Manage Your Energy with Essential Oils

One of the most basic ideas of Human Design is that you have an energy field (also called and aura). Our aura gives off a certain frequency and impacts the way we all interact with one another. 

Most of us have gone through the majority of our lives without an awareness of what our energy field is and is not emitting. Getting to know yourself through your Human Design chart and understanding how your aura works helps you to become more of who you are and less of who you are not. That’s the overarching theme and the point of learning your Design.  We all need support sometimes; sometimes we need a boost to be more in alignment with who we really are and sometimes we need a helping hand in shedding what’s not ours.  

Day to day we live this out by assessing our energy and how we feel. Often the issue in everyday life is just feeling like we “should” do things. Society and well-meaning people in our lives give us their advice on what life should look like, and tell us how we should be like them or like everyone else— but we are all different! Trying to adhere to the norms of social conditioning leaves us either feeling weird, yucky, or depleted. 

Have you been feeling “off” for the last half year…or even longer? I know I have.

I feel lucky, because I have had essential oils in my life. I have learned how to support and manage my own energy with the power of plants.  

Let’s take a look at three areas of our daily life and I will give you some ideas of how you can use essential oils to support your energy. 

Energy and Flow

Do you have enough energy to do what you love? You might be like me — struggling to balance working from home and helping the kids with their online schooling at home – there’s very little time for a break! 

So, we are left feeling without energy for the things we actually love to do, or maybe even the things we yearn to do but haven’t had the chance for years or at all.  

My goal each day is to feel good and keep my vibration as high as possible. If you’re anything like me, you know that little things can build up over time and get you totally off track. When I don’t feel good, sometimes it’s from saying yes to the “shoulds,” not setting healthy boundaries with others or just not knowing what’s mine and what’s not mine to feel and deal with. 

Here’s where the essential oils come in.

There can be a deep source of pain when you don’t know how to leverage your energy, and some of you may even be heavily burned out.  So many of us are pushing too hard, thanks to the “Just Do It” culture we live in, and not putting in cycles of rest, or not moving your body enough which affects our sleep. The following essential oil blend can help you begin to get in touch with your personal energy needs.

Activation Blend Recipe (5ml roller bottle): Use the drops of essential oils below and fill the rest with therapeutic grade fractionated coconut oil.

4 Lemon, 4 Lavender, 4 Peppermint
  • Lemon cleanses the clutter so you can do the things that excite you.  It infuses the soul with energy, confidence, and focus.
  • Lavender allows you to express yourself freely from your authentic self. This allows you to inform when you need to as well as wait to respond to what life brings you.
  • Peppermint offers renewal and relief and activates you to move or rest based on what your body needs. 

Roll it on your belly or the bottom of your feet and ask yourself: What needs to be released or healed for me to fully activate my energy and flow?

Decision Making

Do you struggle with making decisions? Don’t worry if you do, you are so not alone! At no time in history have we ever been so bombarded with limitless options at our fingertips. 

Saying “yes” or “no” can mean the difference between having energy or not for what we really want to be doing with our precious time. If you say yes to things that you don’t really want to do, your beautiful energy will end up depleted.  

If you want to learn more about how your body tells you the answer for decision making – learning about your Human Design Authority is extremely helpful. The decisions we make effect every aspect of life so learning to work with this can change everything for you!

Healthy decision making leads you to the right things for you. Doing what you love gives you more energy and more opportunities.

Making healthy decisions is something that a lot of people wrestle with for a multitude of reasons, especially due to our people-pleasing conditioning. Human Design is a huge blessing for working through this; we are each hardwired to make a decision in a certain way. We are often trained to make decisions in our heads, which leads to a disconnection to our bodies and our authentic selves. So, start practicing your Human Design Strategy. The following essential oil blend allows for you to clear some of the mental clutter and get out of your head and into your Strategy.

Clarity Recipe (5ml roller bottle):  Use the drops of essential oils below and fill the rest with therapeutic grade fractionated coconut oil.

4 Lemon, 4 Lemongrass, 2 Frankincense
  • Lemongrass helps you let go of past issues and stagnant energy so you can have clarity to flow more freely and smoothly according to your Human Design Strategy.
  • Lemon inspires joyful immersion in the present moment. 
  • Frankincense gives perspective based on truth for you. It breaks the barriers of making decisions in your head allowing you to follow your strategy and inner light.  

Roll it on your belly or the bottom of your feet and ask yourself: What needs to be released or renewed in order for me to make a strong choice?


Emotions — yes, even negative ones! — are extremely helpful in managing your energy. Sometimes negative emotions are simply a sign that we are not on the right path – or that we’ve said yes to something we really wanted
to say no to. 

According to Human Design, half of the population are emotional empaths. Many definitions of this exist out there, but this simply means you feel other people’s emotions – and surprisingly, you likely feel them stronger than they feel them themselves. 

Meanwhile, the other half of the population have emotional waves that oscillate from outward creativity to inward introspection. This can be felt as emotional highs and lows – they can feel especially extreme when you are not aware of what is happening. 

Are you feeling weird right now during the pandemic? Do you know where the feeling comes from? Again, you’re certainly not alone if this time is bringing up all kinds of emotions in you.

Essential oils are extremely supportive for emotions. They can help you shake off stuff that’s not yours, you can increase your vibration in seconds and not dip too low for too long. The goal here is to protect your energy proactively.

Often, in Western cultures, we are afraid of emotional energy.  We are actually designed to be conscious and deliberate and use our emotions to feel out which direction to head in. We are designed to have a positive relationship with the emotion on this planet, but when it’s not appreciated it can turn toxic quickly.  We misunderstand the cycles of happiness and melancholy and other emotions and they can become a huge source of pain. The following essential oil blend gives you wisdom about the power of emotions and how they can guide you in life— they’re beautiful, not something to avoid!

Abundant Emotions Recipe (5ml roller bottle) 

2 Vetiver, 4 Peppermint, 4 Wild Orange
  • Peppermint teaches you strength to face your emotional reality.
  • Wild Orange supports you as you become emotionally wise. It allows you to see that emotions are a gift, not a burden.  
  • Vetiver helps you find relief from but not avoidance of emotions.  It is a powerful oil to ground you in the moment and carry you through emotional release. 

Roll it on your belly or the bottom of your feet and ask yourself: What emotions need to be experienced, heard, understood or released for me to have clarity?

Being aware that you can manage your energy and you don’t have to get stuck in something that doesn’t feel good is the first step. Essential oils are like little magical helpers on this journey of tuning in to feeling good in your body as your truest self.

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