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At the end of the day, the Essential Oil that you are drawn to is the right one for you! If you’re looking for a place to start, however, read on to learn which oil might be best for you based on the different aspects of your Type. You can also check out the best Essential Oils for Projectors, Manifestors, Reflectors and Manifesting Generators by clicking on the respective links.  

Waking, Sleeping and Resting

Generators, you are here to dance with the world and follow what lights you up every day. You’re designed to love your life and wait for the right opportunities to present themselves. When they do, listen to your gut response for a yes or a no. Waiting to respond to opportunities or people this way allows Generators to find joy and playfulness in life in the in-between. Following the Generator requires patience, and it can be hard not to initiate things when you’ve probably been conditioned to do so. Surrender to the flow with doTERRA Balance® (grounding blend) and Frankincense. Open yourself up to receiving signs to respond to with Clary Sage.

It’s vital for you to move your body every day in a way that feels good to you. Exercise, dance, walk, jump…choose exercise that lights you up! Failing to burn up all of the energy you create in a day can result in poor health and sleep. Invigorate your body to go out and expend your physical energy with Wild Orange & Lemon. When you’re doing what you love, it can sometimes be hard to stop even when it is time to go to sleep. Help yourself wind down with Lavender and Frankincense. Restore sore muscles after all of that activity with doTERRA Deep Blue® (soothing blend) & doTERRA Aroma Touch® (massage blend).

Career and Creative Fulfillment

For you, everything really is about listening to your gut and seeing what lights you up. That definitely also applies to doing work that you absolutely love. This is the key to sustainable energy and preventing burnout. Saying no to what doesn’t excite you creates space for the right work to come in. It can be hard to let go of work you don’t love, especially when it’s tied to our beliefs about money. Lemon & Melaleuca (tea tree) can help give you the confidence you need to step out of work that isn’t in alignment and into work that is, while trusting that it’s for your highest good.

In the meantime, practice creating healthy boundaries in both work and play with doTERRA On Guard® (protective blend).


We all have an emotional theme to be our teacher. For you as a Generator, frustration is the benchmark emotion showing you that your decisions are incorrect or out of alignment with your strategy. You might be pushing too hard in a direction that doesn’t excite you because you feel you have to due to conditioning. Remember that even if it doesn’t make sense to your mind (or anyone else’s, you were never meant to do anything that doesn’t light you up. Dissolve frustration so you can let go and move forward with Peppermint essential oil & doTERRA Breathe® (respiratory essential oil blend).

Generators, do any other oils work for you? In what context do you use the ones that work best for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts below. Be sure to check out the best oils for Projectors, Manifesting Generators, Manifestors and Reflectors to see what oils might work best for your loved ones as well.

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