How to use essential oils to enhance the Human Design Throat Center gates

If you already know about the basics of the Human Design Throat Center, this information will cover more specifics and include essential oil ideas that can be leveraged for support.

There are 11 gates in the Human Design Throat Center

Do you know that energies in the Throat Center in Human Design have voices?

Regardless of whether you have an Open (Undefined) or Defined Throat Center, if you have individual gates Defined (colored part way) within your Human Design Throat Center (see picture), you will have a more specific way of sharing things.  Your respective voice(s) will depend on which specific gates are defined in your chart. Your chart will indicate the personalized way that you present your communication based on your Human Design. Your communication style can come from your actual voice and it may also be shared by the words you choose, the art you create, your brand, or anything you put out into the world.  

The Human Design gates have specific means of sharing information using your voice and you can choose to enhance and make the communication process easier using specific essential oils.

GATe 16 is an amazing voice of enthusiasm.

In Human Design, Gate 16 has a voice that is enthusiastic. When you have Gate 16 defined in your Human Design chart, you share information with intense and eager enjoyment or approval. You exude energetic interest. This is a gift to others and most people love to be around this kind of voice.  When you are not feeling enthusiastic or you tend to bring something down or criticize (instead of lifting things up), essential oils can help.

Wild Orange is the essential oil for abundance, the crux of enthusiasm. Diffusing Wild Orange is a way to share the oil and lift the spirits of anyone in the general vicinity.



Gate 62 is a grounded voice of practicality.

In Human Design, Gate 62 is a voice that shares in a practical way. You can share what is likely to succeed or be effective in real circumstances versus just theories or ideas.  People need to hear this voice, especially when they have a lot of grand ideas or inspirations coming in and they are confused by what to do with them.

Sometimes you may be swept up in the idea that things need to be fantasy or surreal, but the grounded voice of Gate 62 is needed for balance. If you are feeling ungrounded in what you are sharing, try smelling Lavender essential oil or rubbing a few drops onto the bottoms of your feet. Lavender essential oil helps you speak your truth.



Gate 23 is a present, real-world voice of innovation.

In Human Design, Gate 23 has a voice intended to talk about innovative thoughts and ideas. When you have Gate 23 defined in your Human Design chart, you can tease out the critical and relevant pieces from something that is new or innovative. Without the helpful interpretation of the Gate 23 voice, the idea might just come out as weird. If you wait for the right timing, Gate 23 can be a very influential voice that helps the world move into the future.

If you are need support in letting go of what is not needed and tuning into what you can logically share, try Lemon essential oil. You can inhale the fresh scent of Lemon essential oil and be able to focus on important issues while releasing unneeded toxic thoughts.



Gate 56 is a fascinating voice of storytelling.

In Human Design, Gate 56 is a voice of teaching through stories. You likely share through metaphors and stories and you may be the creative initiator of experience where your story becomes everyone’s story.

Lessons are shared from generation to generation through stories and metaphors help us understand and integrate the lessons of the stories. Everyone else gets to be the person in the stories through the virtue of the story – everyone’s individual experience can become our own – collective – it’s why stories move us so much. Stories we share are sacred and deserve to be recognized and invited out of you. If you tell people stories when you are not invited, you may come across as boring.

If you want to express your stories in a clear and articulate way, try using a few drops Spearmint essential oil. Spearmint essential oils helps you tune into what you really want to share and inspires clear and confident verbal expression.



Gate 35 is a TRANSFORMATIVE voice of experience.

In Human Design, Gate 35 has a voice that allows you to meaningfully share what you have done or what you have experienced in life. You may enjoy experiencing different adventures in life and collecting experiences just so you can share them. Gate 35 covers an expression via an experiential way; it’s not about being masterful but it’s about having experiences and sharing them. Your path could be through adventures, travel, or just every day experiences in your life.

If you want to share your experience in a meaningful way, try smelling Doug Fir essential oil. Doug Fir teaches about learning from and valuing experiences and it reminds us that there is valuable wisdom in experience.



Gate 12 is a voice that channels the divine & connects us.

In Human Design, Gate 12 has a voice that can be an articulate wordsmith because it plugs into the super consciousness. You have the capacity to “channel” simply being plugged into a higher awareness that comes naturally for you. The Gate 12 voice has a moodiness to it as it connects to emotions. You may be “in the mood” and be very bold or you may “not be in the mood” and be very shy.  When the mood is right, and the right people are listening, the Gate 12 voice is very creative and expressive and can sometimes described as romantic. 

