5 Ways to love yourself

Do you love yourself as easily as you love others?

In American society we set aside one day a year to celebrate love and it focuses on showing others we love them.  But what about loving on yourself?  There’s no day for that, and no one else can do it for you. When you feel loved it changes your entire perspective on what you feel to be capable of and what you allow in your life.  You have the power to feel loved by loving yourself. Do you know how to unlock your self-love?



Learning to accept yourself for who you are is the first step to self-love. I gently suggest that you stop comparing yourself to others and learn to embrace the person you are. You have beautiful qualities, both physical and emotional. Even though you have been conditioned by things outside yourself, you don’t need to look or talk or act like anyone else. We all offer the world something different. That’s what makes humanity so beautiful. Learning your Human Design can offer a new and amazing way to look at who you were born to be.


Some of the things that we do on autopilot or have adapted to come from society, religion or our families of origin. Though these behaviors were given to us with the best of intentions, they are not necessarily correct for our true selves.  Although we were all born as our highest and truest selves, most of us have been told who to be and that there is one “right” way to live life.  We carry a lot from our past that influences our present and future.  Learning to shed what isn’t yours is so important.  The more we are out of alignment and taking on things that are not ours (essentially wearing a mask), the more we are in pain – and cannot be opened to truly love ourselves. 


The influences we collect and then hold onto during our life tell us to say yes when we really meant to say no. While it may feel strange at first, learning to say no is essential to self-love. When you say yes to things you don’t really want to do, you give your energy away to the wrong things and you don’t have the energy anymore to do the things that really matter to YOU. You can’t be everything to everyone — and that’s okay.

Do you know how to decide when saying no is the best thing for you?

Human Design Strategy tells us how to work with our energy in a way that is correct for us and Authority teaches us how to make decisions that are right for us.  If you know how it works, you will know how to know when it’s time to say yes or no.

Are you open to the experiment of seeing what decision-making magic following your Human Design Authority can bring for you?


Love yourself enough to rest

So many people struggle with the idea of taking time for themselves, nourishing themselves or scheduling in rest. You may spend all of your time tending to a career, taking care of the house, or taking care of others.  Even just a couple of hours for yourself can bring so much guilt that you won’t even consider taking a break. We may believe what society tells us, to work harder and rest less, or you may not feel worthy enough to take the time to rest.

I am here to tell you that there is absolutely nothing wrong with taking some “me” time or just some down time. Even just an hour every now and then can help to recharge, reset, and re energize you. This is not only important for your own well-being but for those around you. If you run yourself into the ground, what good will you be to anyone else? Remember, you must put your oxygen mask on first if you want to be able to help others. You need to love yourself enough to rest.

Some Human Design Types (Manifestor, Projector, Reflector) literally need rest – they need to lay down, get outside or get away from other people so they can discharge others’ energy.  There is another place in our Human Design chart that tells us to rest and that is the Will Center. The Will Center works to rest.  It is about value and feeling worthy enough to rest.  Whether this center is defined or undefined, we are all designed to rest.  We believe resting is different for everyone.  You could do the things we typically think of for rest like lying down for 30 minutes or watching a movie. However, rest to you might be to rest from work and do something creative – like painting, or perusing an art gallery, or rest from your kids by hiring a babysitter so you can go for a walk. 

Love on yourself

During your time of rest, you can also nourish yourself. Self-love isn’t just about beauty treatments, it’s also about the little details you can add to your routine to enhance your life and health and just feel good.  Nourish yourself with wellness treatments for the physical body, emotional body and your spiritual body.

Taking care of your body shows you have respect for the amazing temple where your soul lives. You can tell your body you love it by something simple as taking five minutes to give yourself a little self-massage. 

Rub it into your neck and shoulders.  Does it feel nourishing? Could you do this at home? In the office? In your car? Do you feel like you are valuable enough to take the time to do it? Do you need anyone else to do it? Sometimes even just a few minutes of rest and nourishment can help.

Increase your overall well-being with something as simple as essential oils.  I love essential oils because they boost your vibration in minutes – just from even smelling them.  You can make yourself an essential oil roller ball and roll it on whenever you need a little lift. There is a recipe at the bottom of this article!


Life is short and it doesn’t have to be so serious. While there is a time and a place to be serious, there should also be plenty of time to enjoy you and just be yourself.  Experiment with your Human Design, experiment with saying no, experiment with what rest means to you. 

Are you able to laugh at yourself? This is our favorite thing about Human Design; it can actually show us that some of the things that we struggle with are just places where we are who we are…and we can begin to laugh at the idea that we should be something different We can also be amused when we find ourselves being someone wear are not.

Do you get to play, be creative or express yourself? When’s the last time you danced? Or sang at the top of your lungs? Allowing yourself to be creative and let loose will boost your spirits and the overall vibration in your body and remind you that life isn’t about struggle.

Home Play: DIY Self-Love Kit

  1. Human Design Guidebook so you can learn to love your Type
  1. If you love oils, make yourself a “I am loveable” essential oil rollerball blend. This blend will help you break down what is holding you back from receiving love and helps love flow into you and through you. >>Get blend oils.

Recipe for a 10ml roller bottle. Fill the rest with therapeutic grade fractionated coconut oil.  Apply by drawing a heart just above your belly button, or roll on the bottom of your feet. *Note: many citrus oils are incompatible with the sun and your skin, that is why I have you roll it where the sun doesn’t shine. 🙂

  • 3 drops Bergamot cleanses stagnant limiting beliefs and self-judgement and inspires unconditional love.

  • 3 drops Cypress teaches letting go of the past and allows you to heal and flow with love.

  • 3 drops Lemon inspires resilience in the heats while restoring confidence in the Self.
    1. Write this on a piece of paper “I am worthy of love”
    1. Write down some ideas for things that make you feel restful or loved.  Some examples: lay down for 15 min, do a quick self-massage, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, write, draw, dance, run, walk, be alone or get together with a friend, hug your family, hug yourself.  I’m just giving you some ideas to spark your list, but think about what makes you feel good.  Do them when you can, but it’s nice to have some ideas in your kit ready to go. 

    Everyone deserves to be loved, even you!

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