How shock transforms and Human Design Gate 51

Earth just finished transiting through Gate 51 – the gate of initiation. If life “shocked” you a little during this transit, you are certainly not alone. Gate 51 is also called the gate of shock. If you have it defined, you may shock others regularly without realizing it, and others may shock you right back. If you don’t have gate 51 you’ll feel it most intensely when the sun or earth transits there as the earth recently was.

Shock has the power to transform through cracking our hearts open to what is really valuable to us individually and beyond. In Human Design, Gate 51 is located in the Will (heart) center and is part of the Individual circuit. It’s all about the love of life and being unafraid to take risks.  If you have this gate defined, you may receive shocking experiences from life and you have the ability to shock others— often times unintentionally. The gift is that each shock comes with a new mystical or spiritual understanding.  When you understand this energy, you have the capacity to use your own shocking experiences to deepen your spiritual understanding and your service to the world.

If you don’t understand this energy and you live out the lower expression of it you may enjoy shocking other people as a sport or in order to bring attention to yourself. This will not make others feel good and it’s not the highest use of the energy. It is meant to be initiation via a shocking experience into the love of Spirit.

I have Gate 51 defined in my chart. I thought I would share some of the examples of how the Gate 51 energy has played out in my life and how I reacted to them at different periods of my life, before and after I understood where these experiences were coming from.

My first story: A Horse’s Butt

[This is just a representation; it happened to fast to catch on camera.]

The first really shocking thing that I remember happening to me was when I was driving to a movie with my friend when I was 16. We were taking a country road to get there and we were driving down a hill.  All of a sudden, a horse came darting across the street from a farm. Apparently, the gate came loose. 

We did not miss the horse. Its butt slid up the hood and crashed into the windshield right in front of my face on the passenger side. Then it slid off and just ran off into the field on the other side of the road. The owner of the horse came running out and ran across the street to the field where the horse was. My friend and I got out of our car, stunned – but luckily in good shape.  Quite literally, I was an inch from possible death – or at least something that could have gone really badly. I didn’t understand “Spirit” at this age. I was too self-absorbed, I am sure. 

Instead of having some spiritual moment about the experience, we were just two teenagers, super annoyed that we had to wait for the tow truck to come. We called our parents and all we wanted was for them to bring us a different car so we could still get to the movies.

The Ford Exploder

[These are real photos from our trip.]

The next thing that happened was the summer between high school and college. I was on a road trip to Myrtle Beach with my friends.  We had written “Myrtle Beach or Bust” in the Ford Explorer SUV window we were driving.  After driving a while, we stopped to fill up our tank.  It was maybe an hour or less after moving forward with a full tank when the car started acting weird. We pulled over in the middle strip of a highway to check it out.  We opened the hood and it was smoking.  We checked a few things, but then it started dropping fireballs onto the ground.  We knew it was not good. Being clueless teens, instead of just running away from the car, we started pulling stuff out of the car and throwing it into the grass.

A bystander stopped to help us – and luckily told us to get away from the car, just in time.  Eventually, the fire consumed the car and it essentially exploded, or so it seemed as the tires popped and it was filled with fire. 

Again, we were able to gather our stuff and get to a nearby hotel. Somehow, we convinced one of our parents to rent us a car.  We filled it up with our smoke smelling sleeping bags and tent that we had rescued and we continued on our trip to Myrtle Beach, SC – just one day late. When I look back, I think the bystander was truly an angel. I was starting to understand the gravity of these experiences.

Going to the Depths

When I moved on to college, several shocking things happened; including two really close friends who died within a short period of each other. They were best friends, but neither accident had to do with the other. One was a car accident and one of them was drowning. I was at the party where the drowning happened. There was a group of boys who took some small boats across the lake.  My friend fell over and it was too dark and the others couldn’t see where he was.  There were too many weeds and plants and he got caught in them. The other boys came back to the house we were at to get help.

Many partygoers jumped into docked canoes to help look, including me. I remember vividly the search, looking for a face in the water and dipping our oars in to feel for something.  They didn’t find him until they sent a diving team in the following day. This time I was truly shocked into Spirit and my heart broke open.  This friend was the best guy— he brought a light into the room and lightened our hearts with humor every time we talked to him. 

After this tragedy, I began to truly embody Carpe Diem (seize the day) and I lived my life differently from then on. It didn’t stop the shocking things from happening, but it changed my mindset to see blessings in things that happened to me after that. I also realized the importance of telling people how you feel about them whenever you feel it because you never know what is going to happen. 

Personal Shock

I have personally experienced sexual assault (date rape), and I was so ashamed I couldn’t admit it.  For a long time, it shocked me into shame and depression. Eventually, when I could admit it, it initiated me into counseling that shifted my relationship with myself and others and brought me into a more empowered state than ever before.

I’ve been sexually harassed in the workplace many times. There was a time where my photo was on the cover of a corporate magazine that went out to all 20K employees because I was voted as one of four candidates for “employee of the year”.  This should have been an exciting and positive time. But in reality, it became a new way to feel “less than” as a woman in the business world. A coworker teased me and told me that it was a great magazine to have in the bathroom – for the men to jerk off to. This shocked me into looking for a new place to work.

