Circuitry in Real Life: Your Human Design in 2021

What is Human Design if not a practical tool to use in our daily lives? When we understand ourselves and others more clearly, we can use this understanding to lead more fulfilling lives from moment to moment. If you haven’t already, please check out the Human Design Circuits blog to get a foundational understanding of the circuitry in the Human Design chart.

The Human Design body graph is made up of lines with interconnected energy that make up circuits – like the wiring in your home. Each circuit brings different energies and behaviors to each of us individually to help humanity evolve and each circuit does this in a different way.

Your Human Design Body graph can tell you what way you are here to help in this evolution. You may have just one; two or you can have all three types of circuitry.  There Human Design Circuits including individual, tribal and collective.

Individual Circuitry in 2021

If your chart contains channels or gates from the Individual Circuit, you are here to bring something new to the table. After 2020 brought so much to light, you are here to follow your convictions and gifts to create change. Considering your strategy and listening to the wisdom of your authority, take action to infuse the world with more of your magic.

What can you create to contribute to the world? Do you have resources to share with those who have less than you? Can you speak up and fight for what you know is right— maybe make people think about things in a new and innovative way? Maybe you write a poem that sparks a nation, like Amanda Gorman.

Read this post for more information about each of the channels within the Individual Circuit.

Tribal Circuitry in 2021

If you have a lot of tribal gates and channels in your chart, you care deeply for your community— your people. These people can be your family, neighbors, friends, classmates, coworkers, or employees, or anyone else in your community.

You may do things in person – but you may also engage in online communities. It may be as a video chat with your close friends or family, or it may be joining a new online community that wasn’t even option before.

You might join forces with your fellow community members to safely organize and protest, or maybe you and your neighbors share outdoor babysitting duties to help each other out so everyone can be well-rested. Providing resources such as food and water and spiritual support to others might be among the gifts that you have a deep desire to share with your people. There was a whole list of people in my community that wanted to offer tutoring support as the schools went online at home. My guess is that Nicole from this article has at least a bit of Tribal Circuitry in her chart. I am not trying to make a political statement here (aka you can have your own opinion abou this), but for me, social distancing, covid smart activities, wearing masks etc. is a form of care for the community around me.

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Collective Circuitry in 2021

Collective circuitry in your chart is all about your connection to humanity on a larger scale. It’s all about our survival as a whole. What potential do we have as a species? When we look back over the past two years specifically, there is a lot to learn. How do we react in times of chaos or crisis? How can we help each other evolve.

There can be a harshness to collective circuitry because it wants to correct what’s not working in order to make humanity better. Remember that it’s not personal. We can see in this article comparing the 1918 pandemic to the one we are living in now, how understanding repeating patterns from history can guide us forward into the future. The internet is a great place for collective reach – and it’s especially apparent in the pandemic as we are reaching out to share things globally – from our living room. You may even be reading this article from across the world from where I am.

You will see collective systems like education and the corporate world adjust. Before the pandemic started, the companies I worked for said working from home won’t work…but then it did. The school system said things had to be a certain way…and then they weren’t. Systemic racism was buried under the rug…and now it’s peeking into the light (of course with a long way to go). We adjust individually, but we also adjust on a bigger scale too.

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You are the Whole Chart

It’s important to note that you probably have some of each of these elements in your chart defined. Even if you don’t have a particular set of defined gates or channels, you will experience them on occasion during a planetary transit or when in the presence of someone who has that particular gate or channel defined. Understanding all of the archetypes of being human can help you own your skills and gifts and use them in their highest expressions, in 2021 and beyond.

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