Essential Oils by Design for Manifestors

At the end of the day, the Essential Oil that you are drawn to is the right one for you! If you’re looking for a place to start, however, read on to learn which oil might be best for you based on the different aspects of your Type. You can also check out the best Essential Oils for Generators, Projectors, Reflectors and Manifesting Generators by clicking on the respective links.  

Waking, Sleeping and Resting

Manifestors, you are here to have an impact on your surroundings and to experience creative freedom in all that you do. You are designed to have bursts of productivity followed by times of retreat and rest. It’s likely you’ve worked too hard, too fast and too much in your life and have been left feeling burned out. You’re not designed to be consistent in the way you output despite what social conditioning may have told you. Wild Orange & Peppermint can help invigorate you to take a massive energetic action when you get an urge, and when it’s time to rest afterwards doTERRA Deep Blue® (soothing blend) & doTERRA Aroma Touch® (massage blend) can help you restore your sore muscles, mind and emotions.

Speaking of rest, sleep is so important for all of us and knowing the best way for you to sleep can change your whole life. You take in energy from the outside world all day, and sometimes even at night depending on who you’re sleeping next to. Laying down horizontally thirty minutes before it’s time to sleep can help you discharge from the day. Wind down with Lavender & Frankincense and discharge all of that excess energy with: doTERRA DigestZen® (digestive blend) & Melalueca/Tea Tree.

Career and Creative Fulfillment

You’re a purely creative being, but don’t always have access to sustainable workforce energy.

A 9 to 5 office job might not be right for you. Trying things on is part of your creative process and that includes your working style. Trust your inner knowing and have fun with the experimentation. Create powerful energetic flow and creative energy with Cypress & Lemon.

Allow for more abundance and inspiration in all that you do with Wild Orange & doTERRA Citrus Bliss® (invigorating blend).

Manifestors sometimes fall into the habit of people-pleasing. You may have angered others in the past by doing your own thing and you may be trying to avoid that conflict. However, you’re not here to please others, but rather to initiate & creatively contribute to better the world by being yourself. This means some people won’t like the way that you do things, and that’s fine! Help yourself surrender to the inner flow with doTERRA Balance® (grounding blend) & Frankincense and support yourself in creating healthy boundaries with doTERRA OnGuard® (protective blend).

Not-Self Emotion: Anger/Creative Disruption

Even more than angering others, you may have been angry at others. Anger is the benchmark emotion showing you that your decisions are out of alignment with your strategy. It may mean your creative flow was interrupted or you forgot to inform those you impacted. Let it be your teacher, and then let it go. Dissolve anger with Wild Orange & doTERRA Breathe® (respiratory blend).

Manifestors, do any other oils work for you? In what context do you use the ones that work best for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts below. Be sure to check out the best oils for Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors and Reflectors to see what oils might work best for your loved ones as well.

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