Kids Part 1 – The 5 types of kids Manifestor, Projector, Generator, Manifesting Generator & Reflector, Human Design and Essential Oils

Part 1 of 4 on Kids and adventures in parenting. In this episode we discuss the Human Design 5 types and how they show up in our kids. Don’t skip this episode if you don’t have kids in your life – it can help explain a lot about your own childhood.

But before we get started, we address a listener Gilly’s questions – 1) Can gates open and close at different times in your life? and 2) If your gates or centres are undefined do you automatically have the high vibrational energy of that area?

Then we go on to discuss the 5 types as they show up for our kids and the implications for them and for us as their parents, guardians, carers and loved ones. We talk about how each type needs to use their energy and how we as adults can help them to use it properly to give them a massive boost in life.

And of course we discuss which Essential oils and blends can help support our kids depending on their design and us, on the journey from childhood to becoming the best adult they can possibly be.

There are 3 things we are both passionate about – Human Design, Essential Oils and making the world a better place by helping people get both in their lives.

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