Using Human Design to cope with the Corona Chaos #2 – Coping strategies for uncertain times using Human Design and Essential Oils

In our second episode addressing the current Carona situation, we talk about how our own Human Design family dynamics are playing out for each of us – our examples might be helpful for you.
We also look at how your chart definition – whether you are single or split defintion can affect how isolation feels to you.
We talk about how important it is to be mindful of your energy type in these times and how you can learn strategies for you and your family for now and when this situation is over.
After being in various states of lock-down for several weeks now, we look at each of the types and what might be going on for them. We also talk about Essential Oils to help with anxious feelings.
We finish up by recognising those of you with open Emotional and Identity centers in their Human Design chart and some protection strategies for now.

These are challenging times for all of us. Human Design shows us that we will all be experiencing the current situation differently and understanding this about you and your loved ones can make life so much easier.

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