Human Design & Essential Oils 64 Card Activation Deck

Are you a Human Design enthusiast who desires a deeper understanding of the gates in the chart and don’t know what to do next?

Utilize the power of the 64 Card Human Design & Essential Oils Activation deck so you can apply the information quickly and activate its power. Imagine using the highest energy potential for any gate. Or pulling out a card for a daily message. Now imagine adding the power of plants by adding the matching essential oil(s) to enhance your experience.

Anatomy of the cards

Human Design and Essential Oils are fused together to raise your vibration quickly. The cards are designed so that you can easily integrate the information into real life. You can engagingly learn about Human Design and look at the information in a hundred ways just by moving the cards around.

Card Front

GATE NAMES: In this deck, the gate names are designed to feel the essence of the gate energy. It’s the heart of the energy.

IMAGES: The artwork has been intuitively distilled to encapsulate the essence of each gate and its complementary essential oil so that you don’t have to do the work. Your mind will just soak in the beauty and insight.

ESSENTIAL OIL: The essential oil recommended for each gate is designed to activate the highest potential of the gate’s energy. When you are feeling low in the gate’s energy, you can make an almost instant shift to a higher vibe. 

Card Back

SUPERPOWER: This shows you the power you have inside you already. It’s represented in the name and top section on the back of the cards.

PAIN:  If you can tell you are currently in the gate’s lower expression, you can flip the switch by leaning into the key once identified. Identifying when you are in a challenged state allows you to get unstuck.

KEY: Tells you how to utilize the most potential of the gate and in the easiest, most practical way.

The cards are amazing. I was able to look at my chart in a whole new way.

— Nadine

I have been waiting for a deck like this! I can look at my clients’ charts easily and quickly.

— Elisabeth, Transformational Life Coach

What’s included?

Human Design & Essential Oil Activation Deck

64 Gate Activation Cards + 2 Resource Cards

What’s the investment?


How do you get them?

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Meet your Creators

Nani Chesire is a certified Human Design expert, best-selling author of Human Design Type Guidebooks, and mom with a master’s in business.

When she first learned about Human Design, she gobbled up every piece of information about it. She looked at her chart plus the chart of everyone around her. She signed up for course after course and kept digging deeper. But still, she was overwhelmed. Then she had to interpret how to integrate it into her life. She felt like she was drinking from a hose.

Still, sometimes it just didn’t click because she’s a visual learner. She also needs to see how the puzzle fits together. So, she started creating pictures in her mind or metaphors for what she was learning. And then it all came together in this activation deck. It’s a tool that embodies the fusion of the energies of the gates with the power of plants.

In collaboration with artist, Teja Chakilam, and podcast partner, Ros Isbel, this Gate Activation Deck came to fruition.

This activation deck has been thoughtfully designed and illustrated by
Teja Chakilam. The artwork has been intuitively distilled to encapsulate
the essence of each gate and its complimentary essential oil.

Human Design has felt like a permission slip, a breath of fresh air that has allowed Teja to flow with life’s current instead of against it. It has shown her the power of actualizing your own unique expression. It has been a valuable tool in helping shine her light. She allows her desires to take shape as a graphic designer and artist and venture into new terrains instead of molding to norms.

Ros Isbel is a Human Design Specialist. Human Design is the most incredible life navigation and personality tool she’s ever encountered. Before discovering it, she had no idea that anything existed that could give certainty about her life and what I was here to do. Human Design describes her with uncanny accuracy, and it has woken up parts of her that have been asleep for years. It’s given her the confidence to do things with her life that had only been dreams in the past.

She also loves essential oils. They support the health and wellness of her family, and she uses them extensively in her work with Human Design. They are powerful (and safe) in their ability to hold an appropriate energetic frequency depending on our needs.