Essential Oils by Design for Manifesting Generators

At the end of the day, the Essential Oil that you are drawn to is the right one for you! If you’re looking for a place to start, however, read on to learn which oil might be best for you based on the different aspects of your Type. You can also check out the best Essential Oils for Generators, Projectors, Reflectors and Manifestors by clicking on the respective links.  

Waking, Sleeping and Resting 

Manifesting Generators, you are here to do what lights you up and try many different things throughout your life. You’re not designed to stick to just one thing at a time, despite what your social conditioning may have told you.  Manifesting Generators are whirlwinds of energy and momentum. It’s important for you to follow your urges and what lights you up, and to use up all of your energy doing so each day. Get exercise in a way that feels really good to you! You naturally bring people together and get things moving and that may leave you feeling depleted and tired at times. It’s important to take time to recover when you feel like that. To help you wind down after a high energy day, try Lavender & Frankincense, and restore sore muscles from all of that activity with doTERRA Deep Blue® (soothing blend) & doTERRA Aroma Touch® (massage blend). 

Career and Creative Fulfillment

Doing work that lights you up is the key to your sustainable energy. Follow what excites you and don’t forget to inform those you impact. You may need to try on many different kinds of careers to find out what truly lights you up. Don’t be afraid to do that even if others have told you not to in the past. Support yourself in slowing down, responding and trying things on with doTERRA Balance® (grounding blend) & Frankincense. Try Lavender to help you open up to informing those you will impact with your choices.


For you, impatience (frustration + anger) is the benchmark emotion showing you that your decisions are incorrect & out of alignment with your strategy. You may feel this anger and frustration if you push ahead with things instead of waiting, when your creative flow is disrupted, if you forget to inform or when others seem to be moving too slowly for you. Dissolve frustration, anger & impatience with Wild Orange or doTERRA Breathe® (respiratory blend) essential oils.

Manifesting Generators, do any other oils work for you? In what context do you use the ones that work best for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts below. Be sure to check out the best oils for Generators, Manifestors, Projectors and Reflectors to see what oils might work best for your loved ones as well. 

Check out my podcast episodes on Essential Oils for Each Human Design Type, Essential Oils for Burnout , Essential Oils for Stress, or Loving Yourself with Human Design and Essential Oils.

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    hello. ‘questions for you. 1) will you show: “proof of life”/analysis~analytics of your numbers of persons who’ve taken up your offer of essential oils/even if the more so-have become ambassadors-in signing up under you..wanting to also represent do-terra? have the podcasts not only help bring people to you/your space of offering essential oils, but as well convert those listener/visitors into purchasing do terra. 2) essential oils help embodiment to let in frequency in order to assist healing, though so-frequency happens to be let in bcs embodiment’s transact to, from being hologramatical..piqued of ability to download frequency..does very the AMAZING rates. would it be interesting to you, to reach out and ask about even more items of frequency persons can be aboard with through you, they: get to try the offering before they actually buy/”test” the touchless technology on their self, & be of the actualize of convert into buying from you through your offering them the touchless technology? truly if so the interested, then locate me-via email address through your send outs from newsletter feed, or through the facebook link that began this message. no matter which way you go..behold the be of blessed!
    janne wallace

  2. Thank you for sharing! You are one of very few email subscriptions I remain happily subscribed to 😄
    The simplicity keeps my inbox clean and always adds value to my being and life 🌱 I appreciate you 🙏🏾

    I am a 5/1 Manifesting Generator with the Solar Plexus as the authority and a Triple Split 🦋

    Some of my personal favourite essential oils are Frankincense as you name, myrrh
    I love the creation known as Kyphi omg 😍 I love clove, Rose 🌺
    The sun was in taurus at the time of my birth 🌞

    I love to dance with aromatherapy or incense burning, I might journal and play with tools of divination as well

    hmm I also love Valerian root, massaging myself after a shower and before bed with a frankincense and rose incense burning is heaven 😂🙌🏾

    Honourable mentions: eucalyptus, sweet orange, ylang-ylang, rosemary, lime and tea tree lemon.

    Unconditional Love 💖

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