How to overcome fear with Human Design and essential oils

Does fear paralyze you from moving forward? Do you feel stuck even when the tasks at hand are simple?

Fear is a primal instinct that we simply do not need to use in the same way we did ten thousand years ago when our ancestors were running away from dangerous wild animals. Many of our daily fears in today’s day and age are actually remnants of very old fears that are no longer relevant.

What does fear have to do with Human Design?

Fear is driven by instinct which aligns with the Spleen Center. Let’s face it, fear plays a major role in our lives and many of us even feel paralyzed by it. Seeking to understand the fears that could potentially hold us back helps us to move past them and move forward with life.

Is Fear Still Relevant in Daily Life?

We can easily get stuck in the fears of the Spleen. There are many different ways our fears can be expressed and we can gain insight into which ones are consistently affecting us by looking at which gates we have defined in our splenic center. I have many of the fear gates defined in my chart and I will tell you a story about each of them.  Again, those animal instinct fears are typically no longer relevant in our modern world. Unconsciously, we think we are going to die if certain things happen or don’t happen, like I might think if I write this blog and no one reads it, I am going to die. But we all know that’s not true!  You are reading it, and even if you were not, I would most certainly survive. ☺

Spleen Center energy is the oldest energy in Human Design and it is there to keep us safe from harm. It is the survival instinct. In the 21st century, there is very little that will actually kill us (where most of us are living anyway), so all we need to do is push through the fears. I am not telling you to ignore your instincts if you feel unsafe – like if you feel that you shouldn’t walk down that dark alley, or you are hiking and you think you hear a bear, listen to your instincts! – this is entirely about the fears that hold us back in daily life. 

The fears in the Spleen Center seem to do more to keep us stuck than keep us safe in our modern world.  You’ll need to learn to bust past that one second of fear and then it simply dissipates. A moment later, you will find yourself wondering why you were so worried to begin with!

Fear Gates of the Spleen Center De-Mystified:

Each of the gates in the Human Design chart has the potential for a low expression or a high expression of the particular energy of that gate. The “high expression” is when you live out the more positive aspects of your personal energy. The low expression is when you play out the energy in a more destructive way. There is a whole spectrum of ways the energy of a fear gate can play itself out and that’s where your free will comes in. There is also the possibility that you are playing out someone else’s fears, whether they are intentionally putting them on you or not. “Fear” as we know it is how we live out the low expressions of the splenic gates.  All the Spleen gates can also have a really positive output, if only you choose to bust past the fear that is keeping you stuck. 

Low Expression (aka “fears”} in the Spleen Center:

  • Gate 48  – fear of inadequacy – fear that you don’t know enough
  • Gate 57 – fear of the future – worry about what might happen
  • Gate 44 – fear of the past repeating –what happened before will definitely happen again
  • Gate 50 – fear of failing your responsibilities
  • Gate 32 – fear of failing in business
  • Gate 28 – fear that life has no meaning
  • Gate 18 – fear that it will never be perfect — not starting due to lack of perfection

I have many stories of how fear can play out for almost all of the gates because I have all but one of the gates defined (colored in).  Everyone will feel the fears of all of the Splenic gates, but if your gates are colored in you will experience these energies consistently, and if yours are white you will experience them somewhat randomly.

Above: Some examples of undefined Splenic gates (48, 57 and 44 are white whether the spleen is defined or undefined).

Below: Some examples of defined Splenic gates (In image 1, gate 48, 57 and 44 are defined. In image 2 gates 48 and 44 are defined. Again, gates can be defined or undefined whether the spleen is colored in or white).

Do you want to know how to overcome your fears?

The key is to push past that one moment of fear. It’s like stepping that first foot through the door. Once you walk to the other side of that door the fear instantly dissipates. This is certainly easier said than done, especially if you have stayed in your own personal safety zone up until this point in your life. To support you as you begin to practice moving through your fears, I invite you to try using an essential oil that can support you with each gate (each expression of fear) as you see them come up in your day to day life.

Gate 48 – Gate of Depth

With Gate 48 you want to get to the depth of information. The fear here is one of inadequacy—  even though you probably know more information on the subject than others you may feel that you don’t know enough, or that you don’t have enough training or certificates to prove yourself. This fear can hold you back from moving forward with what you really want to do in life.

I have Gate 48 defined.  I have been sitting on this blog for months because I didn’t think I had enough information to share. But really, I know a lot about the subject – I live it daily.

