Human Design Throat Center Basics: Communication and Manifestation

The Throat Center in Human Design is the energy for communication and manifestation.

The power and importance of words are central to the creative process. It’s difficult to do things without being able to explain them using words. How the throat is configured (e.g. which gates are defined) will determine how someone is able to manifest and is able to do and what they talk about. Your voice is characterized by the particular way that you speak.

If you have an Open (Undefined) Throat Center (indicated by a white colored square near the throat in your chart), you have the natural ability express things the way that best meet the needs of who you are communicating with at that moment (.e.g. Oprah becomes the voice for the room when she goes on stage). The Open Throat is designed to remain silent until it is recognized, invited or asked to be heard. When the Throat Center receives pressure from societal communication energy, it is not connected to anything which results in feeling pressured to talk. When you have open centers (indicated as a white box on your Human Design Chart), you take in other people’s energy(ies) and amplify the energy more extremely; (e.g. you may talk excessively at a party).

Often people with Open Throats will say they feel invisible however your purpose is to be wise about communication and action. You need access to energy in the Throat Center by being recognized or asked. If you misuse your throat to get attention/recognition, you can blow out your thyroid, throat or voice. The key to success with an Open Throat is to be quiet in order to be seen and heard.

If you have a Defined Throat Center (indicated by a black colored square near the throat in your chart), you will speak about different things or maybe from a different angle or voice depending on what other Human Design Centers are connected (indicated by a solid line) or what other gates are defined in your particular Human Design Chart. All Manifesting Generators and Manifestors have a defined throat (is this true?) and some Generators have a Defined Throat.

Generators and Projectors with Defined Throat Center still need to be recognized in order to effectively be heard when they talk because they do not have a “motor” to your Throat Center.  The motors include the Will, Emotional Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root Centers: if you are not invited or recognized first, you will not be heard if you just blurt things out – like opinions, stories, your feelings, etcetera. Being recognized is just being asked a question or asked for your opinion or recognized for the value you have to offer in some way. 

You can find out if it’s okay to talk about something if you simply say something like “I have an opinion on this, do you want to hear it?”.   Sometimes your relationship helps with the recognition; for example, if you are a coach or counselor and you have something to say, you are already recognized in the relationship and can offer your ideas.  But if you try to do the same thing with your friends/family without knowing if they actually want to hear your opinion, it can be taken as criticism or they may just be annoyed. If you are doing something online and people have followed you, you are likely recognized for what you are putting out there.

When you have a defined Throat Center, it is considered to be defined because it connects to another Center. To give more context, the Throat has broader connections based on which Human Design Center is connected.

For example, if your Throat Center is connected to your Ajna Center:


A defined Ajna Center (colored upside down triangle) indicates that you tend to speak your mind when asked. It is still important to “wait to be invited” to communicate most effectively.


A defined Spleen Center (colored right pointing triangle) indicates that you tend to speak about what’s healthy for you and what you sense and feel on a physical, visceral or intuitive level. You are best heard when you are invited to share.


A defined G/Self Center (colored diamond below throat) indicates that you tend to talk from the depth of who you are which can make you vulnerable to criticism. You are best heard when you are invited to share about yourself.


A defined Will/Heart Center (colored upwards pointing triangle below throat) indicates that you may start sentences with “I” and talk about yourself a lot. You have the potential to display your ego in a negative way, but it doesn’t have to be seen negatively if you are in a place to surrender who you are to serve something bigger than you individually (i.e. you can provide resources for other people). Sometimes people may shut you down by saying “stop talking about yourself” but this is how you were designed to share and you have huge potential to serve the world. You can initiate your sharing (i.e. you do not need to be invited).


A defined Emotional Solar Plexus Center (colored left facing triangle) indicates that you will talk about what you feel and can freely talk about emotions. You can initiate your sharing and when people are around you they feel they can also talk about their feelings.


A defined Sacral Center (colored in square below diamond) indicates that you can talk about work and relationships. You are best heard when you wait to be asked to share.


A defined Root Center indicates that you will talk about what you do or what drives you from a personal perspective. If your Root Center connection makes it to your Throat Center (square near throat) you can initiate conversation and make your voice heard.

This information covers the basics of the Human Design Throat Center and when it is important to be recognized before sharing communications. The different motors including the Will, Emotional Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root Centers have different intents and values which were covered at a high level.  If you are interested in learning more about the specific voices of each gate in the Throat Center and which essential oils you can use to support them, please go here.

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