Human Design Channels – Tribal Circuit

Channels Part 2: The Channels of the Tribal Circuit

There are three types of circuitry in Human Design— Individual, Tribal and Collective. You can read more about circuitry here, or read about the channels of the Individual Circuit in Part 1 or the Collective Circuit in Part 3 of this series. This post explores the channels of the Tribal circuit, which is all about relating to your community and the people in your local network.

59/6 The Channel of Reproduction & Mating (Sustainability + Conflict)

This channel is about reproduction, mating and caring for your people by providing resources. It is emotional energy that needs to wait for clarity over time. There is a deep caring here, but it may appear impersonal as it shows it’s love by providing resources. This channel is sometimes seen as the traditional masculine aspect of the family, but of course anyone can hold this energy. Gate 59 seduces to find a mate and it engages in a variety of partnerships and agreements to support growing prosperity and sustainability. Gate 6 may jump into conflict-filled situations too quickly; it’s designed to wait for clarity over time.

50/27 Channel of Preservation (Responsibility + Nurturing)

This channel is about responsibility, values, support, care and nurturing. It is the energy for cooking to nourish and show love to your tribe and to provide a sense of belonging to them. It’s sometimes called the Mother Theresa channel and could represent the caring mother or crone archetype. There is a possibility of becoming overly nurturing and co-dependent. To avoid this, remember that you are not responsible for the well-being of others no matter how much you have provided for them in the past. In it’s highest expression, you are seen and appreciated for all that you give.

54/32 Channel of Transformation (Ambition + Endurance)

This channel is about ambition and endurance. It’s the difference between being a dreamer and being successful. It’s about drive fueled by consistent effort. The low expression is a fear of failing and the high expression is having a vision and doing what it takes to make the dream come true. Like a butterfly in its cocoon, there may be a waiting period of holding onto the vision until the timing is correct. Inspiration for business ideas can come from this channel. Wait for your talents to be recognized and your efforts to be encouraged and the timing will be right.

44/26 Channel of Transmission (Presentation + Personal Truth)

This energy is about sales and presentation and personal truth. It is also sometimes called the channel of surrender. It’s the energy to transmit personal truth (or not) and tell stories of the past. You have the energy to present or market something to people and also to close the sale. High expression is when you are selling or providing something that people truly need in integrity. The low expression could be called “the snake oil salesman” due to the lack of personal integrity which could be trying to make money off of people by taking advantage of them. Your gift is empowering people to move through limitations based on fears of the past.

19/49 Channel of Synthesis (Intimacy + Wisdom)

This channel is about intimacy and wisdom. You bring balance, practicality and fairness to your community/tribe. This energy is knowing when to invest in a relationship or not based on your core principles. This tribal emotional connection brings good energy for a relationship of any kind, but it can be devastating if it comes apart. This energy is very sensitive and wants to be needed. You may, at times, be seen as clingy or codependent, so it’s important that your partner and friends enjoy this very close companionship. There is also possibly a strong connection to animals and nature with this channel.

37/40 Channel of Community (Harmony + Aloneness)

This channel is about social and business contracts and deals. More specifically, it pertains to the contracts that hold the community together, including marriage contracts. Contracts fall apart when agreements aren’t upheld or there are projected fantasies about what the agreements are. Speak agreements out loud or write them down with explicit expectations to avoid this. Gate 37 wants to make agreements to keep peace and harmony and Gate 40 can feel loneliness, but it is the catalyst that creates connection and community.

45/21 Channel of the Money Line (Leadership + Control)

This channel is about leading and control. Tribal leadership (think queen/king, or CEO) is about gathering resources and protecting and educating the tribe so it survives— this is more so the energy of monarchy than democracy. You’re here to make money through the power of your will. Having control as well as making sure you’re not being controlled by others can be issues for you. On a personal level, you may sometimes appear materialistic or talk about yourself more than others are comfortable with. This energy can be harnessed, however, as a natural leadership that lends itself to the greater good of the whole.

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