Superpowers in the Centers

9 Centered Being

When you look at your Human Design Chart, one of the first things you notice are the 9 shapes – the triangles and squares.  It’s most likely that in your chart some of them will be white and some of them will be colored (unless you happen to be one of the 1% of us who are Reflectors and all will be white).

Each shape represents one of the nine Human Design Energy Centers. Each of those Energy Centers represents a different type of energy.

If an Energy Center is colored in, or “Defined”, then you have consistency and reliability in the way you experience the particular energy that Center represents. This Defined energy is somewhat fixed for you and you are broadcasting this energy out into the world – influencing and inspiring others.

If the Center is white, or “Open”/(“Undefined”), then you experience that particular energy in many, many ways.  You are taking in, or receiving the energy of that Center from around you and amplifying it.  The Open Centers can be areas of vulnerability and sensitivity for you, given that you are open to what is going on around you in an amplified It will feel “even bigger” than the original energy you received.  But because you get to receive the energy of your Open Centers in so many ways, you have the potential through your learning and experience of them, to become very wise about the energies they carry.

Along with their own specific energies, each of the centers, whether Defined or Open, have SUPER POWERS – real abilities of strength and wisdom. 

They also come with their own CHALLENGES – effects to look out for and be aware of.   But you’ll also be given the KEYS to allowing these energies to express themselves in their highest possible potential.

Let’s take a look at each of these nine incredible Energy Centers.

Undefined (Open) Head Center

SUPER POWER: MIND READER. You’re deeply inspired all the time by the minds that are in your energy field. You can go to a coffee shop or anywhere there are people and get tons of inspiration.

CHALLENGE: You may feel pressure throughout your life to act every time you are inspired. You may feel compelled to answer other people’s questions. However, the inspirations are not all for you.  You can follow the wrong inspirations or too many and get burned out. 

KEY: If you are inspired all the time, how do you know what inspirations to follow? Use your personal authority to figure out what’s right for you. This will help you be wise about what is truly inspiring.  Only follow the ones that truly excite you!

Defined Head Center

SUPER POWER: MIND CONTROL. You’re here to radiate inspiration out of your being and inspire others. You are the reason we have new ideas and innovation in this world. You are inspired & inspiring and spread inspiration everywhere you go. Share your inspirations, they are a gift to others.

CHALLENGE: You may feel pressure to share your inspiration with others but you’re not sure how to break it down so they can understand it. You can also get stuck with one way of thinking about something and think there is no solution.

KEY: Be gentle with your thinking and remember that there are many ways to contemplate information.  Be open & listen carefully to the thoughts of others.

Undefined (Open) Ajna Center

SUPER POWER: DECODER. You’re designed to be open minded. You’ve the capacity for seeing things from an unlimited amount of perspectives and you can then translate the answer into ordinary language. If someone is stuck, you’ll find a new solution. You can comprehend many different understandings and they can change all the time.

CHALLENGE: It can be hard to remember when you have so many concepts flowing through. You can struggle to be certain (or think you must be!) and may have been told to “just make up your mind!” or pressured to give one straightforward opinion and stick to it.

KEY: The only correct beliefs for you to hold onto are the ones that still prove valuable to you after following your personal authority and strategy for decision making.  Also, try to write things down that you want to remember.

Defined Ajna Center

SUPERPOWER: PHOTOGRAPHIC MEMORY. You can express concepts with certainty and consistency along with your potential for a photographic memory. Your mind is like a computer program that memorizes, stores and file and analyzes things in a consistent, reliable way.

CHALLENGE: You can also get stuck in one way of processing information and not be able to see another solution. Remember that even in your sense of certainty there is still some level of uncertainty; therefore, not everyone is going to agree with you. You may be seen as “stubborn” or “prideful”.

KEY: Ask a friend who has an undefined Ajna to use their superpower to help you see another perspective! Be gentle with your thinking and remember that there are many ways to contemplate information.  Be open and listen carefully to the thoughts of others.

Undefined (Open) Throat Center

SUPER POWER: WORLD TRANSLATOR. A healthy open throat can become very wise about adjusting to new languages, dialects or ways of speaking. You may literally speak different world languages, but it goes beyond that. Your gift is to speak to people how they need to hear it best. It may be words that come out of your mouth, written word or your creations. 

CHALLENGE: You may constantly feel pressured to speak, but you are best heard when you are invited to speak. You can need attention & overcompensate and speak too much or be timid in speaking. When

you don’t feel heard you may try to get attention inappropriately in order to be heard, but it rarely works out.

KEY: Save your words for people who truly desire to hear your point of view and insights. Wait for the right people to ask you and value your words.

