Transformational Tools


The Human Design and Essential Oils Activation Deck includes a card for each of the 64 Human Design Gates. Imagine using the highest energy potential for any gate in the most practical way or pulling out a card for a daily message so you can start the day with intention. Now imagine adding the power of plants by adding the matching essential oil(s) to activate an even higher level of attunement to the gate energy. Human Design and Essential Oils bring a powerful fusion to raise your vibration quickly.

Artist Teja Chakilam has intuitively distilled the artwork to encapsulate the heart of each gate and its complimentary essential oil so that you don’t have to do the work and your mind can soak in the beauty and insight. The essential oil recommended for each gate is designed to activate the highest potential of the gate’s energy so that you can make an almost instant shift when you feel low in the energy of the gate. The cards are simple and flexible so you can easily integrate the information into real life. Learn about Human Design and look at the information in a hundred ways just by moving the cards around. Learn more about the deck.


Visual guidebooks or each of the five energy types in Human Design: Generator, Projector, Manifestor, Reflector, & Manifesting Generator. The guidebooks give practical information on how to exchange energy with the world, insight into how to best make decisions, & how to flow through life based on your energy type.


Essential oils are natural, safe & magical in my opinion. They’re helpful tools for so many facets of daily life & connect beautifully to Human Design. When you’re going through the process of learning new things, letting go & change, it can be hard. Essential Oils support your emotions, energy, health, sleep & more.