Some of the harsh personal shocks have taken me a while to unpack a spiritual truth from – but I have found one in all of them. I only share them here because they are the things we don’t share and then feel totally alone, but unfortunately, they happen to many of us. If you’ve been through similar things, you are not alone. 

Risks, Career, and Experiences

Before I was 30, I explored a ton and did things that I know shocked others. I moved across the country with no job lined up. I traveled to 7/8 continents and many countries, I lived abroad twice, in both undergrad and grad school. I had expansive career experiences at a young age.

For example, I was the lead negotiator of $25M+, 10-year agreements, and created billion-dollar proposals when I was only 25. I got opportunities through my career that I couldn’t have dreamed of – like walking across the top of a wind turbine.  I also lost a lot of money from a real estate investment, due to bad timing in the market, but I figured out how to bounce back. I can look back now and see the opportunities that I was given. I also have enough foresight now to unpack the blessings, rather than getting stuck in blame when a new shock heads my way.  

[I love wind turbines! This is a real photo of my adventure across the top of one.] 

Shock for a reason

Shocking events happen every day. We often cannot understand or explain why things happen, especially when they involve a lot of pain and suffering. Everyone has a different challenge to face – and often the challenges seem to come one after another. I live in a place where, in the span of one month, we felt the effects of Covid-19, riots, wildfires (and being literally trapped in our homes to stay out of the toxic air – which is better than the others who evacuated and lost their homes to the fires) and the first weeks of the kids attending online schooling while working full-time jobs and more. So, collectively, we can all understand this “shocking” energy more than ever before.

We have the opportunity to learn from these experiences and grow spiritually.  We also have the potential to get stuck in the victimhood of them.  I love that this energy has the intention of shocking us into spiritual truth. Now that I have more insight into the meaning of this energy, I love to see the spiritual aspects of this energy – we can see beyond the events on the surface when we know what to look for.

I also write this because I may at times say shocking things to you or others because this is a defined and consistent part of who I am. These come from good intentions, and sometimes I don’t even realize that I am sending that lightning bolt of shock through someone. If you have gate 51 in your chart too, this is an important part of your energy to make friends with.    

How do you handle situations that feel like a punch in the gut? Do you let them bring you down over and over or do you unwrap the gift the situation is meant to give you? Every time there is a shock, it is an opportunity for your nervous system to expand its capacity. Sit in the pain and emotion for as long as you need to, and then rise up again, stronger than ever before.

If you want to learn more about the Human Design gates, check out my YouTube Channel.

14 thoughts on “How shock transforms and Human Design Gate 51

  1. Thank you for sharing your story of Gate 51, it’s help me to relate to mine define gate 51 too. I did experience a lot of shocking events that bought me a lot of transformation in life. After understanding this gate 51 energy, I can be more open hearted to accept and embrace it. I commonly experienced physiological or spiritual expansion through shocking encounters. Sometimes, I feel frustrated with not knowing why it’s happens for me. But the answer & realisation always comes later on in life, for me to understand the main lesson or gifts of those encounters. 🙏🏻 Great article!!!

  2. how ironed of lightning the make of edge per gate 51 in my chart/map, for it has been the build of my stamina claimed & beholden of it large through me-as result of shock to my system! i rest of educate-& didn’t stay collapsed/absenting as a hermit-a freeze-by a few facets emit out of my embody’s indicate. i had the great fortune of walking away from many an accident-especially one of which-per in my 20’s, i fell asleep behind the wheel, the accident had literally woke me up from the sleep..’car totalled, but i’m still here going into-my 60’s now. It took until the 2000’s to start to rebuild my life, when in 2005,’met a lightning seed of a guy-introducing me to take on-per another worldly way called: energy reconstruction-a resonant return to rest in core wisdom. I stayed in this gather study of wisdom/incubate/cultivate for 13 years, of which most people don’t go past the 1st two years, because the gather studies is multiple of facet/diffuse/untravel of the deep 4’s (fight/flight/freeze/fawn~please,& PTS trauma cluster builds that need destroy & uncreate (sincere the severe: ghost-busting/valence annihilate) i had been getting so much out of i the gather study on this level-changing my lens view of way i walk & look at the world per a gate 51 having..
    i’m in the throws of creating a time capsule, later-create a ted talk, or likeness, then a try-out for talk tv from video submit. i’m grateful for my gate 51 make pushing out from not staying small:)

  3. This is great information about gate 51! Thank you! I have the 51-25 channel, and wow, I used to say things to “get a rise” from someone, just to see what they would say or to get a reaction, and I thought it was funny! I often wondered why I did this and where it was coming from, and now I know it’s all gate 51 and definitely a low expression of this gate. At age 45, I am aware of it and rarely target shock toward people, thank goodness, lol!
    I wonder if having the full channel changes anything, and how?
    If I understand what you are saying about gate 51….everyone experiences shocking or life-altering events, and if that person also has gate 51, those events can lead to a deeper, more spiritual understanding about the meaning of life?? Is that what you mean? Does that also mean people without gate 51 may not see the deeper meaning of the shocking or life-altering event?
    Thank you!

