Kids Pt 4 – The centres – Will, Spleen, Emotional Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root. Human Design and Essential Oils for Manifestor, Projector, Generator, Manifesting Generator & Reflector

Part 4 of 4 on Kids, Human Design and Essential Oils, we finish our look at how the centres affect our children and the potential vulnerabilities of defined and undefined centres. We discuss the remaining 5 centres – the Will, Spleen EMS, Sacral and Root. Please Don’t skip this episode even if you don’t have kids in your life – it can help explain a lot about your own childhood.

We also look at which Essential Oils can help to support our kids depending on the centres they have defined and undefined.

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There are 3 things we are both passionate about – Human Design, Essential Oils and making the world a better place by helping people get both in their lives.

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