When you have Gate 48 defined you have wisdom and depth of wisdom that develop over time through your life experiences. You just need to step through the fear it and start sharing or doing rather than worrying about what is not going to be perfect. By virtue of having the Gate 48, you likely do already know enough! And if you don’t yet, you know where to dig a little bit in order to find the necessary information. Don’t ever let this fear hold you back from doing something, because somewhere in the depths of who you are, you have what you need. You don’t need another qualification.  You don’t need to do another course or read another book. Don’t let the fear of inadequacy hold you back.

►►►Essential Oil Idea:  Cypress helps you flow past the moment of fear. Put a drop on each inner elbow.

Imagine you are a little girl who is having a hard time going into a dance class. You dream of being a ballerina. You are there standing at the door. You can stand before the door paralyzed by fear…OR you can step past that door and go to the dance class, learn the steps and techniques, and experience dance for yourself. And what joy it can bring you!

Gate 57 – Intuition

Gate 57 is the most intuitive gate in the chart. It is prone to worrying about the future and trying to plan and control what will come next. Positively, you can sense what’s going to happen next to navigate the future energies before they come. See when it presents itself and look objectively at the wisdom it gives you rather than freaking out about the future.

I have Gate 57 defined and there are definitely times in my life where I did not trust my intuition. When I reverse engineer these kinds of situations, I know exactly where I could have made a decision more in alignment with what I already knew to be true.  

One example that sticks out the most for me was applying to graduate school.  I knew I was supposed to go— I just intuitively knew. However, I was slowed down to a halt as I was applying because of my fears of the future. There was constant chatter in my head of all the doubts or blocks around it. Would I be able to get in?  Could I afford it…would I end up in a mountain of debt? Would it actually help me get a job? Would it be too hard? 

My fears kept me stuck for a time, and if I had answered “no” to all of those fear-based questions I could’ve easily stayed in my safety zone and not applied. Pushing past that fear, I applied anyway because I intuitively knew it was correct. In the end, it worked out for me. I was accepted, I made lifelong friends, I was connected to the right people for me and got a job that I loved— and that opportunity for assisting a professor allowed me to cover my school costs.

 When this gate is defined, it’s more consistent and you may be able to start to recognize when you get an intuitive hit. Now, if you don’t have this gate defined, you are still intuitive. You’ll just receive your intuition in varied ways. Because of this, it may be harder to trust it because it may present itself differently every time. Maybe one time you “just know” and another time you “feel it in your gut” and yet another time you can “see clearly” what needs to happen. These intuitive hits, remember, are very primal and sensory.

►►►Essential Oil Idea: Clary Sage helps you get in touch with your intuition. You can use it during meditation.  You can actually also just intuit what oil you might want to use as a practice to learn how to trust yourself! ☺

Imagine that your mind is a busy train station and you have been away on a long trip and just want to walk out the front doors and be reunited with your loved one – from chaos to safety and support.  You can stand there stuck in the chatter and movement of everyone else in the train station, but if you take one step outside the doorway you enter a fresh spacious energy, a quiet space of your own mind and your own intuition – away from chatter and doubt. Once you have stepped through, the high expression is being very intuitive! You can even unify others to what is possible in the future.

Gate 44 – Patterns

Gate 44 is about patterns of the past. The fear is about the past repeating itself. If it happened before, you may feel that it’s inevitable that it will happen again. You may have a fear that nothing new is going to happen to you. Remind yourself that life can change overnight and keep surprising you. In its highest expression, Gate 44’s gift is a nose for spotting trends and patterns by understanding past cycles and patterns. It is an excellent energy for predicting and creating based on trends. What do people want right now? You have a gift for seeing the cycle and knowing the answer to that question.

I have Gate 44 defined. The fear of Gate 44 has played out for me most prominently in the purchase and sale of houses. I had a bad experience selling a house in the past and because of that, I did not want to buy another. Knowing I’d have to sell it again one day and feeling that the past would certainly repeat itself stopped me in my tracks. The bad experience was a house flip and the timing was awful.  However, it was not realistic to believe that every house I purchased after that would have the same experience. Life can always surprise you. I eventually busted through the fear and bought and sold another house with far less complication. I learned things from the past experience and allowed my current experience to be improved instead of halted.

►►►Essential Oil Idea: Siberian Fir or White Fir to break patterns of the past. Put a drop on the bottom of each foot.

Imagine a hallway full of doors that all look the same. Walking down the hallway, you choose one and enter. On the other side of the door was a disastrous situation and a big mess. You may do your best to help or you may hurry out of there, but one thing’s for sure— you don’t want to go back. Your only options now are to choose a new door or stay stuck in the hallway. “The doors all look the same. What if they all lead to the same chaos?” you think to yourself. But though the doors are similar in appearance, what lies beyond them may surprise you. Pushing open the door in spite of fear can even bring access to prosperity!

