Exploring Social Injustice Through the Lens of Human Design

There is an idea floating around that “everyone’s the same, we all just need love and light and peace.” This kind of phrase is often used when people (particularly, white people in the spiritual and holistic health spaces) are uncomfortable talking about racial issues. These kinds of discussions have been floating around in the online sphere for a long time, and have become even more prevalent in 2020 in light of many deep-seated racial issues being brought to the surface.

Human Design charts show us that energetically, we all have the same blueprint. However, that doesn’t mean that we are not having an embodied human experience. Our embodied human experience includes things we cannot see on our human design chart, such as our skin color and what school we attend and who our neighbors and friends are and what socioeconomic level we grow up at, etc. 

Admittedly, this is a huge topic and we aren’t going to be able to cover all of the nuanced pieces of it in one post. Racism, systemic oppression, civil rights violations and the gaslighting of people’s lived experiences has been going on in many shapeshifting forms for a very long time. Let’s take a baby-step into exploring these topics through the lens and with the language of, Human Design.

And, as a disclaimer, I am a white person writing this. I would urge you to seek out the voices of Black, Indigenous and People of Color and honoring their lived experiences above any information provided in this post. Recommended resources are provided below, and please do drop a comment if you are a BIPOC in the Human Design community so people can find you!

Misusing Human Design for Spiritual Bypassing

What is Spiritual Bypassing, Anyway? Spiritual bypassing is the use of any number of spiritual systems to pass over important (and very human) issues. Certain ideologies have praised the spiritual self and dismissed the body and the varying degrees of embodied human experience in order to carry on with feeling good. This view of spirituality, though, is something available only to privileged individuals. Some examples of spiritual bypassing:

  • We are all the same; all we need is love, light and peace.
  • “All Lives Matter.”
  • “I don’t see skin color.”

You don’t have to do something loud and large to make an impact. You can change your own thinking, you can raise your kids to be more aware than you were, and you can change your own behavior to reflect what you’ve learned and embodied. Let’s start by looking at some questions to ask ourselves regarding our defined and undefined centers.

Your Worldview is Shaped by Your Centers

Some thoughtful questions to ask yourself based on your unique design:


  • Undefined Head: You are being inspired by the people around you (in person or online).
    • Am I trying to answer everyone else’s questions?
    • Am I acting on every bit of inspiration that comes to me? Is it all for me?
    • How can I share inspiration with others in order to spark movement in others and mobilize them to create change in a way that’s correct for them?
  • Defined Head:  Your mind inspires the world around you.
    • What are your beliefs and do you feel good about them?
    • Are you open to seeing another’s point of view?
    • Is there a place in your life where you could use your superpower of inspiring others to make a change?


  • Undefined Ajna: You have the gift of seeing and understanding the benefits of different points of view, even if it’s a different set of beliefs than you’ve come across before.
    • Am I pretending to be certain about concepts?
    • Am I avoiding taking a general stance for human rights because I am not certain about the finer details?
    • Am I avoiding fighting for justice because I am worried others won’t trust me if my specific opinions change over time?
    • Am I staying stagnant in my thinking because I’m afraid others will judge me for admitting I’ve been wrong in the past?
  • Defined Ajna: You process things in a consistent way.


  • Undefined Throat: You can say things in a way that people need to hear them.
    • Am I trying to attract attention? Do I just talk for the sake of talking or am I saying something meaningful?
    • Do I shy away from talking, even when I know the timing is right for me to talk?
    • How can I use my language translation superpower to make change?
  • Defined Throat:  You have a consistent way of sharing things.
    • Do you know your communication superpowers? Like if you have gate 56 – you will share amazing things through your stories. Or if you have gate 35, you may be more likely to share through your own personal life experiences.


  • Undefined Will: You can be truly wise about what is valuable in life.
    • Do I think I have something to prove? If you think you have to prove yourself you probably think other people have to prove themselves as well. When you see people wanting to be lifted up you might get defensive because you haven’t dealt with your own victimhood and/or victim narrative.
  • Defined Will: You can push through, even when you don’t have the energy.
    • Are you burned out and don’t have the energy to stand up for what you really believe in? (This is totally me!)
    • Do you schedule in rest so that you have the energy to do the things you love?


