Network Marketing and Human Design

Top 5 Tips for Each of the 5 Human Design Types

Have you tried everything you’ve been taught to do and you’re not enjoying the success you expected? Are you experience frustration, anger or burnout in your business? Or, are you just looking for ways to up-level it?

Network Marketing was likely designed by a Manifestor. However, I think all 5 Types can successfully run Network Marketing businesses, and it’s not instantly going to be easy for all Manifestors either. No matter who you are, you are not necessarily going to get the same results as your upline by following their exact formula.

A Little About Human Design Type

Learning about your Human Design Type gives you practical information on how to exchange energy with the world. It can guide you in:

  • How you work, rest, sleep and stay healthy
  • How to navigate interactions with others
  • Which emotional signals to look for to get back on track
  • Insight into how you can best be heard
  • How to best manage your own energy
  • Using your “Sacred GPS” to guide your direction

There are five Human Design Types: Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, Manifestor and Reflector.

Network Marketing by Design

Utilizing Human Design in your Network Marketing business is all about tuning into who you are and doing your business in a way that feels good to you.

Network Marketing is a different model than a traditional business. In Network Marketing, no one is your boss – you and your team support each other in all directions. But, we all do it differently – even though we are told to “not reinvent the wheel.” The key is to honor every single person building with you for who they are – including you! You also benefit from honoring your customers for who they are.

For all Types – the single most important thing to be aware of – is the energy of the people you are working with.  It is about knowing that they all have their own unique energy and need to work with their energy in a totally different way than you do. Just like you may need to do things differently than your upline.

  • Doing it your way should allow you to be yourself and do your business in a way that feels good to you.
  • You should have the energy to be present with the people you love and your clients.
  • You can use your emotions as a guide to help you grow your business.
  • You can have more ease, flow and success in your Network Marketing business.

Top 5 Tips for Each of the 5 Human Design Types

1. Did you enter the business opportunity correctly for your Type?

How did you start your Network Marketing Business and how do you feel about it? Think back to when you first decided to either join the Network Marketing company – or when you decided to do it as a business.  Did you enter it correctly? Was it according to your Strategy?

  • Generator: Did you respond to something outside yourself? Did your gut truly say “yes” I want to do this?
  • Manifesting Generator: Did you respond to something outside yourself? Did your gut truly say “yes” I want to do this? Sometimes you need to try things on (The Manifestor piece) to see if it’s right. Do you still want to be doing it?
  • Manifestor: Do you love what you are selling, and do you have an inner drive to share it? Are you doing things to please others – or do you share in a way that truly feeds your inner spark?
  • Projector: Were you invited to into sharing the product in your business? Did you talk through the opportunity with others to guide yourself if it’s correct for you? 
  • Reflector: Did you wait at least a month after you were offered the opportunity to share or sell in your business? Did you bounce ideas off others and end with full clarity that it is the right thing for you?

2. Do you use emotional signals to guide you?

Do you use your emotions as a signal? Do you know what they mean?

  • Generator: Do you get frustrated? Do you keep pushing? Do you try over and over to do things your upline tells you and they don’t work for you? Are you pushing instead of responding? Frustration is a sign that you don’t love some aspect of what you’re doing. Try to pinpoint what that is so you can determine whether that element can be changed or if you need to scrap the whole of the situation. When a Generator is close to mastery of something, it can also feel like a frustrating stuckness. But in those cases, if your gut still says “yes!” to that experience, carry on and you’ll soon break through the plateau.
  • Manifesting Generator: Do you get frustrated or angry while running your business? Do you keep pushing? Are you pushing instead of responding? When frustration and anger show up, it tells you when you are doing things you think you should be doing rather than what you genuinely want to do. You might also be moving up after a plateau, you may have forgotten to inform, or your flow was disrupted. You also have a Manifestor non- verbal creative flow, which is a state where you move unconsciously through actions.
  • Projector: When you feel bitter, what do you do? Do you stop and take care of yourself? Do you assess whether you have energy left or you’re burned out? When you feel bitter it’s typically because you feel burned out and are bitter others have the energy you don’t. You also may have tried to force things to happen in situations you were not invited into.
  • Manifestor: When your flow is disrupted, what do you do? Anger comes from disruption. It often happens when people try to slow you down, help you or tell you that you can’t do something. Not having the skills to manage anger properly can sometimes be destructive. Anger is not a bad thing and it doesn’t have to stick around. It’s just a signal to course correct. This anger might even help you realize something that you love that flows– it may have come so naturally that you didn’t realize it until you were interrupted in your process.
  • Reflector: Did you move quickly into a decision because you felt pressure to do so from others? Disappointment comes from making rushed decisions and finding out a week or two later that you don’t want to be doing what you’re doing, but you’ve already committed. Disappointment can also come when you see the potential for a business, situation or person that isn’t being fulfilled. Before entering into things, especially in something so major as business decisions, wait through a full lunar cycle to gain clarity. Additionally, let the unfulfilled potential that you see guide you to making the situation better yourself. If you are working with others, find a way to gently share how you feel things are going and how they could be even better.

