Get ready to live the life you love.

I offer transformation tools: guidebooks, training, essential oils and other resources that translate Human Design into practical, applicable insights to support you in becoming your full and joyful self.



Do you have the energy to do what you love?

  • Are you riding against the current or going with the flow of life?
  • Have you tried things that work for others, but not for you?
  • Do you know how to make decisions that are right for you?
  • Do you resonate with who you truly are?

Imagine if you could:

  • Be yourself & not worry what anyone else is doing
  • Have energy to do what you love
  • Use your emotions as a guide
  • Have more ease and flow
  • Love who you are


When we are not being true to ourselves in some way, we get stuck and we experience pain. It’s how we know when we’re “off course”…and we all have different paths. The world is changing and you probably just haven’t been given the little nuggets of information that you need to make a change

Why You’ll Love The Tools

There has never been an easier way to understand Human Design. The tools are bite-sized tools that will engage, empower and delight you.

  • Clear
  • Digestible
  • Easy to use
  • Practical
  • Visual
“Better Sleep”

It wasn’t until Nani mentioned Human Design that I even thought about the reasons for me not getting a good night’s sleep in months!  After telling her that I get woken up multiple times a night by my girls, she suspected that their design types might not be working well in a shared room situation.  The girls had shared a room for over a year and never really loved being put together.  I made some changes so that each of the girl’s now had their own rooms.  What a difference!  They love having their own space and their energies are free to blossom separately!  Best of all I started to get some sleep! I’m so happy!! – Lainie


“Sense of Peace”

Nani’s information on Human Design helped my family and I to better understand our place in this universe. The insight she provided on why we may feel the way we do and how to better relate to each other and the world was life changing. By reading our Human Design, Nani guided my family towards greater spiritual awakening and empowered us to embrace our place in the universe. In addition, her knowledge on essential oils and how they relate to our Human Design has helped us battle negative feelings and develop a sense of peace. – Amanda


“A Little More Ease”

My work with Nani and Human Design has helped me have a deeper understanding of myself and others, and has therefore allowed me to be more accepting of myself and others. It has helped me move through my life with a little more ease. I look forward to learning more! – Paige


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