2021 – Leaping into something better

Wow! What a year we just left behind.  I believe there are many lessons and many blessings that we can all unpack from our experiences. You better believe I am ready for a fresh start. Are you?

I don’t believe this year is going to be roses and lollipops, but I do believe I can breathe just a little easier.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel, rather than the feeling I had earlier last year where I was headed into the darkness of the unknown. What was going to happen there? When would it end?

A look back on 2020

I am first going to take a moment to reflect on the past and what I can take with me moving forward.  I do this in hopes that you can do the same for yourself, or maybe you can just have an “aha!” from one of my learnings. 

Just about anything can be handled or has a solution. 

I didn’t think that I could ever handle having my kids home while working – but I did it. I didn’t think I would get through the two weeks trapped in my house, with my kids home, while working, because of the wildfires, but I did it. I didn’t think I could do a lot of things before the quarantine that I can do now – but I did them.  When faced with the challenges we all found ways to adapt. I want to keep this mindset so I don’t block myself from things in day-to-day life that seem like they would be too hard. There is a solution for every challenge. If you are stuck and don’t see it, ask someone else to give you some ideas.  You don’t have to take them all – but be open to the possibility that there could be a way through – and there will be.

Human Design ideas:

  • If you have an open Ajna Center (meaning, it’s not colored in), you might already be able to easily see the many options, and you may inherently understand there are many solutions. You also might be tricked into thinking there is only one solution – but deep down you know there are many.  Utilize this view for yourself, and share your gift of holding many points of view with others who are stuck (of course, only if they ask for it!).
  • If you have a defined Ajna Center (it’s colored in), you might be like me and are stuck thinking there’s no other way than the way it has always been.  I don’t think anything will ever be as it has been again.  If you feel stuck, be open to asking others for ideas of possible solutions.  Only take the ones that feel good to you, but be open to a new way of processing things or you might just continue to be challenged here. It took the world to shake me out of my defined Ajna thinking!

Time is somewhat irrelevant – even though I used to think it was critical.

Okay, so I thought time had to fit into boxes – I needed to be at work during certain times, I needed to fill my time with activities, I needed to plan my time precisely.  For example, by March I had stressed and pushed on creating the perfectly aligned summer camp schedule for my kids.  Every week accounted for, every little thing aligned. And in one moment, all of that was washed away.  Everything was cancelled, there were new rules, and all the time and energy I had put in was wasted and all of the perfectly allotted times slots were cancelled out.  Flexibility became key, going with the flow more, surrendering to the idea that things would work out, and that I could handle it all. I had already been through what I thought would be the worst case scenario – that we all would be home at the same time— and we were making it work. I see this with activities, I used to have lots of activities planned, my weekends were full, but now with limited options (following the health guidelines is important to me), it’s clearer that I have to let time unfold and that the correct options and timing will be presented to me. Instead of planning, not necessarily having energy for it when the time comes and pushing through anyway, I now can be more flexible with time and commit based on where my energy is at in the present moment.  

Human Design ideas:

  • If you have an open Spleen Center, you may be a master of flowing with time.  You may be thriving in some senses, from the way things are right now. In this time-driven world, the open Spleen can also sometimes try to overcompensate for their every-changing relationship with time.  You may or may not relate to this because you already had an intuitive understanding of the fluidity of time.
  • I have a defined Spleen Center as well as conditioning around time. If you have a defined Spleen, you may have been like me and time directed your life. We can use this time to re-evaluate our relationship to and understanding of time. We can gain more and more acceptance of relaxing into the present moment.

Health needs to be central to our lives.