3. Is your Network Marketing business the right “work” for you?

Sometimes Network Marketing is the right fit, but the product is not. Sometimes you love the product, but the business model doesn’t work for you. It’s important to use your Human Design Authority to truly answer the question if the Network Marketing business is the correct place to spend your energy. If it is, your energy will increase from being involved. If not, you may burn yourself out. Sometimes the “work” is right when you make small tweaks, creating the right way to work for yourself.

  • Generator: You are here to work, but it needs to be the “right” work to be sustainable.
    • Does the product have some kind of meaning for you?
    • Did you respond to the opportunity?
    • Do you feel like there are challenges that you can master within your business?
    • Do you have fun doing it?

If your gut answered “no” to any of these questions, you may want to take a deeper look at what you are doing.

  • Manifesting Generator: You are a Generator first, so you are here to work.but it needs to be the “right” work to be sustainable.
    • Does the product have some kind of meaning for you?
    • Did you respond to the opportunity?
    • Do you feel like there are challenges that you can master within your business?
    • Do you have fun doing it?

If your gut answered “no” to any of these questions, you may want to take a deeper look at what you are doing.

On top of finding the right work for one thing, MGs might try on many hats in a company, or divide their time between many varied jobs or hobbies at the same time. Is the Network Marketing just one piece of what you do? If it’s your main thing, how do you embrace variety within it? Doing just one thing is not ideal for MG’s creativity and energy.

And sometimes you need to feel into the Manifestor piece and throw spaghetti – reserve the right to quit if it no longer feels right, let go of judgment about starting things that you don’t want to finish – but for sure inform those you impact before taking action.

  • Projector: You are here to guide your niche, but not work in the traditional way (given that our society is 70% Generators and tends to operate with Generators in mind).
    • Were you invited to the opportunity?
    • Did you accept an invitation that felt good to you rather than accepting an invitation just because you received one?
    • Do you share what you are about (your niche) and see who you attract – rather than trying to push your ideas or product on others? 
  • Manifestor: You are here to initiate others – how do you do this? Make sure you love the product – it’s your inner driver. Be okay with “nos”, only half the people will be on board the train (passion) you are driving.
    • Do you love what you’re doing and feel an inner urge to work towards your business goals?
    • Have you informed anyone who will be affected by what you’re doing? Remember, their opinion doesn’t matter so long as they have been informed.
    • Are you holding yourself back in order not to ruffle people’s feathers? How can you let go of any people-pleasing?
    • Are you being too forceful about people getting on your train? If someone doesn’t resonate with your energy, let go.
  • Reflector: You are here to reflect back the health of your community.  If you are not doing well, it’s important to look at the community around you, how are they doing? This could be your family, but it could also be your Network Marketing team or even the customers you are attracting and reflecting.
    • How do you feel about your team and customers? Do you feel exhausted, anxious, disappointed and stressed out? Or do you feel excited, cared for, listened to and seen? Environment is really important for you, and this includes the vibe of your company.
    • Are you holding on too much to the way things “could be” instead of how they are? Witnessing unfulfilled potential is a part of daily life for you, but how can you begin to look for the ways your team and customers are living up to their potential instead?

