand to be the practical influences of the planets and what they might mean to you.

First, you may have asked yourself, why are some red and some are black


The planets  on the left side of the chart that are RED are your unconscious planets. This means that they are things about yourself that other people may know because they are part of your personality, but you may not realize yourself.

The planets on the right side of the chart that are BLACK are your conscious planets.  They are likely things that you know or realize about yourself.

Basically each planet has a different influence on your life and how you are meant to live it out.  I will not get technical here, I am not an Astrologer. I’m just going to share the practical influence of each planet from my understanding of them.  If you want to do your own digging, you can also look up the gates (numbers) that are next the the planet symbols and see what your specific energy in that planet is all about.

Your Sun is what you put out into the world


The Sun is Yang and is the most expressive aspect of your personality. It’s what you put out into the world. This will be the first impression that others have of you.

Your Earth is what grounds you


The Earth is Yin and is what grounds you.  It is about receiving, taking in and integrating. Investigating the gates of your Earth is a good place to start when you are trying to heal, because the energy of the Earth influence makes you feel more grounded.

Your North Node is the theme of your life age 40+


The North Node is the theme of your life for the second half of your life, it is felt more strongly during this time.  This is the time to breath out – expression of your wisdom. It flips to your North Node theme at around age 38-42 (from your South Node theme) when you go through your Uranus opposition.

Your South Node is the theme of your life age 0-39


The South Node is the theme of your life for the first half of your life from birth until about age 38-42.  This is time to breathing in – you learn and take in during this time.

Your Moon is what drives you


The Moon is a motivating force. If you are following your Human Design Strategy, it’s the “why” behind it.

Your Mercury is what you are here to teach & share


Your Mercury is what you are here to communicate about. Whatever gate is in your Mercury is what you will teach or share.

Your Venus is your value system


Venus is your values and what you love.

Your Mars is your opportunity for growth


Mars can be immature until the lessons of growth are taken in as wisdom.

Your Jupiter is expansion and blessings


Jupiter is where you will be rewarded with expansion and blessings if you follow your Human Design Strategy.

Your Saturn is your challenge


Saturn is a challenge that is brought to you as a catalyst for growth. If you are living out of alignment, Saturn tries to knock you back into alignment.  When you are aligned, you will get blessings! There is a Saturn return around age 28.

Your Uranus is an unexpected catalyst


Uranus is less personal and more energy for your entire generation.  Uranus is a catalyst for a deep transition and evolution. It is slower moving.

Your Neptune is about spiritual work


Neptune is also less personal and more about your generation. It can feel mysterious, but the gates in Neptune are your vehicle for your spiritual journey.

Your Pluto is about renewal and rebirth


Pluto is another planet with generational influence. It is about endings and beginnings. It’s a spiritual rebirth. It can also be a generational challenge that needs to be overcome in a unified way.

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