We all have the same life purpose

Are you confused or intrigued when I say that we all have the same life purpose? I say it because we were all put on this earth for one purpose: to express who we are, to be aligned and to be authentic – to be ourselves!

The purpose of learning about Human Design is to learn, grow, find joy and to be abundant. You do this by being aligned with your true self and loving yourself for who you are. You may deliver your truth in a different way depending on what’s right for you, but living out your purpose doesn’t have to be as complicated or grandiose as you may have been led to believe.

You are here to be yourself and to be unique by being authentic.  You are guided by your soul’s voice throughout your life story.

I believe you have a soul essence that is here to learn and grow and I believe you have superpowers. I don’t believe you simply came here for a certain vocation or exact career path for example. I believe you have intrinsic worth by being a human on our planet. But most of us never learn that.

If you haven’t watched the Disney movie “Soul”, skip this spoiler alert! I really liked the essential point of the conclusion. The main character finds out what life is really about— it’s the joyful moments in daily life and the expression of who you are that make life worth living. It’s not being in a specific vocation, after all. He thought his purpose was to be a famous musician but found out that it’s the feeling of getting lost in the act of playing that makes life worth living.

When we are born, we know our purpose—  we are ourselves and we ask for exactly what we need. Over the years, layers of conditioning are added that now need to be pulled back off.

Don’t worry, I won’t leave you hanging regarding Human Design and how it can help. First, I’ll show you why *just being yourself* as a life purpose is something worthwhile to consider.

Why do we need to learn that being ourselves is the true purpose?

You will feel depleted and unsatisfied if you try to find a purpose while you still have the layers of beliefs, feelings, thoughts, ideas from outside yourself.  You will not be able to “find” the purpose you truly desire. 

Here’s an example: You are going to search for your purpose. In this example, your purpose is a car.

Imagine this, you go to a car lot to pick out a car. Take money out of the equation as well as if the car is gas or electric – these things might cause you to make judgements, this is just a simple example.

You know exactly what you want, a cute lime green car. It feels so bright, fun and you will easily find it in parking lots! Your kids are old enough now that they don’t need car seats. It’s time for you to get what you want.

But when you get there, you start to get overwhelmed and confused – there are so many options and you have these voices in your head, and maybe even voices from people that came along with you, or the salesperson saying:

  • “I love red cars. They make you feel so sporty.”
  • “You’re a Mom, you totally need a mini-van, sedans won’t work.”
  • “You need an SUV so you can carry lots of stuff and take it camping.”
  • “White cars keep the heat out, you should get a white car.”

So, the voices and the salesperson guide you to checking out all these cars that you know you don’t want, and you waste time and energy on them.  You may even convince yourself to buy one of them that’s a combo of all the conditioned thoughts, like a white minivan. So, you drive it off the lot. You are less than thrilled inside.

It’s not your dream car. Then you get home and instead of being pumped about your new car, you are feeling pretty ‘meh’ about it. Things may bug you about it, but eventually you just accept it. This is what can happen when searching for your purpose when you don’t know steadfastly what is true for you.  You can follow someone else’s path or desires, you can end up settling, or you can feel unsettled and waste a lot of time and energy. All of this leaves you with no energy for what you really love.

In the end, your goal is to be the happy driver – every time you get in your car. It’s like being your true self, every day. You can get from point A to B with any of the cars, but it’s about how you feel when you are riding in it. Does it represent you? Is it what you desire? If your favorite car breaks down – you will do whatever it takes to fix it. If the ‘meh’ car you bought that wasn’t what you really wanted breaks down – you will be even more frustrated.  This happens with purpose, especially if you believe your purpose is your career track. If you go down the ‘meh’ route that’s not based on who you truly are, the experience will not feel as good, easy or flowing as it could. 

Your body will tell you if you are in alignment or not and you when you are out of alignment for a long time, it can show up as sickness, burn out or maybe even despondency as you just let life pass you by.  Are you feeling depleted? Feeling ‘meh’? Unmotivated? Burned out? These are all body signals that you are not fully aligned.

Don’t worry, no matter where you are at right now, you can get back to your purpose.  Even in my car example, there is an answer. If you drove home the wrong car, there are ways to sell it or trade it and get more of what you want. Feeling like you are now stuck with that car forever is a limiting belief. 

Are you looking for the wrong truth/purpose?

I can find examples in my own life where I searched for purpose outside of being me.  For example, I thought I was here to be a businesswoman, more specifically a marketer.  But I have had jobs in this field that I loved and some that I didn’t. I know that my purpose is more about my soul essence— getting lost in the creation of things.  I am also a finance nerd and love excel spreadsheets.