4. Do you know how to taker care of your energy?

Do you manage your energy in a way that is right for you? Some of us need to actually move our bodies more to get more energy (Generators,Manifesting Generators). Some of us need to pre-plan/schedule breaks after expending energy or being around others (Manifestors, Projectors, Reflectors).

  • Generator: To increase your energy, you need to work doing something you truly love. It’s important that you also move your body every day in order to sleep better, which will, in turn, increase your attunement to your sacral response and help you set appropriate boundaries and find balance.
  • Manifesting Generator: Do things you love to get more energy. It’s important, with all of your energy, to wear yourself out by moving your body every day. It’s okay to “try things on” in work and life to see how they feel before you commit. You want to make sure you’re following your creative flow, especially if you are emotionally defined. Give yourself permission to do many things at once without judging yourself for not sticking to one thing at a time.
  • Projector: It’s important for you to protect your energy since it is not sustainable. Going to bed before you are totally worn out for the day will give you better quality sleep. Throughout the day, grounding and meditation practices as well as breaks from technology will help you become more in tune with yourself. While waiting for invitations, follow your bliss.
  • Manifestor: You won’t please everyone. You need to move to the beat to your own drum. You are not here to work for sustained periods; you need significant cycles of rest and to learn how to leverage other people’s energy and knowledge. Get into your flow by following your creative urges and doing things your own way. Honor your rhythms of burst and retreat and don’t try to please others.
  • Reflector: A big lesson is to slow down and to rest and recover, especially after big pushes. Finding a sense of healthy non-attachment to timelines and specific outcomes can relieve a lot of stress. Finding ways to ground yourself like getting into the outdoors will help you come to terms with and appreciate your cyclical nature. Pushing harder will only be counterproductive. If you aren’t doing well in general it is very important to either adapt to the environment you are currently in or move to a new environment if that is not possible.

5. Do you lead your business partners according to your Strategy?

Do you honor who your builders are as well? The people on your team actively building their own business is your best asset. You can make that process fun and much easier for them if you learn how they operate (even if it’s different than how you do) and honor it. Below are some ideas that might help keep you following a path of enjoyment as well as how to work with a builder if they are a specific Type that is not you.

  • Generator:

Yourself as a Generator Leader: Do you have someone available to ask you Yes/No questions to make sure you are still lit up by what you are doing and how you are doing it?

Your Generator Builders: Ask Yes/No questions of your Generator and Manifesting Generator Builders on a weekly basis to see what lights them up. Create support structures and lend energy to non-sacrals (Projectors, Manifestors and Reflectors) on your team – but remember that it’s not sustainable for them and allow them the time and space they need to replenish their energy.

  • Manifesting Generator:

Yourself as an MG leader: You will have a hard time delegating, but it’s important in a leadership role.  You may not need others – but your builders may need you – make yourself available to them in a way that feels good to you. You are also designed for shortcuts – but sometimes you have to go back and course correct. The key is informing those you impact. 

Your MG Builders: Like the Generator, ask Yes/No questions of your Generator and MG builders. Use your powerful voice for the benefit of your time. Try things on and don’t judge yourself if they don’t work. Create support structures and lend energy to non-sacrals (Projectors, Manifestors and Reflectors) on your team – but remember that it’s not sustainable for them and allow them the time and space they need to replenish their energy.

  • Projector:

Yourself as a Projector Leader: You are here to guide your leaders.  Find a niche – you don’t have to be a master of all trades. You won’t have the energy to do it all. Plug into a support system that is already in place for things like follow up.  Partner with others to execute energy-intensive things like classes or workshops. You are an excellent teacher, but you may not have the energy to invite, market, plan, teach and follow up. Invite your upline to invite you, be your champion, partner with you, and make sure they know that you need breaks.

Your Projector Builders: Focus on a few builders that you know recognize and value your wisdom.  Be an authentic guru, guiding them on their own path. Invite your leaders so they have something to respond to.  Ask your Generator and Manifesting Generator Builders Y/N questions.