  • Undefined Spleen: You can be truly wise about what is healthy and you can feel other’s health. You can tune into your own capacity for courage even when others around you are afraid to speak up or do what’s right.
    • Are you holding on to things that are not good for you?
    • Are you holding on to outdated, conditioned belief systems because on some level you are afraid you might not survive if you step out of the groupthink of the places and people you came from?
  • Defined Spleen: You’re very intuitive and your intuition comes to you in the same way consistently. Get to know how you get hits of intuitive knowing.
    • How have you tuned into your intuition? Do you know what it looks like? Feels like? Sounds like?
    • Do you feel strongly about something you must do to create change?
    • Do you feel icky about something that you know you should stop? Or something others are doing that should be stopped?
    • Are you tuning out your intuition? Or are you finding ways to develop it even more?


  • Undefined G center awareness: The direction or path you take and how you experience love can vary from day to day or even moment to moment.
    • Is your sense of self and direction dictated by your peer group? Do you feel like if you change the course of your values you will lose the love and acceptance of your community?
    • Do you feel trapped by the idea that you must love or feel love in a certain way? What if you could express love how you feel it from moment to moment, even if it looks different every time?
    • Are you open to the idea that you are loved because you are alive? Do you also give this kind of love to others?
  • Defined G Center: You may have a feeling that you know the path you are on, even if you don’t know why or can’t explain it.
    • Are you open to the idea that some people will change direction more frequently and easily than you, and that is their way?
    •  Can you use your path to make a change in the world for the better?


  • Undefined Emotional Solar Plexus: You can feel others’ emotions – for better or for worse.
    • Am I avoiding conflict to please people?
    • Do you have emotional intelligence (can you come back to neutral center after being triggered)? Do you have the tools to shake off energy that is not yours?
    • Do you get stuck when you feel anger, frustration or depression— not knowing where it comes from? Do you realize it could be others’ emotions and that sometimes you just need to take some time alone to step out of that energy?
  • Defined Emotional Solar Plexus: You have your own emotional ups and downs and the most ease comes from learning how to surf them. Your emotional state has an effect on the others around you.
    • When you are in the low part of your cycle, do you get caught up in asking “what is wrong with me?” Or do you nurture yourself and know that your lows can be your teachers just like your highs?
    • Do you get stuck in your lows for too long? Or do you know how to boost your vibration so you move your baseline frequency up and shorten the duration of the lows?
    • When you get to that calm and collected place, can you make the best decisions for yourself in order to move ahead with creating positive change in your family and community?


  • Undefined Sacral: You don’t have the energy to sustain your work in this world without regular periods of rest. Do you know when enough is enough?
    • Are my standards of success in any venture based on “doing” instead of “being”?
    • Can I use my superpowers as a Projector, Reflector or Manifestor to make change without burning myself out- or even enlisting others to help with the sustainable “doing” part? If I burn myself out, I won’t be of use to the cause I am fighting for.
  • Defined Sacral: You will have seemingly endless energy if you are doing things that light you up, and you can burn yourself out when you try to force yourself to do what you don’t love.
    • What energy-draining things do you need to let go of so you have energy to do the things you love?
    • Do you know how to listen to your body so that you know what’s right for you?
    • Do you want to do something to make a change in the world? Do you currently have the energy to do it? Are you doing too much? Are you doing the right things for you?


  • Undefined Root Center: Pressure can propel you into forward motion, but it can also feel endless and draw you into doing the wrong things at the wrong time.
    • Am I trying to do too much in order to be free from pressure?
    • You want to be free from pressure— but anti-racism work is a long game. it’s not something we can quickly fix. The pressure you may feel as a white person to decondition the systemic racism isn’t going anywhere and you’re going to have to observe it without acting outside of your strategy and authority because of it.
  • Defined Root Center: You’ve the ability to thrive when there’s pressure and stress. The root center pressure operates in a pulsating rhythm. Sometimes you’ll feel propelled forward and sometimes you’ll be on a downbeat. Get to know this cycle so you can work with it.
    • When your adrenaline is on – are you using this superpower to do things that matter?
    • How can you put a bit of pressure on systems in your society that need an overhaul?

Taking an honest look at where you’re at and considering what you need to do to do better in the future isn’t enough, but it’s the best place to start. Understanding your design can help you find your tendencies, your gifts and your challenges in general and when you know these, you can begin to understand how you can avoid bypassing the ever-important fight for true justice and equality in this world.

Your centers, whether defined or undefined, can help you understand yourself better in general and can help you ask yourself how you are interacting with issues both personally and systemically. Stay tuned for more ways to see how you can use your Human Design chart for deconditioning work around anti-racism in upcoming blog posts.

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