Essential Oils by Design for Reflectors

At the end of the day, the Essential Oil that you are drawn to is the right one for you! If you’re looking for a place to start, however, read on to learn which oil might be best for you based on the different aspects of your Type. You can also check out the best essential oils for Generators, Projectors, Manifesting Generators and Manifestors by clicking on the respective links. 

Waking, Sleeping and Resting

Reflectors, you are a wise observer and you’re here to be a mirror for your community.

It’s of utmost importance for you to find the right environment, geographic location & people. You reflect the health of the environment around you. When the your surroundings are healthy, so are you. Find a healthy community and protect yourself from energy & people that don’t feel good. This can be easier said than done of course, so begin by creating healthy boundaries with: On Guard® (protective blend). Wherever you are, allow yourself to feel the harmony of your surroundings with Frankincense.

As a sensitive being, self-care and eliminating overwhelm is extremely important. Go out in nature and have a dedicated “aura-free” space to release the energy you picked up during the day. You take in so much when you’re out in the world, so help yourself digest an overload of information, food & other’s energy with Digest Zen® (digestive blend) & Peppermint. Discharge energy that doesn’t belong to you with Tea Tree (melaleuca) and Lemon.

Because you are taking in energy all day (and all night depending on who you sleep by), schedule alone time to rest and restore. Your body might enjoy massages, cuddling or hugging to wind down and de-stress. Lay down horizontally for up to one hour before you would like to be asleep in order to release the energy from the day. Lavender or Frankincense can help you wind down and Balance® (grounding blend) & Aroma Touch® (massage blend) can help restore your energy and ground you.

Career and Creative Fulfillment

Your strategy is to slow down and wait one lunar cycle for clarity in all major decisions. Once you’ve waited out your moon cycle, you can freely pursue the career that feels right for you. Reflectors are wise observers, facilitators and are here to guide humanity to a peaceful and just community. Cleanse stagnant feelings and limiting beliefs that might be preventing you from moving forward into a fulfilling expression of yourself with Lemon & Tea Tree (melaleuca) essential oil. In this fast-paced world, waiting can be extremely difficult. One of your lessons this lifetime is to learn to surrender to the waiting and to stay grounded in the process. Balance® (grounding blend) or Frankincense essential oil can aid you in this.


All of the types have an overarching emotional theme in life. For Reflectors, disappointment is the benchmark emotion showing you that your decisions are incorrect or out of alignment with your strategy. It may come from making decisions too quickly, feeling invisible to others or seeing potential that is not lived up to in either another person or in humanity. Protect your buoyant heart and dissolve disappointment with Peppermint.

Reflectors, do any other oils work for you? In what context do you use the ones that work best for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts below. Be sure to check out the best oils for Generators, Manifestors, Projectors and Manifesting Generators to see what oils might work best for your loved ones as well. 

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6 thoughts on “Essential Oils by Design for Reflectors

  1. I am a 3/5 reflector and my ex was a DoTerra white witch and she taught me a lot.
    Eucalyptus for grounding, or the variant with lemon is a good one.

    The others you recommend are rock solid too, Ongaurd and Frankincense for sure..

  2. I am a 5/1 Reflectir and drawn to Frankincense and Verbena for sure. I find myself also drawn to Patchouli as well.

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