Human Design Channels – Individual Circuit

Channels Part 1:The Channels of the Individual Circuit

One of the major components of your Human Design chart along with your Type, Strategy and Authority (among others) is your Channels. There are 36 channels in the Human Design chart, and if you are not a Reflector, you have one or more of these channels defined. (Reflectors don’t have any channels defined, but if you are a Reflector it might be interesting to note which channels your defined gates are a part of). A channel is formed when two gates are defined and connect to each other. The whole line becomes colored in on your chart.

There are three types of Circuitry: Individual, Tribal and Collective. You can think of your inner circuitry like you’d think of the circuitry inside your house— the electrical wiring system being all of the gates that forms channels within your body graph chart. You can learn more about these three types of circuitry here. Let’s begin by looking at the channels in the Individual Circuit.

34/57 Channel of Power (Power + Intuition)

This is the channel of power. It is intuitively based on life force energy because it connects the Spleen to the Sacral Center. It’s a highly auditory channel in the sense that you can hear what you need to know to survive in the moment. Your intuition tells you what is safe, healthy, or good for you. You can also intuit the truth of something for yourself based on the words or tone coming from someone else. Your sense of inner knowing is vibrational and it cuts through distractions to get to the truth.

57/10 Channel of Perfected Form (Intuition + Self Love)

57/10 contains the intuition to survive in the now and to intuitively know the safest and best way to overcome an obstacle. Because this channel connects the Spleen to the Self Center and is not connected to the Throat Center, an invitation is needed for the intuitive knowing to really be heard by others. You have the intuitive capacity to know if you are fulfilling your soul’s destiny. You know your life path and want to inspire others to move forward on their own personal life path as well.

34/20 Channel of Charisma (Power + Charisma)

Channel 34/20 brings energy to the Throat directly from the Sacral making it one of the most energetically intense channels. The energy coming from the Sacral once it has something to respond to expresses itself immediately whether through communication or other forms of expression. Only Manifesting Generators can have this channel. It can only be powerful if it is expressed in response to something – so follow your strategy. If you initiate something that you are not responding to, you won’t have the energy to sustain what you have initiated and it can actually be repelling to others.

20/10 Channel of Awakening (Transformation + Self-Love)

This channel contains the energy for transformation, spiritual awakening, empowerment, self-love and it can empower others to move through the same process. The knowledge of enlightenment and self-love can be shared only in response to something outside of yourself. Sharing by initiating (without responding) will either be ignored or seen as critical in the eyes of others. When you (and others around you) feel encouraged and empowered, you’ll know you’re using this energy correctly.

34/10 Channel of Exploration (Power + Self-Love)

This channel connects the Sacral to the G/Self Center, which means there is tremendous empowerment energy motorized when it’s acting in response to something external. Much of your life might be trying to find the best expression of self. This can inspire empowerment in others, but only if those other people are living out their own self and direction & following their own strategy rather than exactly copying your process. Watch out for blaming others for a lack of ability to self-express and move into learning how to best respond to the correct things in order to the ultimate ability to move forward on your best path.

25/51 Channel of Initiation (Spirituality + Shock)

There is a potential with this channel for bringing on dramatic transformation. You might say or do something shocking, and that shock jolts people into seeing things in a new light. It can be uncomfortable but on the other side of that discomfort others can learn about pure love from it. This channel is about healing, transcending the personal and discovering truth and direction that ties you as an individual to the whole of humanity (and beyond).

61/24 Channel of Awareness (Knowing + Rationalization)

This energy is about trying to know the unknowable. This channel needs to be recognized and invited in order to have the best results when sharing these rationalizations with others. You may get lost in thought often and you can even sometimes feel a sense of madness if you demand a solid answer to come out of all of this thinking. Sometimes, the thinking itself is the point. It’s a very internal process, so just enjoy the thinking as it comes. When you relax into this energy the right people will invite you to share your insights.

