Human Design Channels – Collective Circuit

Channels Part 3: The Channels of the Collective Circuit

There are three types of circuitry in Human Design— Individual, Tribal and Collective. You can read more about circuitry here, or read about the channels of the Individual Circuit in Part 1 or the Tribal Circuit in Part 2 of this series. This post explores the channels of the Collective Circuit.

63/4 Channel of Logic (Questions + Answers)

Channel 63-4 energy is about questions and their answers. Inspiration will lead to either doubt and suspicion or you’ll examine it to find proof of it’s validity. It leads to mental solutions which are possible answers to be proven over time. Being inspired by logic and sharing solutions is the satisfaction of this energy, not necessarily actually doing something about it. There’s no energy for doing, just thinking. There’s no certainty, just questions – it’s the beginning of the scientific question, “can you prove that hypothesis?”

17/62 Channel of Acceptance (Opinions + Practicality)

Channel 17-62 is about opinions and details. It’s a practical voice and an organized mental filing system. You may be a gifted teacher who shares possibilities or scientific hypotheses. The energy for possibilities and a reasonable plans to experiment to see if the ideas can be implemented live here. Rather than sharing opinions without being asked, wait to be recognized to be heard by those who value your opinions.

16/48 Channel of Talent (Enthusiasm + Depth)

Channel 16-48 is about your potential for mastery, and you may be quite talented. Your talent is raw, but if you work hard and practice you can achieve mastery. This channel contains the intuition for knowing the correct timing or not. You’ve intuition and a natural instinct to know if the pattern is correct. You have an enthusiastic voice and get to the depth of the matter at hand. Your key to success is to love what you are doing and dedicate yourself to it with repetition until you master it.

18/58 Channel of Judgement (Correction + Joy)

Channel 18-58, the channel of judgement is about correcting patterns so we can ultimately experience joy. It’s like how a book is much more pleasurable to a reader if it is the edited version. It fuels a love of life and it pressures you to want to preserve this energy. Wait to share your correction or solution until asked and it will be better heard and appreciated by the listener. Intuitively fix patterns or align patterns to feel better or heal. A low expression of this energy can show up as perfectionism— but patterns are always subject to change. The high expression is improving things for the benefit of everyone.

52/9 Channel of Concentration (Stillness + Focus)

Channel 52-9 is about stillness that allows you to find what you need to focus on. Focus by itself is just thinking. Concentration is the ability to sit still and connect with what you are concentrating on. This energy pulses on and off and is not always available, but when it’s on it’s the pulse for the focus to create action. Sometimes this shows up as a pressure to be still, or as a tension that keeps you in one position for a period of time, such as in a yoga pose.

5/15 Channel of Rhythm (Rhythm + Extremes)

Channel 5-15 energy is about rhythm and extremes. It contains the energy shared by plants, flowers, bugs, animals, rocks and crystals. There’s a deep tie here to the natural world; you’re like walking fairies. Go outside to keep your aura feeling “clean.” Your Sacral guides your timing. You have an intrinsic love of humanity and feel deeply inspired to make a contribution to the world. You may desire to re-align your own energy back to its natural order and seek to restore people back to natural rhythms of abundance and health.

7/31 Channel of Democratic Leadership/Alpha (Leadership Support + Influence)

Channel 7-31 is about the highest expression of leadership in democracy. It ensures that everyone has enough food and education, is honored and treated equally and has a say in the process. It is leadership rooted in repeated experience and proven mastery that shows someone is capable. It is not forced; rather, it is projected – it needs to be invited and recognized for best results. It is about leading for greater good of the whole, not for the self and acting from a place of service.

64/47 Channel of Abstraction (Download + Epiphany)

Channel 64-47 is about downloading a big idea (possibly one that confuses you) and then finding clarity through an epiphany. Your energy is connected to the super-conscious— the place beyond your individual consciousness. Making sense out of the past to gain perspective. This energy is about possibilities and ideas and it’s not necessarily true that you should act on these ideas. Following your Human Design Strategy and Authority to make decisions will help you choose which of these epiphanies are for you. You may at times, feel confused or overwhelmed, but if you wait joyfully for your download to come, the possibilities are endless.

11/56 Channel of Curiosity (Ideas + Storytelling)

Channel 11-56 is about receiving esoteric wisdom (as opposed to logical wisdom) and turning those ideas of wisdom into fables. You may express truth by playing with reality a bit. You are a storyteller and a casual historian but the facts come out as abstract and open ended. In this way, you stimulate the imaginations of others so that together, the stories can be brought to life. The power of story lives within you and you’re here to share.

53/42 Channel of Maturation (Start + Finish)

Channel 53-42 is about the energy to start something and also finish it. The task at hand has a beginning, middle and end and once you start there is a pressure to finish. You learn valuable lessons from your experiences once they come to completion, and then you can share them to help others. You may have an affinity for history and are attuned to the repeating cycles of life. If you just have one of these gates you may have the energy to start but not finish or the other way around, but with the whole channel you can express the full energy of this channel.

29/46 Channel of Discovery (Commitment + Embodiment)

Channel 29-46 is about commitment and physicality and becoming completely immersed in the depth of your experiences. Let go of expectations and the meaning of it all will be revealed. You may succeed where others fail and fail where others succeed. If you say yes to the correct things you will have the energy to persevere through things— but be careful not to say yes to something that doesn’t align with your strategy and authority. If you do, you’ll sometimes see bodily health issues manifesting to get you to stop committing to the wrong things. Because of the effortless way you appear to work in the eyes of others, others might perceive that you “have it easy” and ask you to do more. It is helpful to create healthy boundaries and learn to say no thank you. 

13/33 The Channel of the Prodigal (Listening + Memories)

Channel 13-33 is about listening and sharing stories and experiences from the past so they can be passed on to the next generation. It’s best to wait to be invited to share your stories so that they have the full effect on the listener. You are a natural listener and record keeper, collecting life stories, secrets and keepsakes. You may organize gems of wisdom to be shared as lessons of a personal or collective history. The low expression is sharing secrets where they will not be honored. The high expression is integrating and sharing stories of the past with integrity.

41/30 Channel of Recognition (Fantasy + Desire)

Channel 41-30 is about fantasy (imagining) and desire, and it intensifies everything in your chart if you have this channel (or even just Gate 30). It’s about daydreaming, visualizing and imagining. You may often fantasize about what “could be” and then have an intense need to move in the direction of the new experience. It’s emotional energy so it needs time for clarity. Can be very sexy and fun, but don’t indulge your fantasy without waiting for the right timing. This channel is full of creative and initiating energy.

36/35 Channel of Transitoriness (Explore + Experience)

The energy of Channel 36-35 is about exploring and experiencing life. A major challenge for this channel is boredom, which can cause you to jump into situational crises just to feel something. This is emotional energy and it’s important to wait for clarity. If the timing is right you share an important new expression of the story of what it means to be human. This energy wants to explore and do the next new thing, but needs to wait for the right experience based on emotional clarity. The highest expression of this channel is a role model who is highly capable and experienced and able to share that experience with the rest of humanity.

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