9 Human Design Energy Centers

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Do you wonder what the shapes in the Human Design Body Graph mean?

There are nine Energy Centers in the body graph and they each show how you process information.

9 Human Design Centers Explained

You can also feel the energy in the nine Human Design centers in a defined or undefined way. Defined (colored in)  is felt in a consistent energy, it’s what you radiate out to the world. Undefined (white) is where you take in energy from the world around you and amplify it.

  1. Head Center – Inspiration and ideas and it is a pressure center.
    • Defined = Inspiration force on the planet. Only 1/8th of the population have it defined.
    • Undefined = Pressure to figure things out and influenced by ideas of others.  Use your Human Design Strategy to figure out which ideas to take action on.
  2. Ajna Center – Concrete thinking, data processing, data analysis and storage
    • Defined = You have a built in filing cabinet, information goes in and sticks. Fixed way of thinking.
    • Undefined = Can see things from many perspectives.  Can struggle for certainty, but you can always see it things many ways – so there is no need to hold onto fixed ideas and beliefs.
  3. Throat Center – Communication and manifestation. The power of words and importance of words as the creative process. If you don’t use your Throat Center correctly, there is potential for burnout.
    • Defined = You speak in a specific voice based on what gates or channels are defined in or connected to your Throat Center.  For example, if your Ajna Center is connected to your Throat Center, you will speak your mind.
    • Undefined = You have a natural ability to express things in a way that best meets the needs of who you are communicating with.  You will be heard better if you are recognized.
  4. Self /G Center– Love, identity and direction. It is what you are here to do.
    • Defined = You have a fixed sense of direction and sense of self – who you are and you can either embrace it or resist it. Your “why” may be something you have known since you were little.
    • Undefined = You are more flexible with your life path.  You deeply understand love and may love in many different ways.  Your “why” may change daily and you can struggle if you try to be on one set path.  You need to be in the right place with the right people.
  5. Will Center – Values, ego and willpower.  This is sometimes called the Heart Center.
    • Defined = You have a fixed set of values and you have willpower. Only 1/8th of the population have it defined.  You work to rest, so make sure to build in cycles of rest.
    • Undefined = You are here to be wise about what is truly valuable., but until you understand this, you may undervalue yourself.  You do not have consistent willpower, you may run on fumes of energy from others, but you need to rest.  Even though society tells us to push through, it’s not true, you are designed to rest and re-source.
  6. Sacral Center – Life force and workforce energy. It’s the energy for sex, seduction, feeding and raising your children. Work is discovered through responding.
    • Defined = You have sustainable workforce and life force energy.  Even if you dislike what you are doing, you can force yourself to keep going. So follow your Strategy and do what lights you up.  You will get burned out if you do too much of what you don’t want to do.  70% have it defined.
    • Undefined = You can take in life force energy, but you don’t sustain it, so you need to take breaks.  You will work in cycles according to your Human Design Strategy. You are wise about management of energy.  30% have it undefined.
  7. Spleen Center – Time, intuition, health and instinct for survival.  They are a reactive response to help you survive but we don’t need many of these animal instincts in our daily life, so we then just experience  them at fears that can keep us stuck.
    • Defined = You have a defined way of receiving intuition.  You have a strong immunity, but you may not realize you are sick until it’s too late and then you get really sick.
    • Undefined = You have varied ways of receiving intuition.  You are highly sensitive and can be medically empathic – where you feel others’ health. You may struggle in society’s definition of time because you can get lost in time.
  8. Emotional Solar Plexus Center – Emotions and creativity.  It’s the energy for romance, poetry, seduction, war, intimacy, marriage, nature, spirit, abundance and imagination.
    • Defined = You have emotional waves that osculate up and down.  You have to wait for emotional clarity when you make decisions.  The wave is all about emotions – it’s outward creativity on the top and inward reflection on the bottom.
    • Undefined = You are an emotional empath, you can feel other people’s emotions.  You may avoid truth and conflict because it’s hard to feel strong emotions – especially if they are negative.  Be a screen, not a sponge – let the emotions go right through you and not get stuck.
  9. Root Center – Adrenaline pressure and stress.
    • Defined = You have pulses of adrenaline that turn on and off.  It can be hard to do things when the pulse is “off”, but when it’s “on” you have a burst of adrenaline.  You do alright with stress.
    • Undefined = You are under pressure to do things, you might even have a never-ending to-do list that you maintain because when everything is done, you will be free. Your list will always be there, so just ask yourself every day, what is the worst thing that will happen if I don’t do this today? Usually the answer is nothing!

You will also notice that if you look at your own Human Design Chart, some of the Centers are filled in with color and some are white. This is what is called definition and you can read more here.


If you don ‘t have your Human Design chart yet, get your free chart. 

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