Rapid clarity with the flip of a coin!

The shortest path to clarity is action and this exercise allows you to practice making choices that are right for you by learning how to communicate with your body, and that’s what this tool does!


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What people are saying

“I love Nani’s very simple presentation of complex Human Design information. I see her as an artist in her ability to use plain language and meaningful graphic images. Nani is a gifted teacher, Human Design specialist and coach. I highly recommend working with Nani in any or all of her offerings or capacities. ”

— Ethel

My work with Nani and Human Design has helped me have a deeper understanding of myself and others, and has therefore allowed me to be more accepting of myself and others. It has helped me move through my life with a little more ease. I look forward to learning more!

— Paige

Tune into your inner knowing with the flip of a quarter

You already know what you want at any time – so why not give yourself the answer?

Hi! I’m Nani. A Mom, MBA, and Human Design Expert.

Being a mom, life can get so busy doing all the things you think you “should” — while still feeling guilty for not doing more — that even when you have that fire inside for a change, you’re too overwhelmed and depleted to do anything about it. 

But, once your youngest reaches about five years old, you come up for a breath of fresh air and feel a tugging toward your purpose. The reason it’s not as strong before that is because you are in survival mode.

I’ve been there, and I get it. and then I leaned into the world of Human Design and learned how to choose what I wanted and say no thanks to anything that wasn’t right for me. 

So, I help moms show up as who they are, make decisions easier, and live a life they love. Working with the tools I’ve curated for you will help you become lighter, clearer, and have more flow in your life. It’s about becoming more of who you are and less of who you are not. I believe in doing things your way rather than following trends or what popular teachers and guides tell you.

That’s what I’m all about here— initiating you into your best and most beautiful life!

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