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Ancient Wisdom Transforms Modern Living

Feng Shui is like Human Design for your home. Each part of your home has energy – and the Feng Shui bagua is like a map – just like your Human Design chart.  I am going to go deeper into the Feng Shui bagua in a future post, but for now, I want to talk about specific topic of Human Design and it has to do with two centers and one type.

Have you been in our home spaces a lot in the past year? If you are like me, you may feel like the energy in your house or life is stuck. Maybe you are working from home and want to make your office feel better? Or, everyone is home and you want to make your house feel better. Perhaps you have other challenges in your life. Feng Shui can address these too, because your home is like a mirror for your life.

  • Do you have a lot of open/undefined energy in your Human Design chart?
  • Or, in particular, is your Spleen open?
  • Is your Identity/G Center open?
  • Are you a Reflector?

Environment is extremely important to those who said yes to any of the bullets above. If you have an open/undefined Identity/G or Spleen Center (which all Reflectors have), It is crucial for the you to discover what is correct for you and lock into it, especially in your environment. Feng Shui is the number one tool I suggest for feeling better or improving your well-being if you know your environment feels off.  Therefore, it’s something every Reflector and open Identity/G and Spleen Center person would benefit from knowing about.

You geographically need to be in the right place with the right people.  But also, within your spaces you need things to feel right and for the energy to flow.  Something as simple as the placement of your bed can make you feel good or not. If you are stuck, you may need to move furniture, or even something bigger like your house or city. Your inner compass tells you which places are right for you or not. You may even perpetually re-arrange furniture and redecorate to feel good.

There are different methods of shifting your space. You may intuitively know, but there are these small infusions of the natural world (the elements of air, water, fire, earth and metal) that you might not have thought about. Feng Shui adds a whole new level of depth in feeling good in your home.

What’s it all about?

Feng Shui is a practice of arranging the pieces in living spaces in order to create balance with the natural world. The goal is to take hold of energy forces and establish harmony between an individual and their environment. It can help at many times in your life, like when you are starting something new and need a kickstart or support. I think most of us need this right now. You might also just need closure on something or could use help completing projects. Or, maybe you would like to invite more prosperity into your life, such as when you’re ready to increase your wealth and abundance (which isn’t just about money).

You might also want to just have more wellness in your home and life or when you’re ready to connect body, mind, and spirit. Or, has this year pushed you into a new career direction? Another good time is if you’re ready to embark on a new career and need direction. Even if you’re not changing careers, maybe you’ve been feeling uninspired and need to ignite some passion in any area of your life, including your relationships. If you’re really ready to love yourself and invite a new partnership into your life, it is a good time for a Feng Shui Consultation. *Info at bottom to book a consultation. 🙂

You can change the energy in a room and in your life by simply changing the physical arrangement and aesthetics of a room. When its flow is blocked by furniture, walls, clutter or doorways, you can feel uneasy and become less satisfied with life as a result. Promoting harmony in a home’s living area is simple when it is regarded as both a single space, unified space and a collection of smaller spaces.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your home, or how fancy or plain. When you address the energy needs of the heart of your home, you will find your home as a whole is soon infused with a new harmony and it will feel better. 


Fiery to Calm. Here’s one of my Feng Shui and Human Design stories. I was struggling with heated (kid) emotions in my home. I didn’t know what to do. I am an empath, so I feel other’s emotions – stronger than the other person does because my open Emotional Solar Plexus Center takes in an amplifies them. I could feel it in my heart (anxious) and in my gut (unsettled.) 

That’s when someone suggested I look into Feng Shui and recommended a consultant. I had Jane Kifer, a Feng Shui Expert, consult on my home.  She looked at the elemental energy (the 9-Star Ki) of myself and my family members to see what might be going on.  For example, the number that has to do with my emotions was tied to the element of fire as well as another family member. The relationship of the elements is pretty straight forward – she told me the water element puts out fire. She suggested putting a fountain in our kitchen and taking baths when I need to cool down my emotions.

We started running the fountain when we all came home in the evening. It totally soothed some of the emotions that had become immediately heated in the past. I also started taking baths (or running my hands under warm water) whenever I personally became overheated with strong emotions. It literally washed them away for me. I knew I liked baths, but now I know when to use them and why and utilize them when needed.

She gave me idea after idea, room by room. Some of it was adding new things, like the fountain, some was taking things away and some ideas were about re-arranging for better flow. She also uses the bagua map and that was a whole different layer that I will explain in another post – it’s just too much at once. 😊

I had no idea that Feng Shui showed you how your house is a mirror for your life, but I had aha after aha! and it changed the way I feel in my home. I continue to transform rooms, especially as my energy or intentions change.

If you are a do-it-yourself kind of person, or just need to shift energy asap and want to try some ideas yourself, try these:

5 Simple feng shui hacks to transform the energy in minutes

Add a plant to your toilet.
The main issue with the bathroom is the water energy flowing away. The plant transforms the downward energy of the water into vital life energy. The water element feeds plants (wood element) and makes them strong and grow.

Arrange your dresser or desk with intention and attention to spaces.  
Even keeping the same amount of stuff, but place it differently, it can dramatically re-set the space and make it flow.    

Move furniture so it welcomes and invites and does not block.
A living room that is re-arranged in accordance with the balancing principles of feng shui becomes inviting, encourages relaxation & conversation, and makes all who enter feel good.  

Add a color or element to adjust the people and the space.
As an example, something like adding a water color such as blue to a room can feed new ideas, it can also calm fiery energy and help you get in touch with your emotions.  

Do you want your own Feng Shui consultation to re-set your home and life? If you are like me, you will try some yourself, but you may still get stuck and need some extra help.

Element Feng Shui Consultations with Jane Kifer

1 Hour Consultation

Via: Zoom, Facetime or Whats Ap for outside USA

Benefits of Feng Shui Adjustments:

  • More joy
  • Improve your business
  • More abundant opportunities
  • Better relationships
  • Improved health
  • Balance to your family and home

What Is a Feng Shui Consultation and How Does It Work?

What actually happens: Your conversation with Jane will guide you to re-arrange, clear or add things to create home and office environments for better health, improved business, greater opportunities, and more prosperity.  Each room has an energy that is tied to your life – they are intricating connected.  Sometimes you can tell from your life what you need to move in your space. Sometimes moving, subtracting or adding things in your space will improve your life in ways you didn’t even realize.

How it works: It’s a 3-part process.

  1. You share what’s going on. You bring your intention and Jane figures out how to solve it. First you will set an intention for what you want.  Do you just want to improve the overall well-being of your home, room or life? Do you have a particular challenge you want to address? Do you want to bring in more prosperity?  Then Jane will ask you some questions to help you acknowledge what is not working in your space and your life and will give you ideas on how to shift it.
  2. Jane looks up your elements (9-Star Ki Astrology numbers.) The numbers are the elements that affect your energy and how it relates to your home. She uses your profile to uniquely balance the energy depending on the needs and elements that each person holds. There are five elements: fire, water, wood, earth and metal and each affect different aspects of your life and house. Jane then evaluates the energy in your home and infuses your personal needs from your 9-star numbers in an individual room or your home as a whole.
  3. You share your space visually through your video chat. Jane puts all the pieces together and helps you address what you need the most.

How to book: Call, text or email janewkifer@gmail.com, 310-428-3937

>>Check out other tips and tricks: Fengshuijane.blogspot.com

Photo credits: 99.films, Annie Spratt, Greg Rivers on Unsplash and Lapiz Flame Art @essentialenergyart 

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