I always had the intention of exercising more. I had the intention of drinking lots of water and doing all the recommended things. But life always got in the way of my commitment to them.  I only got through this last year by focusing on health— the health of my family and myself.  Because I was home so much and the space was filled with boisterous energy that was there – all-the-time, I needed auric breaks from it. So, one day, I went for a walk.  It made me feel better, more balanced. So, the next day, I did it again! And then again and again, and now I can’t imagine a day without this break, in the outdoors. It’s a mental health need as well as physical.  It became apparent that my whole family needed an outdoor body movement time – so we make it a requirement in our day.  We also focus more on intentional food, water intake, quality sleep, and vitamin D, which are all great things to keep your body ready to fight off anything coming its way.  “Knock on wood” as they say, but with all of these additions, we stayed healthy this year. Life before kept us too busy and we missed the boat on a few key things. When you are healthy, you can handle a lot more. 

Human Design ideas:

  • If you are a Generator or Manifesting Generator and you aren’t sleeping well or you are dragging – even though it may seem counterintuitive – you may not be moving enough (if you want to call it exercise, you can – I think you just need to physically move your body in any way that feels good and is fun for you).
  • If you are a Manifestor, Projector or Reflector – if you don’t have energy, you may need to rest more or get energy breaks from others. You can do this by leaving the physical space you are in, you can hug a tree, just get outside, lay horizontal (to break the neutrino stream – video about this to come soon).  Really, just let go of the energy your Sacral is taking in that’s not yours.

We can quickly fill our space if we aren’t intentional around healthy boundaries.

Okay, so we have more “time” this year because we can’t do some of the activities we used to, or we gained the time we would have been commuting to work, or whatever it is.  But, I was finding myself being invited to online activities instead – and it was with people I love and cherish and wanted to connect, but then I realized I was still depleted at times. It was because I actually needed more time for myself. It’s all about energy management and knowing when enough is enough.  I am super strong with my boundaries around my whole family getting quality sleep, but during the day, I sometimes flex because my emotions or thoughts make the decisions instead of my gut response. I started saying “no thank you” to some of the requests and I started feeling much more grounded.  I was going to say balanced…but I actually never feel totally balanced, it’s more about grounding and flow now.

Human Design ideas:

  • The best way to make decisions that are right for you is by following your authority. For me (as a Splenic Generator), it’s about trusting my gut reaction. If you haven’t experimented with using your authority to make aligned decisions, it’s a good place to start. You can find your authority in the summary section of your Human Design Chart, if you don’t have one, you can get a free one here: freehumandesignchart.com

America (and the world) has a long way to go in regards to equity.

Although it’s been incredibly painful for many this year, I think the unearthing of what’s been hidden about our thoughts on race will let us begin to heal.  It’s not like it wasn’t there because we couldn’t see it. Now we can see it, name it, and do something about it. I am in the “privileged” category, but I know how being discriminated as a woman feels, so I have empathy. I have a reason to fight for it because of my family, but I think we all have a reason to fight for social justice— it’s a human right. When I read about things that are still happening, I get angry and usually burst into tears. It’s my personal signal that a value boundary has been breached.  How has it made you feel? If you have any strong emotions around it, it means it’s time to dig deeper.  We can’t just stand by anymore. 

Human Design gift:

  • I have decided to gift up to 5, one-hour Human Design readings in 2021 to anyone that is taking a stand for social justice. I want to offer support to those who will take inspired action to help lead the way.  >>Click here to apply

Your kids just need your love. You need your love.

If there is anything I have learned over the last year it is that you, or your kids, don’t need a bunch of activities to be happy.  The quality time together has been a precious gift that I will remember and treasure forever. It was hard as sh*t— don’t get me wrong! — but it was good. We’ve had dance parties and pillow fights on a weekly basis.  I can really connect in moments with them and with myself.  Learning to love each other is not always easy but it is always worthwhile.

Human Design idea:

  • Inherent in Human Design is the idea that we all have the right to be loved. We are all unique and we are all pieces to the larger puzzle called life, the world, and humanity.  We have made it through 2020 with love despite every challenge that has been placed in front of us.

2021, Ready, Set, Go

Okay, now we’ve reflected on the past. We know we have learned and we will take the learnings and do better.  2021 is not going to be easy, but I do believe it will be easier.  We have overcome some huge challenges and we now know we what we are capable of. We are probably burned out in some ways, that’s true. I know I am. I am not moving into this year fully bursting with energy, but I know it’s time to start replenishing that energy so that I can emerge back into the world. I want to leap into 2021 with the mindset that there’s something better. I think that something better is here today – so I can still be present in it, but I also want a hopeful mindset for the months to come. 

