How to overcome burnout with human design and essential oils

In “Are you burned out? Your body, emotions and actions hold the answer you learned where you might find the signs or symptoms of burnout in your life. Are you curious where you might find them in the Human Design Chart?

Each Human Design chart has shapes on it and these are called Human Design Centers.  Sometimes they are colored (defined) and sometimes they are white (undefined).  The further we are from our true self, the more pain we’ll have in our lives. You will eventually become yourself – you can do it the hard way (crash and burn) or learn how to exist as you are (through Human Design).

Do you have energy to push through and finish everything you start?

Or do you push through things even if you really don’t want to? If you answered yes to either question, you are feeling burnout in the Human Design Will Center.

If you have an Undefined Will Center and you don’t rest, you may be literally unable to do or finish something. Society gives valor to pushing through and not resting until you crash. But you really need to take rest to endure. The Will Center is the center for bringing resources to the material plane but we need to regularly stop working and RE-source ourselves. You will burn out and get sick if you don’t rest.

If you have a Defined Will Center you have the willpower to push through the need to rest. However, all humans will be more prosperous and abundant if they take a cycle of rest. Getting enough sleep and time to relax into doing the things you enjoy doing is vital for you to keep up your intense willpower for a lifetime.

How is your energy? Are you getting a consistent cycle of rest?

IDEA! If you are not currently resting enough, build in cycles of rest! If you’re not resting, there’s often a self-worth issue attached to it. Take some time to consider how you feel when you take time for yourself. Do you feel guilty? Do you think you “should” be doing something else despite your exhaustion? Take some time to journal your answers to these questions.

AFFIRMATION: My contribution to the world is so important that I am going to take care of myself. I am worthy of resting and restoration because when I rest and restore I am more present, more sparkly, more available to my clients, have more energy to do what I need to do, I am better at what I do.

ESSENTIAL OIL SUGGESTION:  Bergamot oil boosts your sense of worthiness.

Are you doing too much, or doing things you don’t want to be doing?

Burnout that comes from the Sacral Center is about doing too much or doing things you don’t want to be doing. I can relate to both!

Are you doing what you love? Do you love your work?

If you have a Defined Sacral (Generator or Manifesting Generator) you have sustainable workforce and life force energy. Even if you hate your work and are burned out you can force yourself to keep going. When you respond to the right work, however, you can be sustainable.

Do you know when enough is enough?

If you have an Undefined Sacral (Manifestor, Projector, Reflector) – your energy is not sustainable. Even though you are capable of amplifying workforce energy from the people you are around (you know when you feel like a superhuman), you are unable to sustain that level of intensity for a prolonged period of time. You can borrow and use it, but can’t hang onto it. If you try, it will fry your circuits. This is what creates the theme of not knowing when enough is enough. You are not designed to work in the way we’re traditionally taught despite what society has to say about it. 

IDEA! Try Feng Shui for sleeping to protect the open Sacral/centers. Try different things/rituals to eliminate overwhelm for open Sacrals. Useful journal prompts are: Why am I saying ‘yes’ to things I know I don’t have the energy for? What is it specifically that exhausts me and how can I cut that out of my life? How can I transition into something I love that allows me to incorporate cycles of rest?

ESSENTIAL OIL SUGGESTIONS: Lemongrass helps you clear clutter.  Lemon helps you detox.  Clove and OnGuar (protective) blend help you set boundaries and say no to things you don’t want to do.

Are you talking too much? Or, do you have Thyroid issues?

Burnout that comes from the Throat Center is about communicating or manifesting when not being asked or recognized. Are you suffering from thyroid issues? Misuse of the throat center energy is often to blame.

If you are a Manifestor or Manifesting Generator, your Defined Throat can burn out when you are not using you strategy properly — that is, when you are not informing anyone who will be affected by what you’re about to do. On the other hand, maybe you are not using your creative manifesting energy for anything you want to be doing. Conditioning can tell you that you should play it small, but you are designed to do exactly what it is that you want to do, whether that’s working as a CEO or knitting sweaters for kittens. It seems counter-intuitive that a lack of energy usage would cause burnout — but with such a massive amount of energy sitting unused, it will eventually blow up.

For other energy types, evaluate whether you arepushing things out into the world with your Defined Throat that don’t light you up (Generator) or without being invited first (Projector). Following the correct strategy for your energy type prevents the burnout that can result from these actions.

For those of you with an Undefined Throat Center, talking too much in order to gain attention or to be heard can also cause burnout.

If you do have thyroid issues, it can be very healing to identify your type and strategy, take a cycle of rest to heal your burnout, and go forward knowing how to prevent it from occurring again.

IDEAS! For the Manifestor and Manifesting Generator, learn your strategy (informing) no matter how inconvenient it may seem. It will save you a lot of trouble, and therefore will prevent you from experiencing burnout. For the Undefined Throat, try experimenting with silence and let your aura draw others to you. Wait until you are invited to speak (Projector) or wait until you have something in your external reality to respond to (Generator). Reflectors, you can also benefit from experimenting with silence by waiting for others to recognize you and ask for the insight you’ve gained from observing and experiencing your environment.

ESSENTIAL OIL SUGGESTIONS: Frankincense can be soothing when thyroid issues are present. Lavender or chamomile bring a sense of calm when you’re experimenting with silence in lieu of talking too much.

Are you around too much emotional energy?

Burnout that comes from the Emotional Solar Plexus Center is mostly related to the Undefined Emotional Solar Plexus — if this is you, you’re a true empath. You take in and amplify emotional energy from other people. When feelings seem to come out of nowhere, take a look around you and see who you’re with. Chances are you are experiencing the emotional wave of someone in your environment.

IDEA! Remember that with your Undefined Emotional Solar Plexus, learning to detach from emotions that are not yours and becoming an observer through a meditation practice can be very beneficial. Even just taking a step away from an emotionally charged situation for a few minutes can restore balance in your body.

ESSENTIAL OIL SUGGESTIONS! Tea Tree and Marjoram oils can assist you in shaking off emotional energy that doesn’t belong to you.

Do you have adrenal burnout?

Burnout that comes from the Root often shows up as adrenal fatigue.

The last thing we will quickly touch on is the Root Center. It has to do with adrenaline and stress. So, if you are pushing when your pulse is off, especially if you are a Gen or MG, you can cause adrenal burnout. The Root Center also creates a lot of pressure to do things or finish things, but if you don’t have the energy for that and push through anyway, you’ll eventually burn out. The pressure can feel particularly strong when amplified through an Undefined Root. Your to-do list is never going to end, so learn to let it go for a while and take the rest that your body needs.

IDEA! Celebrate the things you DO accomplish and set aside a specific time to put your to-do list aside and relax. If something doesn’t need to be done today (like it’s not urgent & important), it’s okay to do it later.

ESSENTIAL OIL SUGGESTIONS: Basil is great for supporting the adrenals. Arborvitae or Vetiver can help bring a sense of groundedness when the pressure feels like too much.

I leave you with this…

What are you really seeking to create in your life? Does your sustainability need to be restored before you can be creative? You can’t create when you are empty.  If you answered yes to the questions above, consider where you might need to take a break. You only get one sweet body in this lifetime, and it’s worth taking good care of it.

If you don’t already have essential oils and are interested in purchasing them

Sources: Quantum Alignment System with Karen Curry Parker. & Essential Oils & Emotions Book

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