Defined Throat Center

SUPER POWER: VOICE RECOGNITION. You speak with voice that is consistent and others may find that comforting. What you speak about depends on what is connected to your Throat Center.  For example, if your Ajna Center is connected to your Throat Center, you will speak your mind. 

CHALLENGE: The way you speak is more fixed and you may not be able to translate what you say in a way that everyone can hear it. As well, not everyone is interested in hearing it in the way you are designed to share, which can leave you feeling misunderstood.  

KEY: Find the people that want to hear your voice and the way you share. Spend your time at work or free time who accept the way you share. Look at your Human Design Chart to find out what other center (s) your Throat Center is attached to.

Undefined (Open) G/Identity Center

SUPER POWER: CHAMELEON. Like a chameleon you change depending on who is near you. You mirror who or what you are around. You are very sensitive and can easily take on the identity of the other and know them on a deep level. What you experience depends on your surroundings. You love in multiple ways and you radiate love.

CHALLENGE:  You may struggle accepting love from others and feeling lovable.  As well, it’s easy to lose yourself in the identity of another or feel like a lack of direction in your life.  

Key: Surround yourself with people who feel good.  Create environments that soothe you. This includes your home, workplace, your partnerships, your friendships and your natural environment. When you are in the right place with the right people, the right opportunities come to you.

Defined G/Identity Center

SUPER POWER: NAVIGATION INTUITION. You have a defined path in life and are steadfast in it. you have the amazing ability to know who you really are through it all. You won’t get as hung up on where you’re headed because you have an innate sense of your path. You know who you really are at your core, even if it takes time to consciously realize that.  You have a somewhat fixed menu of life. You can alter the toppings, but the main dish stays the same.

CHALLENGE: You often struggle with self-acceptance.

KEY: Accepting that you are who you are. Express yourself in all that you do and celebrate the brilliance of who you are. Make that main dish really well.

Undefined (Open) Will Center

SUPER POWER: TREASURE DETECTOR. You know what’s valuable in life and it’s often not money!  Material value, money, resources.

CHALLENGE: Pressure to use willpower (that you don’t have) to push through difficult situations and prove yourself. You may question your value and feel pressure to prove yourself in a career or relationship that is simply not correct for you. This never-ending cycle leads to feelings of failure, low self-worth and eventually totally burning out. 

KEY: You have nothing to prove and be at peace with that.  Courageously accept your personal value.  Make promises and commitments deliberately only according to your personal authority and strategy so you have enough energy as well as space to rest. Understand your deep need for a more restful pace and discharging the willpower energy of others after you’ve taken it in.

Defined Will Center

SUPER POWER: SUPER STRENGTH, You have a backup/super power battery that can give you super strength for bursts of time. You can push through things even if you don’t really want to be doing them because you have consistent willpower.

CHALLENGE: You can push when you don’t have the energy and burn yourself out. Others also may believe you promise them things even if you didn’t, your energy just says it.

KEY: Schedule rest, it allows you to re-charge your willpower. Make sure you’re not pushing through even when you need rest. Honor promises that you make. Be gentle with your expectations of others, not everyone can do what you can. Use your potential power and material wealth for a purpose greater than just you as an individual. A balanced expression of a defined Will Center can make a huge impact on the world.

Undefined (Open) Spleen Center

SUPER POWER: PAIN DETECTOR. You are medically emphatic; you can feel other people’s physical pain. You are intuitive about healing.  You are sensitive to what is going on physically for others and can help them identify it because you feel it even stronger than they do. You can get lost in time.

CHALLENGE: You are intuitive, but it comes in different ways, so you may not always trust it. Being around people who are physically ill, as in a hospital, may be difficult for you as you may experience some or many of the symptoms yourself.  You may also hold onto things (or people or pain, etc.) longer than you should.

KEY: Learn to let go of all things that do not serve your highest good – including others’ pain. Honor your body and the messages it sends you. When you feel sick, rest. Honor your sense of timing but possibly wear a watch when time matters. Trust your intuition and know that you receive intuitive insights in many ways.

Defined Spleen Center

SUPER POWER: INTUITER. You have a consistent intuitive power. Since you will dependably feel it, with practice, it can become second nature. The more you tune in, the more familiar you’ll become with your personal way of receiving intuitive hits. You are fairly resilient in regard to health and physical pain. You have the propensity to be time focused.

CHALLENGE: When you get sick, you often get very sick because it’s already too late. You might be fearful because you live in the animal instinct.

KEY: Trust your intuition. Listen to your “gut” and feelings. Take guided action. Listen to your body. Rest and take care of yourself. Honor your sense of time. Flow with universal timing.

Undefined (Open) Emotional Solar Plexus

SUPER POWER: EMPATH (AKA FEEL OTHER’S EMOTIONS). You can feel what other people are feeling, even stronger than they do. You are very sensitive and can trust your insights about other people’s feelings and can gage the truth of the feeling in the room. Experiencing the beauty of an emotional experience occurs when you do not identify with the emotions themselves.

