Human Design 101 Toolbox

Your Human Design chart contains amazing information about you.  It shows how you make decisions that are correct for you and in alignment with your life. It shows you how you best use your energy and how you exchange energy with others and how you’ve been “conditioned” away from the truth of who you really are and much more. It gives you clues to your spiritual essence and how it might play out during your life story. Most importantly, it shows you how amazing it is to just be you!

Dig Deeper into the pieces of Human Design

Type & Strategy
Learning about Type and Strategy gives you practical information on how to exchange energy with the world. Your Strategy is like your Sacred GPS.

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Authority is your way of knowing what’s right for you. It aids in decision making and is how your body tells you the answer.

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Profile & The 6 Lines
Your Profile is about your personality, preferences and how you learn energetic lessons.  Lines and Profile come from the I’Ching.

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9 Energy Centers
Recognizing where you are defined (colored shapes) and undefined (white shapes) can help you navigate life experiences and your roles in relationships with others. It can keep you from identifying with that which is NOT you and help you understand what you are amplifying out to the world.

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The Circuits where we have the most definition (channels and gates colored in) tell us how we are here to learn.  You may be here to learn from your own experiences (individual), from your relationships with others (tribal), or to engage with the larger (collective) of energy. 

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The Channels show us themes that are part of our personality and are individual to each of us. They give us a more specific look at how our circuitry plays out. We can think of our channels as archetypes that we play out on a daily basis. Whether that’s the high or low expression of the archetype is up to us.

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Each one of the 64 Gates tell you more about your preferences (based on your defined Gates) and what you are attracted to (your undefined Gates). Each one carries a potential for a blessing or a pain depending on how you live out the energy.

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Incarnation Cross
Your Incarnation Cross tells you about your life path here on Earth. It doesn’t exist to give you the specifics of your future. When you begin living your design— living as your truest self— you can see your Incarnation Cross begin to show itself more and more naturally.

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Essential Oils
You can manage your energy with the power of plants. Essential oils are tools of empowerment because they can help with almost every aspect of Human Design from your Strategy down to the details of your Gates or even your life purpose!

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