Gate 50 – Responsibility

Gate 50 is about responsibility and nurturing your tribe or family. Gate 50 can be especially difficult for people as it often expresses itself as a fear of being your highest self, or your most powerful self and this fear can be crippling. There is a tendency here to place people above or below you as if a social ladder of importance exists. When you believe that you are less important than others, you don’t care for yourself well. And when you don’t take care of yourself, it’s certainly difficult to care for your family and others.

I have a fear Gate 50 defined and I definitely have fear of failing at being responsible for my family. The energy here can sometimes be felt as guilt or shame. There are times when I do things that might hurt my health because I am afraid of failing my duties. Maybe there were times I should have hired a babysitter because I needed a break, but I got stuck in the fear and tried to take care of everything myself because of that sense of duty.  After doing this too many times I became burned out and was also stressed when I was with my kids. I also have experiences of this in the corporate workplace, where I have taken on things that I didn’t want to do because I didn’t want to let down my team or my manager.

Getting stuck in this fear actually doesn’t help nurture anyone.  You also need to take care of yourself. You are doing a great job, so don’t get stuck thinking you are failing someone else. If you don’t put your oxygen mask on first everyone loses.

►►►Essential Oil Idea: Lemongrass can help you let go of what is not yours. Add a couple drops to your diffuser.  

Imagine you have a yard you are maintaining so it looks good for your neighbors. You also have a greenhouse that is waiting to be nurtured. You have always dreamed of growing your own vegetables in your greenhouse.  You don’t have the time to go in there because you have been too busy mowing your lawn and fixing your sprinklers in your yard. You are afraid that you are failing the responsibility of being a good neighbor.  It’s time to step into your greenhouse and tend to it. This is you.  Rain will come to take care of your yard, you can hire someone to mow it or have your family help. You are now stepping into caring for yourself. You’ve pushed past the fear and on the other side, is more joy and more energy for your family and the things you truly love.

Gate 32 –Endurance

Gate 32 is all about the fear of failure, especially in business or new opportunities. You may be fearful of taking on a business venture or making a career change, or you may worry that your idea is going to fail. These fears want to stop you from starting things to keep you in your safety zone. In order to free yourself up for new opportunities to come to you at the right time, you must not entertain these thoughts. Just see what happens! If you feel too afraid to move forward, thank that Gate 32 energy for trying to keep you safe but know that you will be fine and may even thrive by taking that first step. You can write your fears down to see what they are trying to teach you, and move forward trusting that you have everything you need to succeed when the timing is right.

I have Gate 32 defined and I have loved business since I was a kid.  Before I learned about my Human Design Type I would get ideas and try to manifest them right away, even though I am a Generator.  I was pushing the ideas out there, but the timing was not correct and they failed.  I started to believe that my ideas were the issue and I became very afraid of failing to the point of not starting in the first place.  

Now I know that Generators need to wait to respond to opportunities that come to them in their external world. I no longer worry about ventures that have failed in the past, I listen to what my sacral says now, in the moment.

The high expression of this energy is to know when the right time is to act in business. You know when things are going to fail because not all of the puzzle pieces are in order. Instead of entertaining the thought of failure, reframe it and see what needs to happen so it doesn’t fail. You have the energy to hold a vision and build a foundation until the timing is right. You know when the time is right to share an idea.

I have materials and resources I’ve created and projects I wanted to start in the past, and I am finally putting them out into the world because I’ve been given something to respond to and the timing is right. And since the timing is finally correct, my work will be well received.

►►►Essential Oil Idea: Wild Orange helps you change your mindset to abundance instead of focusing on failing: letting failure be your teacher. Inhale or diffuse.

Imagine the year is 2001 and you have a brilliant idea to start a new system where people can call taxis from their smartphones, which have just come out to the public. You can see how this might work. From a specific website, a rider can tell the driver where he or she wants to start and end and a driver can pick them up if they are in the area. The rider can track a map to make sure they’re heading in the correct direction. The rider can pay the driver through the website using their credit card. Writing down your idea, you can see what pieces of this puzzle are missing. Many people don’t own smartphones yet. Data service is limited in certain areas. You have to find a way for all of these drivers to begin driving legally. You could give in to the Gate 32 fear and simply give up, retreating to safety. Or, noticing which pieces of the puzzle are missing, you begin to find ways to fill in the gaps. You can spend your time building a solid foundation based on the puzzle pieces you DO have. And meanwhile, you trust and wait for something to respond to or an invitation to accept when the timing is right.


