Are you a healer by design?

A common Human Design question:

“What does my chart say about what job I should have?”

Your Human Design chart might tell you what lends you to some specific kind of work – but not exactly what job you should have.

There are no specific formulas in the chart; just inclinations or tendencies.

Following your Strategy for your Type will be the best way to lead you to the right fit.

When you look at life purpose – it’s not necessarily tied to your work. Your purpose is to live the highest expression of who you are. You can do that by doing anything or doing nothing.
If you are interested in the career inclinations in your chart, keep reading.

Plus, it might just give you the invitation or a sign you have been waiting for.
I’m starting with an area that seems much needed right now. If you’ve been leaning towards the healing arts, you are headed to a vocation that the world needs right now. You can definitely succeed at healing without having any of the energies below. But, if you have the energies below and you never thought of yourself as a healer, this might give you some new insight.
The healing arts are practices that promote healing, wellness, and personal change.

If you have channel 18/58 defined, you create corrected patterns – so the world can experience the joy of life. Without the correction, it would be like reading books that had never been edited.  The corrected version is much more enjoyable to the reader.

HEALER GIFT: You have an intuitive sense of how to help people break their patterns to bring a better sense of wellness or well-being or health.

If you have channel 29/46 defined, you can sense the nature of embodiment, or the feeling of being in your body. 

HEALER GIFT: You can sense when people are out of sync with their own embodiment of their essence.

If you have Gate 44 defined, you have the ability to transform pain or fear into something of value.

HEALER GIFT: You can facilitate or support people to break patterns of the past to bring forward something of greater value.

If you have Gate 25 defined, it brings you a natural healing ability. You may go on quests to find the right healing modality – but you don’t need a specific healing technique to heal.

HEALER GIFT: Your essence of “being” heals people simply by the energy you carry.

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2 thoughts on “Are you a healer by design?

  1. Hi. I just came across your website. Nice to see what you share. I live according to my design as much as possible. As a 4/6 projector, it took some time to get out of the superslave patterns I got into. I saw your page on healing energy in the design. My mother always said I have healing power. As a child I had to cure her headaches and although I loved her, I also developed a certain resistance to the pressure I felt. After years of being successful in business, I became seriously ill. I almost died. The knowledge of my design was one of the pillars to start living a different life. With the help of Human Design I help people every day to live more from their strength, their life energy. I used to do that in addition to my job as CEO, but now daily. Back to your website. I’ve been healing the troubled relationship with my mother (who is in heaven) for the past few weeks and as it goes I actually came across the page about healing by ‘coincidence’. I have both ports, channel 18-58 and port 46 in channel 29-46. I couldn’t deny my role as a guide/healer, but now I was very much confirmed. I already realized this weekend (before visiting this page) that there is work to be done and I am moving to the next level. Yesterday 20 pages of text just rolled out of me about things that concern me. Like everything came together. Everything was confirmed again today. I searched my HD material for the substantiation of the things you write. Wonder if I can find out more about it. But I can’t directly find the source of this. Can you give me a hint where I can find more? For now I want to thank you in advance (even without a response :-)) and apologize for the somewhat long text. It originated in the moment and nowadays I just don’t go over it with my logical mind. Love and many blessings for the new year. Bert

    1. Hello Bert, I learned about this material through my training/certification with Karen Curry Parker at There is a facebook group ( where you can ask questions too, there are a lot of practitioners in her community who may input as well. She does offer different trainings and you may have an interest in the quantum alignment system piece of her programs. Just an intuitive hit based on the relationship you are describing with your Mom, here’s another thing you might be interested in, it’s called somatic healing. ( Someone I know is healing a relationship with a parent who has passed and said that this has really been profound in it.

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