There was a time I thought my purpose was finance. But, the true power for me is getting lost in time in creating formulas and finding solutions – that is part of who I am. I also thought my purpose was to be a working mother – showing my kids that women can move up the ladder and that working 9-5+ is how you get there.  Following this path dampened my heart. I finally saw the truth that if I model that, it’s what my kids will think their truth has to be. What my real purpose there is to show them a life where I create a life that I love.

So, I created a portfolio career that gives me stability, ability to flow and more time with my family. The truth of it is that I am doing things my soul loves, I am being myself and I don’t care what others think about it anymore. Creatively flowing as myself is my purpose. 

Going back to the car example. Does it sound like more fun to go to that car lot and go straight to the car(s) you are drawn to because you know you’ll love driving those ones?

Okay, it’s easy to say, just “be yourself”, but what does that really mean?

Do we even know? Many of us aren’t living out our purpose because we are so influenced by society, media and well-meaning loved ones to do things a certain way, or to be a certain way.

My whole philosophy in life is to just be yourself. But it’s extremely hard to know what that is in modern life. Social media has become what magazines were when I was growing up. Instead of advertisers painting a picture of who we should be, we have taken on that role and done it for ourselves. They have literally named a category of people on social media as “influencers”.  It’s not bad to be influenced – if it’s something you really love, and it makes you feel better and brings joy. But, if you take in too many ideas that are not for you, it will take you off the path of expressing yourself.

Some of the picture that is painted for us…be super fill in the blank (mom, thin, fit, career woman, daughter, involved, partner, flexible, and so on.)

You get it? We are told to be super at everything we do. We are guided by “should”. We wear costumes. We put on masks. We become what everyone else wants or needs us to be.

What does it mean to be yourself?

In real life it can look like this:

In simplest terms, it’s saying yes to what you want to do or be and saying no thank you to what you don’t.

  • It’s wearing what you want to wear, doing what you want to do and even deciding who you are.
  • It’s letting all the inspiration, beliefs, and ideas float through you and not get stuck. The correct ones will come to you with your personal authority.
  • It’s wearing a colored wedding dress when the world tells you to wear white.
  • It’s becoming an artist when your parents tell you to become a lawyer or doctor.
  • It’s doing what everyone else is doing if that’s really what you truly want.
  • It’s declining things you don’t have energy for.
  • Sometimes it’s changing friendships or relationships or letting go of ones that don’t allow you to be yourself.
  • It’s doing your business your way when the current trend just doesn’t feel right.
  • It might be re-inventing the wheel, even when others tell you not to.
  • It’s defining who you are even if society tells you to hold a certain label.
  • For Reflectors or undefined Spleens, it’s going at your own pace, even when the world tells you to go faster.
  • For Generators, it’s waiting to respond even if the world tells you to initiate.
  • For Manifesting Generators, it’s about doing more than one thing/project at a time, even when the world tells you to stick to one thing.
  • For Projectors, it’s about attracting the right people to share your wisdom by being yourself, even when the world tells you to change to be like them.
  • For Manifestors, it’s being okay with initiating and moving on, even though the world tells you to finish.
  • For empaths, it could be removing yourself physically from a toxic energy space, rather than being there and appeasing others to try to avoid their emotional waves.

There are so many ways to express your true self, I can’t write them all here.

In quantum land or the scientific side, it looks like this:

Being yourself has to do with the concept of resonance. You may have heard the saying, “Oh, I totally resonate with that.” But what does it mean?  I’m not a scientist, but science supports the fact that we all vibrate at a certain frequency. If we have a physical body (which was confirmed a very long time ago) we also have a mental body (thoughts), emotional body (E-motion = Energy in Motion) and we also have an energy body (some like to call this the Aura, Soul or Essence).

To put the concept simply, thoughts, emotions and things that happen in our life – even what we eat— can make that frequency go up or down.  Our goal is to resonate at a healthy/happy level that feels like us – and what does that is different for all of us.  Most of us likely oscillate between love and fear daily. Remember that it’s okay to have all of these different feelings— you just don’t want to stay for extended periods in the lower frequencies and get stuck in a low vibration.

When you listen to music, you can tell if something is in resonance or not. What if they played bad karaoke on the radio? You know, the kind that you can tell just isn’t in tune. Would it be something that feels amazing to listen to over and over? Probably not. But, if it was all there was, eventually we might numb to it.

