Teaching by Design

Teaching is the process of attending to people’s needs, experiences, and feelings and intervening so that they learn particular things and go beyond the given.

I’ve discussed other tendencies in your Human Design chart that could lend themselves to your career or work life. Some of us are looking to shift what we are doing and find something that fills us up more than our current situation.  
Today I want to talk about the drive or desire to teach. 

If you are already a teacher of children/young adults by profession, I give you enormous gratitude and respect.

Teaching also shows up in different ways:

  • You can utilize teaching in the corporate world as a manager or in corporate training
  • Or in a hospital as a mentor
  • You could teach as an entrepreneur through masterclass offerings online, social media, email, or many other things
  • You teach as a parent
  • Maybe it’s your country’s language in another country or through an aid organization
  • You may teach youth or adults through the school systems

It’s a transferrable skill and may be innately in you.

Do you have teaching in your Human Design Chart? Let’s take a look at some places it can show up. 

Channel 50/27 is a teaching line. It’s to provide nourishment for the community. It’s about sharing the correct values and how to nurture and nourish the community with food. When my people are well-fed, they can hold the highest quality of information. If you have this channel, you could look at any career with nurturing/caring capacity. You could also only have Gate 27 defined.

Gate 45: You teach through leadership for the higher good. You can use your wisdom to share (teach about) how you can distribute resources for the whole. I think of an excellent queen who makes sure everyone in her queendom is taken care of and has the resources they need. You can transmit information by telling people “how it is” in a digestible way.

Gate 56: You teach through stories and metaphors. You can inspire others with stories of possibility. You can lift people and help them understand and integrate lessons. 

Gate 11: The ideas that pour into this gate give you plenty to share. Teach by sharing ideas to inspire others’ imaginations. 

Gate 19, Gate 57, or an Open/Undefined Identity/G Center or Emotional Solar Plexus Center intuitively knows what people need. Then you can teach them about what they need.

Does the above spark a new idea for you?

  • Could you use the teaching energy in what you are currently doing?
  • Is it something you could utilize in something you want to shift towards?

Does it inspire you to investigate what you could use it for if you don’t know yet?

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