Communication and Human Design – pt 1. Human Design and Essential Oils for Manifestor, Projector, Generator, Manifesting Generator & Reflector

Part 1 on Communication by Design. Everyone of us is one of the 5 Human Design types. And each of the types has a unique way of communicating. Understanding how your type communicates can make the world of difference to how you show up and how you are heard. In this episode, Nani and Ros discuss each of the types communication strategies. And they discuss which Essential Oils can help to support you in allowing yourself to communicate effectively according to your type.

At the time of recording, we intended to to one episode on communication, however it became clear that there was so much to say on this subject that we needed to split the episode in two. This is part 1.
Catch up next episode for more information on how we communicate depending on our Energy Centres, how they connect to the throat and which energies (if any) we have activated in our throat.

There are 3 things we are both passionate about – Human Design, Essential Oils and making the world a better place by helping people get both in their lives.

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