It’s like the mask that we wear in our lives. We put it on every day, and for many of us, years go by without our realizing it. And— hard truth— we are doing it to our kids too. We ask them to put a mask on starting from a very young age. We teach them to stop saying no and sometimes we parent in a way that doesn’t feel in harmony with how we’re really trying to live and then we feel guilt or shame.

Here’s how this can play out in real life: Say your goal is love and joy, so vibrating between 500-600hz.

If you don’t do something that you think you should…like volunteer for every opportunity at your kids’ school, do you maybe feel some guilt? Guilt comes from a conditioned belief and it vibrates as a low frequency (like 20hz). It will pull down your frequency quite a bit from the 500-600hz you are aiming for and you are not going to feel like yourself. 

It may even cause emotional paralysis, driving you to inaction in other areas of your life. You likely will feel more contracted. Can you feel your shoulders moving in towards your belly even thinking about guilt?

But if you can honor what you truly want to do and throw the belief of guilt out the window and know you are doing your best. You can resonate truer to yourself and not get stuck in the lower vibration— maybe eventually you won’t even feel the guilt at all – or like it’s more of a flash and then you kick it to the curb. I am still working on this as we all are, but it can be done.

Many feelings can bring your vibration down and knock your resonance out of whack. It can be difficult to climb out of this way of thinking on your own, so getting help to raise your vibrations is vital. I personally love using essential oils because they vibrate very high, but you may find your own method if you need help in the moment. The moments (and the feelings that come with them) stack up and become who you are until you let them go. 

I wanted to share that there is proof of frequency in our bodies and how it relates to being yourself. If you pick up the conditioning from outside yourself that I talked about above, you will be taking in a frequency that doesn’t feel good to you. It will not feel harmonious for you. In daily life you may feel guilt or shame because you do something that doesn’t feel good to you, for example. It’s going to pull down your frequency.

Here’s a solution:

Know yourself well™. Human Design can certainly help you get to know yourself and it can improve your well-being.  The way to do that is much simpler than expected. Bear in mind that “simple” doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy. But, it’s back to the two basic steps: Boost who you truly are and let go of what you are not. You will notice earlier, I had them swapped, but it honestly doesn’t matter which one you do first. It’s a constant process like the moon cycles.  

  1. Boost what you want to align with:

To experience for example more love, joy, abundance, and peace in your life you first must align yourself with these feelings.

  1. Let go of what you no longer need or want:

Let go of the things that weigh you down and keep you stuck in lower vibrations. Doing so will help you to re-connect (or re-member) your true Self. Your authentic Self is already unconditional love. This is the essence of your soul. **I’m creating more material (blogs and training) on how to do this. Stay tuned.

I do think your Human Design chart will give you clues to how to re-connect with yourself.  To cut through the clutter and get to the heart of what truly matters.

The first thing you need to do is tune in with yourself.

  • Your Strategy gives you clues and signals for your life path, the journey you will take to fulfill your purpose.
  • Your Authority is how your body makes decisions and it gives you the embodied clarity to move in the right direction – when you really listen to it.
  • And then, after you have tuned in some, you can dig deeper. Your Incarnation Cross gives you clues about your soul essence and life story – what you are here to give and what you are here to learn.
  • And of course, there are many gates connected to the planets that are markers for different things.  

Did you learn anything from this blog, any ‘aha’ moments or new awareness? If you disagree, what do you believe?

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3 thoughts on “We all have the same life purpose

  1. Wow, wow, wow. This is such a powerful blog. I’ve read many HD posts over this years, but this one just lit me up and made me smile on the inside. Thank you <3 I actually got the non-traditional wedding dress. It was creme, so not colored, but it was a regular dress. I liked that it wasn't floor length, that I could wear it again and again, and – most importantly – that I wouldn't need help going to the bathroom. I had to help my sister and friend pee at their weddings, and I was like "dear Universe, this is not going to be me!" haha. When I was doing wedding stuff, we wanted it simple, though my husband rented a suit. When we were going to the suit/dress place I thought to myself "oh, am I going to see all the brides trying on wedding gowns and feel like I missed out?" And you know what, I didn't! I thought they looked lovely, but I was more drawn to seeing what prom dresses for 2021 looked like, haha! That was me going "I'm doing what is correct for me." And it felt darn good. Plus ,when I did need to use the bathroom, I could do it sans assistance! 😉

    1. I am glad you did it your way! 🙂 I agree, sometimes I think I am going to feel like I miss out on something I think I should do, but in the end, I don’t feel that way at all.

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