  • Manifestor:

Yourself as a Manifestor Leader: You were meant for this role if your heart and soul believe in what you are doing. Make sure you have an inner drive and passion for what you are selling.

Your Manifestor Builders: Ignite your leaders with your passion and fire, initiate them – not just once, but whenever they need help. Inform, inform, inform – especially when it impacts them. Ask your Generator and Manifesting Generator Builders Y/N questions.

  • Reflector:

Yourself as a Reflector Leader: You have the unique ability to show people who they are by reflecting them back to themselves. Honor your pace and your energy. Be in a community that makes you feel good. If it doesn’t feel good, it’s not the right place for you.

Your Reflector Builders: You can see what your builders and your customers need and can show them. It’s a good idea to share your style and pace with others, as the world will likely move at a different pace, but if your style is honored and supported, you will find their way in your own time and you are a magical force in the business world. Ask your Generator and Manifesting Generator Builders Y/N questions.

Of course, this is only introductory. There are many more facets of Network Marketing for each Type that you can look at. If you want to dig deeper, check out our Network Marketing by Design trainings.

Many other areas of your Human Design chart will affect how you run a small business of any kind.

If you want to learn more about your Type in a very digestible way, get your guidebook here.

I will leave you with a few interesting ideas to ponder that affect all 5 Types.

Type is important, and authority is equally as important – it’s about making decisions in tune with your body.  Authority is your way of getting clear on what’s right for you. It can help you with decision making as you navigate your business. It is how your body tells you the answer—  embodied decision making. This is a topic for another day, but in short, it’s imperative to learn more about your authority. It’s key to determining how to follow your personal strategy.

For example, if you are a Generator or Manifesting Generator, you need to check in with your Sacral (gut) to answer the Y/N questions. If you are a Reflector, you need to wait a moon cycle for big decisions – and it’s important to talk it out with trusted people in the meantime. For Projectors, talk it out as well, see how you guide yourself and also check in with your body signals – especially if your authority is “self”. Tune into how your body talks to you. Look back on times when something did or didn’t work – do you remember a feeling you had either way and how it turned out?  For Manifestors, you will have a body signal that tells you what inner spark idea you need to take action on.

One of the authorities is “emotional” and 50% of the population is emotionally defined.  You don’t need to know the details of your emotional waves, but it’s important to note that half of the population needs to gain clarity over time when making big decisions. How does this play out in real life in your Network Marketing business? I was told to get people to sign up during a class, but if you haven’t touched the person many times before the class, it’s possible they won’t be ready to purchase. They may purchase anyway and then have buyer’s remorse. You don’t want that!

So, there are two things you can do. You can either give out samples and talk to them about it prior to the “close” so they have time to get their emotional clarity. Or, if you can tell they need time during your class, just ask them. “Do you need some time? Can I follow up with you in a week?” or something that gives you the chance to check in with them later. You may have even more brilliant ideas on how to do this, I wanted to pose the idea that we need to take a look at things differently if we truly want to honor how people’s energy works and what’s right for them. This also goes for your builders, it’s super helpful to find out the charts of your builders and work with them according to their design.

Another quick tip: Approximately 70% of the population are Generators (Pure Generators and Manifesting Generators.  So, even if you are not a generator type, learn about how they work. They will be your most of your customers and your team. Asking Y/N questions in general can really help you find the answers you need. Generators get up in their head and make confusing decisions up there. Asking them Y/N questions gets them back in their body.

My last idea has to do with boundaries. They are crucial for all Types, especially in Network Marketing businesses.  Once you figure out what’s right for you, draw a boundary around it. Unfortunately, we don’t always know what boundaries are needed until after we feel pain from something that wasn’t right for us. But, as you learn, you can start to protect your energy and live a life that is more authentic and purposeful. This will help your Network Marketing business expand – even though we may be told that we need to follow another’s paths to success.

Be you. Love yourself without arrogance. Be more of who you are + less of who you are not.

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