CHALLENGE:  You may avoid truth and conflict to avoid backlash from others trying to keep everyone happy. Or, you may be addicted to creating drama yourself.  You may also feel intense emotion that is not even yours – but think it is yours and live your life based on someone else’s emotion.

KEY: Be a screen and not a sponge. You are not meant to hold onto other’s emotions – rather feel them and let them pass through. Take breaks to get out of emotional energy when it’s too intense. Pay attention to the source of your emotions, are they yours or someone else’s?

Defined Emotional Solar Plexus

SUPER POWER: CREATIVE SURFER. You are extremely creative, and you are somewhat resilient to the emotions outside of you. You have cycles of outward creative intensity and inward integrative pause.  You essentially surf the cycles of your own waves of emotions and creativity (emotional wave) before getting clarity on decisions.

CHALLENGE: You may get stuck in the inward cycle and it may feel like it’s a bad thing and then you keep yourself there longer than you would like. Sometimes it’s hard to know when you really have clarity. Pressure to make decisions too quickly. Rushing into an opportunity will likely cause you to experience the not-self theme of your energy type.

KEY: Ride emotions in an intentional way. Take time making decisions and be deliberate – not spontaneous. Keep your vibration high. Maintain trust that you are supported during your waves. When it’s the correct time to decide, you may feel an internal “click,” as if all of the gears have shifted into place and are ready to operate. You may feel a sense of peace or internal calm.

Undefined (Open) Sacral Center

SUPER POWER:  SUPER CHARGE BOOSTER (TURBO SWITCH). You can borrow energy and be “super-charged” when you need it. If you are near a Generator or Manifesting Generator you can utilize their energy for short bursts of time (“Rent a Gen”) because you are not meant to hold onto sacral energy. 

CHALLENGE: You likely feel pressure to keep going at a super charged level to keep up with most of society (sacral types). But, this intensity of work energy can’t last for more than a few hours without burning you out. You’re not designed to work in the traditional way. You simply do not have sustainable energy within your being.

KEY: Take care of yourself. Take alone time to discharge extra energy and rest.  Figure out when enough is enough. You provide value by just “being”. Find a way to both financially sustain yourself and work less hard. Be patient with yourself in the process.

Defined Sacral Center

SUPER POWER: SUSTAINABLE ENERGY. Your work energy, sexual energy and life-force energy is relatively consistent throughout your life. When you do things that light you up, you are like an energizer bunny – you can keep going and going.

CHALLENGE: When you say yes to things you don’t want to do; you drain your battery – and yet you can keep doing it.  

KEY: You are designed to respond to life. It’s very important to know in your gut that your answer is a “yes” when making decisions. Follow your desires. Say “No” as often as you like. It’s the only way to maintain your energy. Be patient for the right opportunities.  Respond to what lights you up and you will be aligned with the right work and people.

Undefined (Open) Root Center

SUPER POWER: IGNITER. You can feel adrenaline rushes that have the potential to propel a stuck situation into forward momentum. The pressure essentially ignites you into action.  You can use these bursts of energy to get important things done if it feels right according to your strategy. You have the potential to understand deeply how stress functions, how to use it properly and how to distinguish between good stress & unhealthy stress.

CHALLENGE: A never-ending sense of pressure to get things done. It always feels like freedom lies on the other side of finishing the thing in front of you. Some of you will even begin to crave more intense pressure. You also may feel like others are trying to pressure you into decisions or actions.

KEY: Slow down for a moment and remind yourself that it’s okay to set something aside. Asking yourself “what’s the worst thing that could happen if I don’t do X today?” is a great strategy for doing the right things. Resting is sometimes more important than completing the item on your list. Very few situations these days are life and death emergencies requiring immediate respond. Breathing techniques for stress and anxiety can help.

Defined Root Center

SUPER POWER: HEART DEFIBRILLATOR. You may excel with pressure and stress, but just because your root center is defined, doesn’t mean you don’t experience challenges or stress. However, when you enter the correct situations using your strategy and authority, you have the potential to stay grounded and have a beautiful sense of stillness in your pursuits, even amidst stress and chaos. You can instill order in other’s stress (like a defibrillator does to the heart) and restore things to rhythm.

CHALLENGE: Something to note in relationships–by nature of your energy, others may feel you are putting pressure on them. To maintain a sense of calm it’s advisable to clearly explain your expectations. Hopefully, this will alleviate some of the pressure your friend, partner or acquaintance feels.

KEY: Honor your root pulse and wait for the energy to get things done. You will get more done when the energy is “on”. When the energy is off, remember that it is my time to rest and restore yourself.

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