43/23 Channel of Structuring— “Genius to Freak” (Breakthrough + Splitting Apart)

This energy is about the ability to explain your very unique opinions and insight in a level-headed way. These opinions might come off to others as “freakish” thus the interesting name of “Genius Freak.” It’s important to learn to embrace your point of view for yourself and follow your strategy and authority to know exactly what to share and with whom. Without that, people might not be ready for what you have to share. Your perspective is meant for those people who are ready to see you as pure genius for your ideas and opinions.

28/38 Channel of Struggle (Struggle + Advocate)

This channel is about the awareness to know when something is worth fighting for. There may be the feeling that everything is harder for you than for others, and in this it’s important to remember that you are not struggling for the sake of struggling. Enter into the “fights” that are right for you— “fighting for what’s right” is going to look different for everyone. The struggle is not personal; rather, it’s something working itself out in you so that the world may learn and move forward from it. If you have this channel, physical exercise can help you release the pressure that often builds here.

57/20 Channel of the Brainwave (Intuition + Unification)

This energy is about intuition and the capacity to bring people together. There may be a very real fear of the future here, but listening to the calm and quiet voice of the Spleen center reminds you to live deeply rooted in the present moment. You will intuitively know what is worth struggling for. You are here to think on your feet and get right to the core of what is true in each moment, and to share those truths with those around you verbally as they come to you.

3/60 Channel of Mutation (Innovation + Resourcefulness)

This channel is about bringing a new creative contribution to the world. Gate 60 looks at possibility and Gate 3 pulls out what is new and viable. The energy will feel like it pulses on and off, and these pulses bring change and adaptation. You have a desire to create change, and it’s important to be sure you’ve got the right timing to act. When the timing is wrong, you may become impatient, frustrated or melancholy. When it’s right you bring much needed innovation.

14/2 Channel of The Beat (Prosperity + Support)

This channel is about making money and managing or directing resources. It’s a place where you find abundance in the chart. It’s a way of creating resources in response. It’s the world unfolding at your feet. It’s sometimes called “the lucky channel.” It is about money, but it’s about all other resources as well— such as the time to work for money, managing and allocating resources (money, skills, talents, people, connections) and anything to do with the resources that will sustain you. If this channel is found in someone in a family, they usually don’t have money issues as a recurring theme. Go where you need to go or be to create the resources to fulfill your life purpose.

1/8 Channel of Inspiration (Contribution + Creativity)

The Channel of Inspiration is all about a deep desire to make a contribution to the world. If you don’t find the means to do this, you may feel a sense of constant pressure. The contribution may be misunderstood at first since this gift to the world is highly individual. It’s connected from the Self-Center to the Throat so you may feel vulnerable to criticism because what you are expressing comes directly from the core of who you are. You can become a creative role model by being yourself and expressing yourself without fear of rejection. Wait for the right timing and right people to share and you will be heard and appreciated for the gifts you offer.

39/55 Channel of Emoting (Provocation + Spirit)

This channel is about provocation and Spirit. It’s a deeply emotional and creative energy. Remember that the true source of abundance comes from Spirit and it’s not something you have to push. As energy pulses on and off, your energy and moods fluctuate with it. If you’re not following your Strategy or if you’re getting stuck in the conditioning of needing to be more consistent in your emotional state, you may feel lacking. The purpose of this energy is to restore things to a natural flow and return you to Spirit, even if in the meantime it can feel very uncomfortable.

12/22 Channel of Openness (Conduit + Grace)

This channel is about caution, being a conduit or channel to Source and grace. The energy is melancholic, passionate, musical, poetic, romantic and/or dramatic. With right timing, your words can be a catalyst for deep or dramatic change in others. There can be a struggle with shyness or mood swings here if action is taken when the timing is not right. The main source of pain comes from judging the mood swings—  make peace with them and observe them without judgement. You are a creative voice for individuality that will sway between bold and outrageous or shy and quiet. Don’t try to force creative output when you’re not in the mood.

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