If you want to deepen your connection and communication with source/super consciousness, try Ylang Ylang essential oil. Ylang Ylang connects you to the intuitive way of receiving information and shows you more clearly what your heart already knows.



Gate 45 is a voice of natural leadership.

In Human Design, Gate 45 has a voice that says “I lead” others into using their resources better. Gate 45 is the voice that might feel like a CEO or a King/Queen and is an amazing ability to teach and transmit information.  The Gate 45 voice has a beautiful energy for being up in front of the room however it is not a democratic leadership; your voice may tell others “this is how it’s going to be” in a digestible way.  The Gate 45 voice needs to come from a place of service to the higher good or it may feel like a “diva” energy or a voice that wants to control others in a dysfunctional way.

To connect with the nurturing, guidance and protection needed with this energy, try rubbing Frankincense oil onto your wrists or feet. Frankincense is literally the King of essential oils and it helps you let go of low vibrations that might keep you stuck in a place of negative ego instead allow you to connect with the truth. 



Gate 33 is a voice that tells stories of the past.  

In Human Design, Gate 33 has a voice that tells what has happened before or what happened in the past. You could be a story keeper, you remember, a ritual keeper, a historian and a secret keeper. The Gate 33 is the energy of an observer and holds on to the story until it is asked to share. Hold until the timing is right, or you will just be blabbing secrets. You have a voice that can transmit stories of the past when you are recognized. Because the stories are rooted in experience and can be about sharing rituals, your voice may say “I remember”. Your Gate 33 voice maintains memories from the past and shares them with the world when the timing is right. 

If you want to deepen your connection to source, try using Siberian Fir essential oil. Siberian Fir helps you sort out the patterns and traditions from the past. Some must be let go of while others can be positive.  It can bring light to what needs to shared so that patterns that are negative or damaging can be broken.



Gate 8 is a confident voice making a difference.

In Human Design, Gate 8 has a voice that says “I make a difference”. The Gate 8 voice is very expressive about making a creative contribution to the world. You want to use your Gate 8 voice to get things done, make a difference and create change in the world.  You will give creative direction when you are asked for what you have to share; all you have to do in the meantime is be yourself and “walk the talk”. When the energy of the Gate 8 voice is used correctly, it is inspiring and creates change by leading by example.

If you want express your creative or unique spirit, try diffusing Tangerine essential oil. Tangerine essential oil encourages joy, creativity and spontaneity and brings about abundance of creative energy that flows into the heart and manifests in the real-world.  



Gate 31 is powerful voice of democratic leadership.

In Human Design, Gate 31 has a voice that expresses natural leadership. The Gate 31 voice is chosen by others to share (i.e. elected by the collective verses something like a king/queen) and is a voice that needs to be recognized to be effective when offers service to others. When the Gate 31 voice is chosen to share it can be mind-blowing by demonstrating the highest potential for human unity in a singular direction; serving, delegating and allowing everyone to be heard.  To be of highest service, let the group you are leading tell you how they want to be led. Your voice represents the people you are leading while you are simply the figure head.

If you want to let go of the need to control and deepen your awareness of those you want to serve, try a few drops of Cypress essential oil. Cypress helps you flow with the needs of those you serve.  It allows things to unfold more naturally for the good of the whole.



Gate 20 is influential unifying voice.

In Human Design, Gate 20 has a voice that is about unifying other people and gathering them around ideas. The Gate 20 voice can unify others to possibilities of the future, but it’s an energy to be used in the present. You have the capacity to know what skills, talents and gifts of people around you and your voice has the power to organize and unify the energies together. Gate 20 can be a magical voice if you wait to be asked or recognized. In contrast, when around certain energies/people this voice can bring out a sharp tongue. You have the potential to either tear people down or powerfully lift them up with your voice, which do you choose?

If you want to deepen your connection to what is or who is around you, try Marjoram essential oil. Marjoram teaches trust, warmth and connection so you can unify others for the greater good. 

Every gate has something to offer and I have learned to appreciate how I can contribute using the power of my personal gates. For further information, you are invited to check out my Pinterest content. I hope that this was helpful and that you can make enhance your connections in the world.

Sources: The Definitive Book of Human Design & Understanding Human Design, Essential Oils and Emotions.  Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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    1. I love your beautifully engaging descriptions of the gates and oils that can enhance them. Question: It isn’t clear if Cypress is for gate 31 or 33 (it is labeled “33: Democratic, but the text refers only to 31). I only ask because it affects my chart and what oils to use.

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