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Top 10 Human Design Gift Guide 2020

Do you have a friend or loved one who’s into Human Design? Or, do you know someone who you would love to introduce to it? Here are a few ideas of unique gifts you could give this holiday season. 

If you don’t know your Human Design Type (or your friend or loved one’s type!), here’s a free resource to look it up.

1. Human Design Guidebooks for your Type (or all 5 Types) (Human Design Tools)

These books are great for your own self-discovery or to gift to a friend.  They are digestible, visual guidebooks broken down by the energy of each type.  Right now we may be in closer quarters with our loved ones than ever before – knowing how your and their energy works is incredibly helpful in navigating your daily life.

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2. Essential Oils For Your Type (Human Design Tools)

Essential oils are some of my favorite helpful tools for the many facets of daily life. They can help you connect beautifully to your Human Design. Choose one that you are drawn to or check out these guides to help you choose the oils that might be best for your type:

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3. Personalized Human Design Boxes (Dayluna)

Dayluna has created beautiful gift boxes full of personalized Human Design information as well as crystals, chart based essential oil blends, and all sorts of personal goodies.

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4. Human Design Readings (Amanda Prechel)

If you’re looking for a unique gift, give a loved one a personalized chart reading. Amanda is a Reflector and can reflect back your personal Human Design chart in a beautiful way. She is passionate about gently guiding you back home to your authentic self so you can shed conditioning that doesn’t serve you and discover your own authority.

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5. Chakra crystals for Human Design (Dayluna)
Check out these high-quality crystals with the highest vibes. Use these in meditation and decision making to help balance and realign your 9 Human Design energy centers.

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6. Introduction to Quantum Human Design Book (by Karen Curry Parker)

If you know someone who is super into Human Design, this book was just released and covers Human Design in a new, quantum way. If you are new to Human Design, this is a great book to dive right into.

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7. Human Design Essential Oil Blends (Dayluna)

These unique blends of essential oils are hand created to best support your deconditioning process, your centers and more.

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8. Incarnation Cross Poster (Ceremoniance)

This poster illustrates the 48 most common (Left and Right angle) Incarnation Crosses and “nicknames” their theme.  The poster is printed on 100% Recycled paper!

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9. Animal Totems and the IChing Card and Book Bundle (Ceremoniance)

The IChing is an integral part of Human Design. This unique combination of 76 different Animal Totems and the IChing is a perfect gift for the Human Design enthusiast who wants a different point of view. This book is an introduction to four tools of personal navigation.   ​A Human Design deck is coming soon too!

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10. Wisdom Keepers Oracle Deck (Rosy Aronson, Ph.D.)

These are extraordinary cards. Gazing into the 64 Faces of Awakening is a unique contemplative door to an inner space of surrender and serenity. Working with these cards in your daily life will open up this secret door inside your heart.

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  1. HI! it’s me Anna again – did you go to the first Human design Conference? that is where i heard of few of these Womyn speak for the first time! thank you for the curator links!

    1. Hi Anna, I have gone to a few Human Design Conferences. I was one of the presenters at the conference this year, but as well, it was the first time I heard some of the other womyn speak as well!

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