Pressure in your Human Design chart

Do you feel pressure? Maybe to figure something out or to get something done on your to-do list?

Pressure causes people to override Strategy and react to get out of the pressure. Of course, any of us can feel pressure, but you may be more prone to it if you have an open/undefined Head or Root Center— or both. They are considered pressure Centers in Human Design.

It takes a while to decondition pressure Centers. The only helpful thing is to follow your Strategy by your Type, using your decision-making Authority to guide you. As you experiment following your Strategy, try to observe and don’t follow the urge to take action or figure things out that are not for you. 

I have both of these Centers open and feel pressure constantly. Sometimes I think I need to act on inspirations in my open Head Center. And most of the time I have a never-ending to-do list that comes from my open Root Center. I took a few concepts from my upcoming book to share about these two centers.

Head pressure tries to figure things out

Is your Head Center open? The Head Center is pressured to answer questions—but they are not always yours to answer. When the Center is open, you are open to inspiration. You are also taking in questions of the world around you which can make decision-making complicated. You may have walked into a coffee shop wanting a cappuccino, but the person next to you thinks, do I want tea today? You may suddenly think tea is an option you might wish to drink and can’t decide. So, you may have an idea that you want something specific, but when you enter a space with others, you suddenly feel unsure. The key is to use your Authority and Strategy for your Type to figure out what’s right for you. It will help you be wise about what is truly inspiring. Only follow the inspirations that genuinely excite you.

Root pressure tries to take action to get out of pressure

Is your Root Center open? If so, you may feel ongoing pressure to act on all the inspiration, ideas, feelings, or excitement that come from others. The Root Center is about adrenaline, stress, and divine timing. If you have an open Root, you may feel pressure to do everything on your never-ending to-do list. Do you feel pressure to do something sooner than you might feel good about? The conditioning in the Root Center comes from misplaced pressure. The way to clear this conditioned pressure is to be aware of it, so you can ask yourself if it feels like exciting adrenaline or dampening pressure. You can alleviate pressure with this little trick—ask yourself: If I don’t do this thing today, what’s the worst that will happen? If it’s not much, you can move that thing to another day, and ask yourself the same questions daily. You’ll eventually get down to what you are truly meant to do each day.

So, check your chart and if either of these centers is open/undefined (white), just observe/wait and see how your Strategy brings you the answer.

To allowing your Strategy to bring the answer!

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