“My work with Nani and Human Design has helped me have a deeper understanding of myself and others, and has therefore allowed me to be more accepting of myself and others. It has helped me move through my life with a little more ease. I look forward to learning more!” – Paige
“Nani’s information on Human Design helped my family and I to better understand our place in this universe. The insight she provided on why we may feel the way we do and how to better relate to each other and the world was life changing. By reading our Human Design, Nani guided my family towards greater spiritual awakening and empowered us to embrace our place in the universe. In addition, her knowledge on essential oils and how they relate to our Human Design has helped us battle negative feelings and develop a sense of peace.” – Amanda
“It wasn’t until Nani mentioned human design that I even thought about the reasons for me not getting a good night’s sleep in months!  After telling her that I get woken up multiple times a night by one or two of my girls, she suspected that their design types might not be working well in a shared room situation.  The girls had shared a room for over a year and never really loved being put together.  I made some changes and stuck my younger daughter in a spare room so that each of the girl’s now had their own rooms.  What a difference!  They loved having their own space and their energies were free to blossom separately!  Best of all I started to get some sleep!  Big thanks to Nani for using her human design skills to recognize this for me.  I’m so happy!!” – Lainie