Let’s look at this process I created to intentionally set in motion what you want to manifest this year.

1. Clear out resistance and things that don’t serve you.

I don’t think more is always better. I have learned that for me, less is what I truly desire. I am in my home a lot and I don’t want more to come in. I want to let go of what no longer serves me and like Marie Kondo says, “only keep what sparks joy.” This can be true of material things…but also, thoughts, beliefs and even bad habits.  Let go of any negative energy, limiting beliefs. There are many ways to do this, EFT, energy work, Feng Shui, Byron Katie’s “the work” worksheets, essential oils, Human Design, etc.

If you can identify something that you think you need to let go of, you can try this.

  • Ask yourself questions: Do I want to continue doing X? Or, Do I need X in my life? Does X spark joy?
  • If the answer is yes, it stays.
  • If no (or you hesitate), it is time to let it go.
  • If yes-ish, like you think it’s a yes, but something is still a little off. It might just be the timing. Ask yourself, do I want to do it in my lifetime?  This year? This month? This week?

2. Now, get clear on your intentions moving forward.

If you’re not sure what you want in the coming year, how can you expect it to manifest?  What do you want to see come to fruition in the near future? You can think in categories of home, work/career, health, money, relationships, personal growth, or any others you come up with. 

  • Write down 1-3 intentions for 2021, or write them for all of the categories above if you wish. For me, I can handle about 3 things at a time, max! 😊

3. Next, it’s essential to be sure you resonate with your intentions.

If you don’t know why you want something, or you don’t emotionally resonate with having those beliefs, the intentions are not whole and you may not manifest as easily.

  • Why do you want the things you wrote down in #1 to happen?
  • Imagine it all happened. How do you feel?
  • What will you need to make these happen? What traits, skills, emotions do you already have that will support them happening? What do you need to ask the universe for help with?

4. Ask the universe for help

I am not going to tell you that you have to do a lot of work to figure out how to manifest your intentions. For me, it’s about using my Human Design Strategy and dance with the universe to figure it out. It’s about asking the right questions and then surrendering how the answer will come to you.  It doesn’t matter what Human Design Type you are, you can still do this. For me, the answer will come as something outside of myself and something to respond to.  Same thing for all Generators and Manifesting Generators – so be on the lookout for signs once you have put your question out there. For Projectors, you will get an invitation of some sort. Manifestors will feel an ignition of fire from within. Reflectors will check in after a lunar cycle…or two. 😊

  • Ask (write on a piece of paper): What do I need to release, heal or do to activate (insert intention from #1)? Do this for each intention you wrote down.
  • Put the paper in a special place where you can look at it from time to time. Under the pillow is great because you can read it before bed and sometimes the answer will come in your dreams.
  • Now, let it go. See what the universe brings you for the answer. Follow your Human Design Strategy to find the answer.

5. Keep your vibes high. 

You get from the universe what you put into it. We all vibrate at a frequency. Sometimes it is good, sometimes negative things bring us down – or we get stuck in a low frequency, because we haven’t let go of something, we collected from another or from ourselves.

  • Do something you love each day to keep your vibes high, signaling to the universe that you’re ready.  Be open to seeing what the universe is bringing you. 
  • If you are feeling low vibe, find something that can bring your vibration up. Here are some ideas for instant vibe boosts: use essential oils that feel good to you, listen to a song you love, talk to a feel-good or funny friend, snuggle with your kiddo or pet, or do any other small thing that brings you joy.

>> I created a little video about clearing your home and setting intentions if you want to check it out.

You can do the same thing for your own energy – your body is your home! If you get nothing else from this article, it’s all as simple as letting go of what you no longer need and boosting what you love, including giving so much love to yourself! Sending lots of luck and light for everyone in 2021.

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