    1. If you have the whole channel, you may have more consistent knowing about how the shock translates to the spiritual meaning. When it’s hanging – you will experience the 25 in a variety of ways depending on the energy you are around. I do think we can all experience gate 51, the planetary returns are also very shocking (i.e. Saturn, Kiron). If you have Gate 51 open, it will more likely depend on who you are around. When you have it defined, it’s more like you are the common denominator – and eventually you are not surprised you have shocking experiences…or shock others. Like you were talking about, I think if you don’t have gate 51 – you might be less likely to desire a rise from someone. I totally do it with good meaning, but apparently it still can make people uncomfortable – because it is a jolt to their energy/norm/autopilot. I think if you don’t have Gate 51 you can still experience the energy of it and the whole channel and transformation, it’s just in a more varied way (rather than consistent) and so you might not recognize the process of it, because it’s so different. It’s like the open Spleen – we all are intuitive, but when it’s defined, you kind of know how it comes to you because it’s consistent, and when it’s open – it’s varied so you can’t as easily put your finger on how it comes to you.

  4. Hi and thanks for a great article 🙂

    I found you through searching for Gate 51 (open in my chart), and I have D-Earth defined at 25.2.

    Considering the Earth is meant to translate the energy of the Sun, I’m looking to ground that solar power for myself instead of being attracted to those I subconsciously invite who could “do it for me,” so to speak.

    In your opinion, and of course the 51 then speaks to my undefined will center and the gates therein, would taking “calculated” yangish risks encourage that grounding process? I’m no stranger to risk-taking, but I’ve found the conversation among planets very helpful in my experiment, and this gives an actionable direction. It seems counterintuitive, but I have an inkling my body wants to go there…

    Additionally, I know it depens on type and Icross, but I’m just trying to get a general vibe on gathering energies to support grounding the Sun.

    Any feedback or thoughts would be appreciated!

    1. I like how you are looking at your earth gates an how they connect to the other centers (through the gates there), rather than just looking at them in isolation. For some reason I am drawn to looking at the .2 in your 25.2. It would mean that you will learn about the 25 (and maybe the connection to the 51) through the Profile 2 – hermit energy. It would mean nurturing your talents alone and being called by someone or something else outside yourself to share them. We can all experience the open energy in our chart on our own (I mean the 51), but it will be different all the time. So, the people you are attracted to (doing it for you) are just likely making you feel more comfortable because it’s in a consistent way. So, my guess is that your grounding will be getting comfortable with experiencing the gate 51 in many ways and being okay with it. Your gate 25 is about spiritual alignment. You have the capacity to love everyone and everything indiscriminately. When you are in tune with your spiritual purpose, you’ll feel peace in your heart and soul that will radiate to others.

  5. Thank you for writing this post, I just started to dig into my human design. In the past I may have felt ashamed by having certain shocking experiences and learned to in order not to give others a shock I keep things to myself or hinder my own expressions. I learn from your post that the having a friendship with “shock” is indeed a blessing in disguise, we are very resilient people and we do not get “too shocked” by the external due to shock itself being a familiar energy. I believe by embracing shock we could be the most resilient/solution oriented human out there, which can be helpful for a lot out there :).

  6. Thank you for writing this post, I just started to dig into my human design. In the past I may have felt ashamed by having certain shocking experiences and learned to in order not to give others a shock I keep things to myself or hinder my own expressions. I learn from your post that the having a friendship with “shock” is indeed a blessing in disguise, we are very resilient people and we do not get “too shocked” by the external due to shock itself being a familiar energy. I believe by embracing shock we could be the most resilient/solution oriented human out there, which can be helpful for a lot out there :).

  7. Thank you for this post! I got so much out of it. I have always been told how strong I come across and over my life have tried to mute it until I found gate 51. Just like yourself I have grown out of shocking people on purpose but I still feel I do come across in a strong way. Of course now I understand I don’t always have to proclaim what I see in someone even though I clearly see it. I try to do it gently and selectively. I have just started researching gene keys and found I have 51.6 in my EQ. (Awakening, initiative, agitation) is there any hope for me LOL!?!

  8. Thank you for sharing your personal experiences with this gate – very inspiring and enlightening. I recently discovered my conscious mercury is in gate 51 which was a shock haha. I wonder if you have any thoughts on how one might apply this energy to how best to communicate, or examples you can think of? Maybe like telling the story of a shocking experience like you demonstrated?

    1. Yes! I believe that you could share about the transformations that you have realized from your shocking experiences. Of course, we can easily get stuck in holding onto the negative part of it, but if you care share about what gems you received, it can help others. I also think you may just shock people without realizing it. I have found that I say something that I think is totally not a big deal or not shocking and will find out that something simple I said really hit someone in a profound way. It’s not that they even took it negatively, it just shifted something in them. Does that help?

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