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12 Human Design Profiles

When we combine the 6 lines we learned about in [PART ONE], we get 12 different profiles. Each line flavors the other so as to make its own archetype in and of itself. If you have a smaller number first (1, 2 or 3 lines), you have a personal karma in this lifetime, and a… Continue reading 12 Human Design Profiles

Human Design General

Human Design Profile – The 6 Lines

There are 12 profiles in Human Design. You can find your profile either in the information section of your body graph or by finding the conscious and unconscious sun in the list of planets (the first planet). Take the conscious (black) line first, and the unconscious (red) line second. It’s the smaller decimal point after… Continue reading Human Design Profile – The 6 Lines

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Are you burned out? Your body, emotions and actions hold the answer.

Do you have the energy to do what you love? Did you know that burnout is the number one reason why you may not be manifesting what you want?  It has nothing to do with effort, education or your ability to visualize it. It has everything to do with the fact that you don’t have… Continue reading Are you burned out? Your body, emotions and actions hold the answer.

Human Design General

Human Design Throat Center Basics: Communication and Manifestation

The Throat Center in Human Design is the energy for communication and manifestation. The power and importance of words are central to the creative process. It’s difficult to do things without being able to explain them using words. How the throat is configured (e.g. which gates are defined) will determine how someone is able to manifest and is able to do and what they talk about. Your voice is characterized by the particular way that you speak.