Gate 28 – Struggle

Gate 28 is the gate of struggle – with a purpose of finding out what’s valuable in life. You might have a real difficulty learning to relax into yourself because you feel there’s never enough time to do all of the things you want to do in this lifetime. There can even be a sinking feeling that life has no meaning because if there’s not enough time or energy to do something, why should you even try? Of all of the gates of the Spleen, Gate 28 can be one of the most difficult to learn to live with. But this gate is here to teach you something. When this energy is used correctly, you know when it IS the right time to do something— to enter into a relationship, to launch a business, or to make a big move to a new place.

Although I don’t have this gate defined in my chart, I have learned about it firsthand from someone who does. The Gate 28 energy brings a depth to your questioning of the meaning of life. You may question why you are here or what you are here to achieve. There is a fear that things are going to be too hard, that there is no point in trying, or that moving towards something will not be worth it in the end.

My friend who has this gate defined told a story about the time he decided to move to a new country to study the language. For many years, he had thought about doing this, but fears of it being not worth it held him back. The desire to go was coupled with a sinking feeling that it was meaningless to try. Eventually, growing tired of his own fears, he made a concrete plan of action that helped him to push through his fears and he finally set off to live in the new country. To this day, he still says it was one of the best decisions of his life and the skills he learned there have brought numerous opportunities to him since.

►►►Essential Oil Idea:  Spikenard allows you to accept what’s going on and it cuts through the noise. Put a drop on the bottom of your feet or dilute and roll around your belly button.

Imagine that you are at the airport. You have everything you need with you to take the trip you’ve been wanting to take. Your bags are packed, you have your passport and your ticket and you’ve saved your money. All that’s left to do is to walk through security, then to your gate, and finally onto the airplane. But something holds you back. You are struck with the feeling that it won’t be worth all of the efforts you’ve put into planning it. You think the place might not be as beautiful as you thought it was going to be. You can almost feel time ticking away as you look down at your ticket, stuck in your sudden indecision. You could stay there forever paralyzed in your fear, but you know you have to move one foot…and then the other…and then you are boarding your plane. Landing in the destination, you feel the warmth of the sun on your face, you see the mountains in the distance and you can smell the sea in the breeze. You pushed through your fears and you are here, and you never know what gifts life will bring you because of it.

Gate 18 – Correction

Gate 18 is the energy to correct patterns. But you can easily get stuck in perfectionism, or that you’ll never get it right. With this energy, you might see yourself as powerless without perfection and inferior to others in many ways. Harnessing this energy correctly makes it so that you can become the expert or authority in something without fearing imperfection. You can see where things can be improved to bring more order, joy or abundance.

I have Gate 18 defined and I know I get stuck in this one a lot, even when I was in little. For example, when I was in grade school and I got 94% on a test, I would re-take the test because I wanted 96% or 98% or even 100%.  It was perfectionism to a ridiculous extreme. I still get stuck often because I think something needs to be more perfect, but I know I am not going to die if it’s not perfect! I want to teach my kids not to be afraid of not being perfect. Perfection is in the eye of the beholder anyway, so what is perfect to one person might not be perfect to another. Did it really matter that my percentage increased? Could I have spent that time doing something more fun? It’s highly likely.  Could I have been less stressed for many years in my life? Definitely yes!

►►►Essential Oil Idea:  Tangerine opens up your abundance mindset, opening your mind to the idea that things are all already perfect in their own way. 

Wabi-Sabi is the Japanese philosophy of accepting the imperfections in life and even finding beauty in those things which are imperfect, impermanent or incomplete. Imagine you are building a birdhouse with your children. You plan to put the birdhouses in your front yard garden where all of your neighbors will see them. Since you’ve never built a birdhouse before you’re not entirely sure what you’re doing but you go ahead anyway— your kids are so excited! You arrange the wood, hammer the nails, paint and attach the small detail pieces. In the end, the birdhouses are a bit lopsided, the paint has a few drip marks and a few of the nails stick out a little. Your initial reaction is to hide them or get rid of them because they are far from perfect, but seeing the joy on your children’s faces helps you to see them through their eyes. Wabi-sabi. Every time you see them in your garden you are reminded that not everything has to be perfect in order to be beautiful.

What fears are holding you back?

The Spleen Center is there for growth and expansion. What fears are holding you back, and what can you do to bust through them? If you can’t identify the specific fear and just feel stuck, I invite you to try incorporating the essential oils above and see what happens. They may just lighten you up or help you flow so you can take one step forward. And that one small step might be just enough to push you to bust through something you wouldn’t have done otherwise.

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*Source: Concepts from the Quantum Alignment System Human Design Certification Program.

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