Money, Abundance & Human Design

Have you struggled with money in your life? Have you ever felt the pressure of having too little? Have you struggled with finding the correct thing to do with the resources you do have? Of course, we all have had these kinds of experiences. Money is a tool that we all need while we are a part of human society. Human Design is not a future-telling tool. There’s nothing in your chart that tells you “Congratulations! You will be rich next year!” or “You will most certainly struggle with money in 2020.” However, when we look at the human design body graph, we can see that we are all designed to live an abundant life. That certainly includes our financial life.

The main source of money and resource energy in our chart comes from the same center as the energy of self-worth or lack thereof. Think about when you were a child and you imagined all of the things you desired— the things that brought you joy and pleasure. There was no question of whether or not you deserved all of the good things you imagined. We are born without the conditioning of social strata, income inequality and things being out of reach due to lack of funds. Those things are drilled into us by our family situations and our environments including schools, the ways cities are divided and the media among other things.

As you may already know, following your strategy and authority is the most important foundation of living your design.  It’s important to know that even if you don’t look into the finer details of the chart for clues about how to interact with money energy in your life, following your strategy and authority will inevitably get you there naturally. Doing this aligns you with the creative Source of the Universe, and when you are aligned the correct opportunities flow to you! Source does not want you to suffer or struggle— we are not here to live in survival mode. Our conditioning likely tells us that we should be satisfied with just getting by and that we should accept the bare minimum, limiting ourselves and shying away from appreciating and loving money so as not to appear garish.

How can we understand money in the context of following our type’s strategy? Let’s take a quick look at each type.

Projectors & Money

Follow your bliss, rest, and tune into your self-value to connect with abundance.

Your strategy is to wait for an invitation, but the waiting piece doesn’t always feel easy. You may have been conditioned by society to work hard, especially at the things you are very naturally talented at. There’s always a chance of being burnt out because of this. While you wait for your invitations, hone your skills. Spend your time enjoying life by learning more about the things you love. The things that you feel like you could spend hours studying or pulling apart and analyzing— doing those things will bring you more and more recognition from the people who love what you know and have to offer. Practicing this will bring the correct invitations to you, and with the correct invitations come abundance.

Reflectors & Money

Be with the right community and feel good to connect with abundance.

Like Projectors, you have a waiting game that doesn’t feel easy in a world that doesn’t want to wait. The nice thing about your wait is that it is on a rather predictable 28-29 day cycle. Remember that waiting is not a passive thing; it’s probably not beneficial to lay on your couch for 29 days in order to receive clarity about a money-related decision you’re making (although, it IS possible once in a while!). You have much potential to be wise about the many ways the energy of money flows. Begin to get in touch with your lunar cycle by journaling a bit about your experience of each day and noticing patterns over time. Spend your days doing what you love, finding ease and joy in your life and waiting to be surprised by the opportunities for abundance life brings your way.

Manifestors & Money

Follow your inner creative flow and just do it to connect with abundance.

It’s time to start saying no to people-pleasing and pushing through tasks you don’t want to be doing. You are here to do your own thing, and when you do money will flow to you. You might feel pressured to follow the status quo and keep pushing, but following your own creative flow will bring you the most abundance in your life. Unlike all of the other types, there’s no waiting involved in your process. You’re truly here to “just do it” and to do whatever you want on your own time. Let the people who are going to be affected by your decisions know ahead of time, and then go for it. Watch the magic unfold in your life as you move forward boldly.

Generators & Money

Dance with life to connect with abundance.

Because you naturally embody the energy to get things done, people have been able to sense that throughout your life. You may have been asked or told to do things you didn’t want to do by parents or teachers as a child, or employers or friends as an adult. It’s important to let go of the need to do all of the work just because you can. Trust your gut, your sacral response, and what it says “yes” or “no” to. When an opportunity comes to you, notice whether your body lights up and gets excited, or whether it makes you feel down or frustrated. Learn to be okay with saying no to what doesn’t make you happy and fling yourself fully into what does. When you do, you’ll find a lot more of the correct opportunities will come into your awareness and with them, abundance.

Manifesting Generators & Money

Try things on, find inner creative flow and dance with life to connect with abundance.

Like the Generator, you have consistent energy to work and do. This may have brought all kinds of opportunities to you that you were not excited about. Maybe you felt you had to say yes to please someone or maybe you felt you had to stay at a job you didn’t enjoy in order to provide for your family. However, just because you have the energy to do something doesn’t mean you should. If you continuously say yes when you want to say no, you might burn yourself out. Like the Generator, listen to your sacral response. Which opportunities are you wholly attracted to? When you get a “yes,” envision what it will look like and then let others who will be affected know what you’re about to do. Then, go ahead and do it! Another important thing for you to remember is that in this society we are conditioned to do things “in order.” to honor your non-linear process even if no one else gets it. Trust that the unique way you go about mastering something you love is correct for you and that it will bring abundance into your life at the right time.

We are Designed to Have Everything We Need and Desire

Overall, if you are a non-energy being (a reflector, manifestor or projector), you need to let go of any conditioning that tells you to work harder and more to earn more money. For you, less is often more. If you are an energy being (Generator or manifesting Generator), you need to let go of the need to do work you “should” be doing and instead focus on what excites you and lights up your sacral response with a huge YES! When you do what you love, work energy will flow out of you and money and abundance energy will flow to you.

Humanity as a whole is designed to be abundant. There are many areas of the Human Design chart where we can see that we are meant to be wise about giving and receiving resources, managing wealth for the betterment of ourselves and for the collective, and having trust and faith that we will have everything we need to create fulfilled lives.

Whether you have these gates and channels defined or undefined is really beside the point. If these energies are defined (colored in) in your chart, you experience them consistently and in the same way. If they are undefined (white) you experience them in a variety of ways. Some days they are amplified in you and some days you don’t notice them at all. The point really is that when we all come together as families, groups, societies, and as the collective whole, we find that we fit like puzzle pieces to form a beautiful masterpiece that overflows with all of the resources we need and desire.

Would you like more information on your strategy and authority so you can apply it to all areas of your life, including your finances? Check out our guidebooks for each Human Design type.

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  1. This article is so beautiful and empowering. I have been dealing with self-doubt and wondering if success and abundance is meant for me and I reallyyyy needed to read this post. Thank you❤️❤️

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