I use my creativity to generate ideas and tools that help you live with power, integrity and beauty.

About Me

My heart lies with my family, friends and anyone else needing guidance in transforming pain into power using Human Design. As a magical realist, I believe in infusing practical solutions with a bit of magic. This is the magic of alchemy— the transformation and synthesis of information and wisdom into real and measurable change in your life that you can see, touch and feel.

My background

  • Certified Human Design Practitioner (QAS)
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Soul Entrepreneur— 20 years & counting! 
  • Co-Author of Human Design Guidebooks
  • Podcast Host on Essential Oils by Design
  • Masterclass creator of Network Marketing by Design
  • Featured in BeYourOwn.org (Dec 2019, May 2019)
  • Essential Oils Educator
  • Modern Mom
  • Portfolio Career
  • Reiki 1 Attuned

My Story

Around the time of my Saturn return, I burned out. I had been loving my role in the business world— playing a key role in multi-million dollar negotiations, traveling and working in wind energy in an international company. I also knew that I couldn’t sustain this lifestyle if I wanted to raise children. Even after making a move to a more family-friendly company, I still felt like I couldn’t make it work for me with the ways that I wanted to be showing up as a mom.

After my first child was born, I knew for sure I had to make changes. Tragedy and shocking events had marked my life from a young age, and I knew I didn’t want to make excuses and live a life that didn’t meet my own expectations. 

I’ve always had an entrepreneurial mindset. My 12-year-old self filled journals with branding ideas for my babysitting business and I’d carried that creativity through my life with me in all of my professional roles. It was time, then, to turn these skills into a portfolio career— a business with multiple streams of income, all things I loved to do— which also allowed me to be available for my family, for fun and for living out my life purpose. 

A self-help lover all of my life, it was when I found Human Design that it all clicked for me. I loved it so much that I didn’t want to keep it to myself, and went on to study to be a certified practitioner through Karen Curry Parker’s training program). I’ve worked since then to create tools to make a very complex system digestible and useful for everyday life. My partnership with Emily Vino led to the creation of our Human Design Guidebooks by type and I’m working all the time to bring more Human Design wisdom to you in a practical and beautiful way!

Following my Human Design strategy has led to my other love — Essential Oils! I love anything that makes you and your space feel better— Feng Shui, vibrational music or Human Design— and essential oils are a big part of that for me. I love to combine Human Design wisdom with essential oils for energy management. This combination also led me to Ros Isbel, who I co-host the Essential Oils by Design podcast with. We’ve also created “Network Marketing by Design” courses so anyone in that industry to learn how to best succeed by type.

As you learn about your Human Design, you peel back the many layers to find you. The key is to love yourself for who you are, boost what feels good and let go of what does not.  It’s about tuning into your true essence and being yourself, and that’s what I’m all about for myself and others. With all of that said, here are some fun facts about my authentic self!

  • I love taking photos of the essence of something
  • I have a passion for coffee & cheese curds
  • I have walked across the top of a wind turbine

Thanks for being here with me. I can’t wait to connect with you, to provide you with helpful tools for your journey, and to cheer you on as you succeed in your own unique way! 

“My Mission is to help people feel better and be more resilient by offering tools that are easy to use, practical, digestible, beautiful and customizable. I am here to ignite women to bravely be themselves. I am here to invoke you into change & transformation. I want to help peole to RESONATE with who they truly are. Love who you are + Boost your vibes. Learn how to love yourself without arrogance.”

-Nani Chesire

My Mission

Rather than guiding every step of your process, my mission is all about getting helpful tools into your hands so that you can become more self-motivated to change and grow into your most authentic self.

Working with the tools I’ve curated for you will help you become lighter, clearer and have more flow in your life. It’s all about becoming more of who you are and less of who you are not. I strongly believe in doing things in your own way rather than going along with trends or what popular teachers and guides are telling you. Experimenting with the best way for you to make decisions according to your Human Design empowers you to be your most authentic self. I want to ignite you to get unstuck and get back to your true self.

That’s what I’m all about here— initiating you into your best and most beautiful life!

The Tools

Before discovering Human Design, I had done self-help training, read books, attended workshops and more. Learning to navigate life and decisions by understanding my Human Design chart has brought much more clarity and grace to my day-to-day experience of life, which is why I was so drawn to learning more and eventually bringing this tool to others.

I also love the power of essential oils because they can transform your mood in an instant, elevate the health of your home and affect your body on a cellular level and bring more wellness to your life on a daily basis. These plant-derived oils are the most potent and pure oils available anywhere on this planet. Not only have I used essential oils to support balancing my own roles as mother, wife, daughter, Generator human and more but I also love to bring them into the lives of others so they can feel more supported and empowered too. I use them extensively in my work with Human Design so that all types can find the support that they need for the unique challenges they face.

Want to get started?