Essential Oils by Design for Projectors

At the end of the day, the Essential Oil that you are drawn to is the right one for you! If you’re looking for a place to start, however, read on to learn which oil might be best for you based on the different aspects of your Type. You can also check out the best Essential Oils for Generators, Manifestors, Reflectors and Manifesting Generators by clicking on the respective links.  

Waking, Sleeping and Resting

Projectors, you are here to be seen, to guide others and to take leadership in a new and improved direction. You’re designed to wait to be invited into opportunities, and when those opportunities come to take the ones that feel really good to you. You don’t have the sustainable energy to try to do everything yourself. It’s vital for you to learn your energetic limits and implement a healthy balance of activity and rest in your life. Recognize when enough is enough. 

It can be helpful to restore energy during the day by laying down for fifteen minutes or by going

out into nature. Take time alone when you need to and create an “auric-free” space in your home. Restore sore muscles, emotions, and your mind with Aroma Touch® (massage blend).

Enhance your flow bringing joy to every moment with Wild Orange essential oil.

All of us need good quality sleep but you might need even more than the rest. Taking in other people’s energy all day can take its toll on your body. Laying down horizontally for at least thirty minutes before you would like to be asleep will help you to discharge excess energy from the day. Support yourself as you wind down with Lavender & Frankincense.

Career and Creative Fulfillment

You have a special skill of seeing all that could be done better, but you don’t have sustainable energy to do it all yourself (even if you have been conditioned to do it anyway)! Experiment with your strategy of waiting for an invitation when sharing your wisdom and when

making big life decisions. This includes career and work but also every big area of life such as romance, where to live and what to do with most of your time. Do what you love and learn something new between invitations. This will help you go deeper and deeper into knowing your value, and in doing this you’ll be ready to receive and say yes to the correct invitations.

Cleanse stagnant feelings & limiting beliefs with Lemon. Surrender to the waiting and ground yourself with Balance® (grounding blend).

Further Self-Care

Projectors often struggle with burnout more than the other types. Your wisdom is so needed in this world, and taking care of your body is therefore not only a gift to yourself but a gift to all of us! As a light energy being, your body likes to digest things in small bites. This includes food,

information and others’ energy. Protect your body from all that doesn’t serve you.

Help yourself digest an overload of information, food and others’ energy with doTERRA Digest Zen® (digestive blend) or Peppermint essential oil. Practice creating healthy boundaries as preventative medicine with doTERRA On Guard® (protective blend).

Not-Self Emotion: Bitterness/Resentment

For you, as a projector, bitterness is the benchmark emotion showing you that your decisions are incorrect or out of alignment with your strategy. You may be wearing a mask and acting like someone you are not, therefore expelling too much energy. Or, you may be trying to push things into being instead of waiting for an invitation. This can be a tough thing to work through because you know you’re so good at seeing others, but you wonder if anyone will ever see you and look to you to share your wisdom. Dissolve bitterness with Lemon or doTERRA Forgive® (renewing blend).

Projectors, do any other oils work for you? In what context do you use the ones that work best for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts below. Be sure to check out the best oils for Generators, Manifesting Generators, Manifestors and Reflectors to see what oils might work best for your loved ones as well.

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4 thoughts on “Essential Oils by Design for Projectors

  1. Hi there,

    Thanks so much for this post… I’m an energy projector and am literally sniffing from a bottle of peppermint oil while reading it. Can I clarify… Does peppermint oil help with discharging/digesting an overload of foreign energy (I think you said others’ energy/food/information)…? I know it doesn’t serve me on a deep level, but I am very much a compulsive eater and regularly eat more than I need. I also consume information pretty compulsively, if I think about it.


    1. I do mean that it can help discharge or digest foreign energy. 🙂 I don’t know if you eat too much, but from what I know Projectors may eat lighter meals, but it could mean you may eat less at a time, but it could be more often. You may also be taking in other’s desires for food, depending who you are around. If you want to dig deeper,there was a video by Jenna Zoe that used to be posted for free that might be interesting to watch.

  2. This is great! I had never thought of using oils specifically for my type. Really funny that I have most of the oils you mentioned and they are the ones I use the most! One that I have also found really helps me to block out the world and get work done is Focus Blend. Question about using Lemon to dissolve bitterness – would you diffuse it, cup it, or drink it in water – does it matter? And using Digest Zen for information overload is also a stroke of genius! – again – how would you best use it in this case?

    1. Hello! Thanks for the focus blend tip! It doesn’t matter how you use lemon oil. 🙂 Even just smelling it straight from the bottle will do! You can diffuse and I love lemon in my water and it feels very cleansing to me. Just make sure the oil you are using is okay to take internally. I would suggest putting DigestZen right on your belly – where most physical digestion happens, or bottom of your feet. Again, smelling it is okay too. The beauty of smelling is that it can go to our limbic system quickly. If you feel overload somewhere else in your body, like for example, sometimes I feel the stress in my chest – you could put it there. Hope this helps. 🙂

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