Human Design Jargon part 1 – Generator, Manifesting Generator, Manifestor, Projector, Reflector, Essential Oils,

Human Design, like a lot of frameworks and tools for navigating life, comes with it’s own terminology and jargon. And a lack of understanding of these terms and place holders, can make Human Design seem unapporachable to all but the most tenacious and investigative of us. In this episode, part 1 of 2, we set about defining some of the jargon so that you can spend more time and effort learning about who you are rather than decypering the lingo.

In this episode we discuss Black Pepper, Lemon and Litsea Essential oils.

There are 3 things we are both passionate about – Human Design, Essential Oils and making the world a better place by helping people get both in their lives.

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