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I use essential oils because they make me feel better & they make my life easier.  I use them for health, emotions, sleep, energy, vitality & to support my Human Design.  Essential Oils balance my health & boost my vibration.


Is quality important to you?


doTERRA essential oils are pure and amazing! Finding an essential oil company that was high enough quality to use with my kids was such a blessing and it changed my life.  Finding one that could be recommended to you without hesitation was a requirement for me to be willing to share them.  The essential oils produced by doTERRA are amazing.  They are incredibly PURE and incredibly POTENT. doTERRA essential oils are ethically sourced, chemical free, indigenous and tested.  Learn more about doTERRA.


Why join?

  • You get wholesale pricing (25% discount)
  • There’s no monthly order required or monthly fees
  • Option to receive 10-30% of your total purchase back in FREE product points  (on top of the 25% discount)
  • Eligibility to receive dōTERRA’s FREE Product of the Month
  • Ability to earn money and bonuses by sharing with others

2 Ways to get a Wholesale Membership

Pay a $35 membership and pick oils and products of your choice – 1 bottle or as many as you like.

Choose from a great variety of Starter Enrollment Kits which give you extra savings on the oils on top of the 25% off AND get the membership fee thrown in for free!  

Ready to Join?

  1. Choose your country
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  3. Enroller ID should show up automatically (1048014 or Nani)
  4. Select your kit or products you want
  5. Enter payment

Want even bigger discounts? Get a kit.

The Home Essentials Kit and Family Essentials Kit are our most popular. More kit options and full price list here.

The below are the options if you live in the United States. Anywhere else in the world? Email me at and I can help you out.

*You have the option to purchase at retail directly from my site. You pay the full price and will not get the same wholesale membership benefits. If is what you are looking for, click below to purchase retail pricing. Purchase retail here.

**Note: If the sponsor ID is not filled out for some reason, my ID is: 1048014

New to essential oils?

Listen to podcast. In the episode we look closely at just what an essential oil is and why & how it is able to act so quickly to change the way you are feeling. We share ways you can increase your vibration including grounding practices and reducing toxic load in your body & home.

Having trouble figuring out what you want?

Get in touch and I will help you find the right way to get started for you!

Interested in building your own essential oil business?

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